Rep. DuWayne Bridges Calls for House Member Drug Testing

According to the Gadsden Times Rep. DuWayne Bridges (R- Valley) has called on all members of the Alabama House of Representatives to submit to drug testing. Bridges says he will also voluntarily submit to a drug test.

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Interestingly enough, Speaker of the House Seth Hammett says Bridges is only calling for drug testing because it is an election year. You’ll remember that Rep. Hammett resigned as Speaker of the House and said he would not seek reelection in 2010 the day after Rep. Alvin Holmes brought all of this to light. I read somewhere that Rep. Hammett said he wasn’t really sure if he wanted further investigation into this matter and he made a statement through his spokesperson to the Montgomery Advertiser, but declined to be interviewed himself. Does that make him guilty of something? No. But it sure makes him look suspicious.

Normally I am against drug testing. But, in this case I think I can make a rare exception. After all, if a kid who wants to be in the band has to pee in a cup to prove their worthiness then, by all means, the members of the House and Senate should be drug tested. They should have been the first ones in line long, long ago. They are the ones who pass laws that put other people in jail for using drugs. They are the ones with their hands in everyone’s pocketbook. Why have we allowed them to sit in judgment of us for so long without demanding that they be drug tested?

If the members of the Alabama House are drug tested then a hair test needs to be used. A urine test is too easy to manipulate. A hair test is much more effective for determining drug use.

Having said all that I still say we need to legalize marijuana. Today is good. Not only would it generate a huge amount of tax revenue for the state of Alabama it would also get rid of the need for anyone, other than maybe airline pilots, to have to pee in a cup for anyone other than their physician.