Fate of “Marijuana Mine” in Limbo

An abandoned mine in northern Canada may lose its role as the country’s only government-sanctioned marijuana farm.

Production at the mine — deep under the tundra at Flin Flon, Manitoba — had to be moved because the facility was not big enough and a deal to expand it had not been worked out, operator Prairie Plant System said on Wednesday.

The mine had been producing legal marijuana for nearly a decade since Canada began allowing patients legal access to marijuana for medical reasons such as controlling pain.

The switch to another location prompted media reports that the operation had gone up in smoke, but Prairie Plants Chief Executive Brent Zetti said that was premature.

Zetti still hopes to strike a deal with mine owner HudBay Minerals Inc – Article from Reuters on July 23, 2009.



  1. brad nowell on

    That place sucks ass. I tried their stuff and I hate that I wasted my money on that. Being sick and having medicine that doesn’t work because the problems are on the suppliers end is terrible. The prices are still way better then that of Ontario based compassion clubs. The one i’m a part of averages prices of 9 dollars to 12 dollars and any good strain is always 11 or 12. When you mention anything about the prices you receive and onslot of responses yelling at you and how you should not complain about the service and love them and blah blah blah… The only people writing that work there and get benefits of not paying the ridiculous prices. 9-12 dollars a gram with no price break … ya my 90 gram per month prescription only costs 810 bucks if i get the 9 dollar stuff… sweet prices… its a joke being forced to pay these prices til I can find a grower… thats why for the most part i’m back on the streets other then the rare occasion I can afford the toronto based compassion club.

  2. Anonymous on

    Prairie Plant Systems has an illegal monopoly on medicinal marijuana. The fact that a grower can only grow for two paitents proves my point. how could anyone make money that way. Since when does a company that grows wheat on feilds know anything about growing medicinal cannabis in a mine shaft. This poor quality cannabis does not meet the highest standard for medicine. Reports of contaminated marijuana with toxic heavy metals (from a mine shaft maybe??) are dismissed by prairie plants as within the limits of heavy metals allowed in growing tobacco. Turns out there are no such limits. it seems poison was the cure.

    Last time i checked, Prairie Plants is charging $160.00 an ounce. Thats street prices people. They are nothing but bad drug dealers with crappy weed. but you cant complain because they have the government on their side.