The California Revolution

A few weeks ago Todd McCormick produced a very successful event called the THC Expo in Los Angeles, California. The THC Expo is a trade show for marijuana users and growers. Among the people who attended the show was the owner of the Greenhouse Seed Company, Arjan. Many people who have visited Amsterdam have enjoyed the Greenhouse Coffee shops which are associated with the seed company.

Ever since any of us can remember, Amsterdam, with its tolerant attitude towards “soft drugs” has been a beacon of light in a dark world.

In a situation that proves that God loves irony, Holland’s Christian Democrats are closing down pot- one club, one garden at a time and are being met with little resistance from the Social Democrats. These new policies disallow indoor cultivation and for the first time threaten people with jail time.

While Arjan was in California, he also visited the Bay Area, which he found to be very educational. He visited dispensaries that coffee shop owners in Holland could only dream of. When he visited the Harborside Health Center in Oakland, he had a choice of over 40 types of marijuana, kiefs, hashes, tinctures, clones and salves. He had never seen anything like it anywhere. The extensive selection, the high volume of traffic, and the high quality of product all surprised him.

California might be leading the way, and legal access to medical and recreational marijuana is but a few puffs away.

The activists in California and everywhere else in this country are pushing forward whether the authorities like it or not. When Arjan comes back in a few years he is going to see a country that has no federal law against marijuana and the majority of people will be living in states where marijuana is civilly regulated.

We are on a roll and the authoritarian types that run the government who would ordinarily throw more money at the problem have no more money to throw at it. In fact, they are looking at marijuana to throw some money their way, in a reversal of fortune.

The situation has changed so much that recent government figures show that marijuana was a $17 billion crop in California alone. The next largest crop, grapes, grossed only $7 billion. How much longer can the most profitable agricultural crop remain illegal and untaxed?

Marijuana will be like the tomato model. You know how big tomatoes are commercially? Fresh, dried, sauces, ketchup- but most tomatoes are grown by home gardeners. That is where we are going. Now in California, you can only buy clones at dispensaries. Soon we will be buying them at the local nursery.

By law all columns and news outlets must now mention Obama all the time. Remember he needs that sweet sativa to keep his fingers off the trigger and on the pulse of the people. I am in the process of setting up a virtual joint you can send to him!