The Bong Goodbye

What’s a farewell pot party like for one of the world’s most wanted? Or as the guest of honour puts it, “one of the top 50 biggest badasses!”

It turns out: a little sombre, a little giggly and full of smoke.

More than 100 people shared blunts and fond memories at the goodbye party for Marc Emery, the infamous Prince of Pot, on July 16 in Vapor Central’s lounge at Yonge and Bloor.

Toronto’s just one stop on Emery’s farewell tour across Canada, with over a dozen events planned from Calgary to Nunavut.

“I’ve been called the most significant threat to the U.S. from Canada,” says Emery. “It’s kind of flattering.”

The Prince could be behind bars in an unknown U.S. penitentiary as soon as September, extradited to the States for selling mail-?order pot seeds to U.S. and Canadian customers.

Four million dollars’ worth over 10 years, to be exact. And those tiny brown kernels sprouted into pot worth over $2.2 billion, claim American authorities. Still, it was all done completely in the open. Emery paid taxes on his profits – over $600,000 since 1999, he says. He even declared his occupation as “marijuana seed seller.”

As for those fat profits, he says he didn’t keep a cent. They went to ballot initiatives, election campaigns, court challenges, medical user legal fees, conferences and events all over the world. He claims to have funded half the activities of the pro-?marijuana movement in Canada between 1995 and 2005, and up to 10 per cent of the U.S. movement.

“There are a hundred other seed sellers all selling at way greater levels than he ever did,” says Chris Goodwin, owner of Vapor Central. “Why have they never been arrested? Because they shut up. They bought a boat or a house. Marc’s profits all went back into the movement.”

From the stage, Emery booms preacher-?like: “You are free human beings who are entitled to take marijuana, who are entitled to think for yourselves.”

As the night goes on, bongs and plastic bottles pile up on the tables. It’s hot as hell inside, and nearly everyone is dripping sweat, but dedicated “emeroids” stay long after the speeches, crowding around for photos and hugs.

I spot medical marijuana advocate Matt Mernagh, who tells me, “This one time, we were sitting in his living room and Marc was cutting up watermelon. This helicopter, I swear to god, flashed a big spotlight into the apartment and lit up the room.”

You get used to this kind of thing hanging around Emery, says Mernagh.

His life is the stuff of leafy legend.In total, he’s been arrested 17 times. But amazingly, until now his harshest sentence was three months jail in Saskatchewan in 2004 for passing a joint.

“I didn’t want to accept this deal,” says Emery, who agreed to surrender in exchange for a five-year prison sentence. “I wanted to hold out, fight. But I also didn’t want my wife to have to see me die in prison.”

The fight’s not over, he says, calling on supporters to vote, stage protests and generally “fuck shit up.”

“I’ve never had a moment of fear or doubt,” says Emery. “I’m not afraid of jail. And I’m not afraid of my own destiny – whatever that is.”

– Article from NOW Toronto.



  1. Anonymous on

    I’m from the USA.
    I quite dislike this country. My utmost hate for it resides in this choice to have you sent to jail.
    I’m not gay, but I love you. You’re my role model, and you’ll always be in my heart.

    Smoke it up all day everyday while your away, and stick it to the man.

    Mary Jane is love,

  2. Anonymous on


    I had a chance to meet you briefly in London when you visited a few weeks ago. There were a number of things I wanted to say, but you had a lineup of fans and I couldn’t get all the words in. It’s an outrage what the DEA is doing and if Canada starts extraditing citizens for breaking laws outside of their country due to US influence, it’s scary to think what else the US could to us. It’s time that we put our foot down and stop letting the United States control us. For them to put you in jail for 5 years is absolute crap, especially when we have murderers and rapists getting more lenient sentences than that. I want you to know that I have taken the time to write parliament members telling them not to go through with Bill C-15 and I will continue to try and influence others regarding the legalization movement.

    Your Friend,

    Guelph, Ontario

  3. Anonymous on

    wow dude he was right you are a jackass… he is not a self-titled prince, it was actually a newspaper FROM Seattle (the city extraditing him) years ago that coined it.
    Just stop being negative like that.

  4. Anonymous on

    no you don’t understand..

    he is the self-titled PRINCE of pot

    no hate man
    I am in no way better then him 🙂

    p.s. what’s up with calling me a jack ass ?

    makes you feel better ?
    you get agitated for a pot head

    relax 🙂

  5. Last of the Freedom Fighters on

    Along time ago we had no rights that today people take so easily for granted, to find a Bong was a treasure because the Law made these simple items contraband and you only had rolling papers and your own creativity. It was people like Marc Emery who is the frontier of these times that people so easily take for granted simply do not think of and the fact that it is possible to go backwards once more and lose what precious freedoms we’ve gained this far.

    People like Marc Emery come only once in a rare lifetime to be able to see the world and effectively make changes in areas that help causes and has shown to be an amazing motivator, while sharing us knowledge, enough for us all who sat in our closets in fear of our Government while he taught, “You are not alone, Knowledge is their to defend with real truths”. So people like me and others who want to reach out and help that one person in the crowd to save someone but can’t, won’t or just don’t know how to help that person or even themselves. Marc is that one person, no matter what the criticisms out their may be, The screaming voice coming from the crowd yelling for help that everyone ignores and walks by, Marc reached out and so many others became strengthened and appeared from the crowd ready to help, when just before they stood in apprehension saying to themselves “What can I do?”

    It takes that one Leader from the crowd and soon you have the movement but if that one person never steps forward then it becomes the same repetitive sad story of, what can I do and nothing gets done. Marc said I know what to do and now he’s taking the bullet for being on that front line for us and it seems to me to be pretty honorable when the funds that he received went back to our cause and has nothing to his name to show for it but our memories and how we remember him. Sure Marc might have had multiple personal reasons which gave him his push but no one can say they have reached in this country as far as Marc has for changing the many Ignorant peoples minds from old misinformation of lies to the now we know inalienable rights and truths. This Man gave it all away and is possibly about to lose many years and we will look back and see what he sacrificed just to make it so we the people don’t have to hide like we are ashamed and instead yell I am a better person because of Cannabis. I am thankful to Marc Emery who showed me I am not alone and I should not be ashamed but be proud to choose a safer healthier lifestyle from the ones that Society forces upon us by limiting us.

    So when Marc does come back, hopefully; someone will stand at the front line trying to make changes on our behalf until that day and see it might take bigger shoes then they ever thought possible.

    Sorry to put you way up high on that pedestal Marc but someone has to be up their or there would be no Gandhi or Luther Martin King and you have that job for our cause in this country to help take away the draconian Laws that hold us down and I hope we remember this when he comes back and we may find that after time we have already lost Marc this day forever because prison does change you on the inside and could damage our Leader.

    Thanks again Marc for what you are giving up; I hope you know you did reach many and you did take away the frustrations and fears by giving us truer knowledge, a lot of us are no longer alone in our lives thinking maybe society is right and we are bad people. We all now stand a little taller because you gave us weapons of Mass Knowledge and now we can be armed with more truth than the deception imposed on us by our Governments.
    Thank you and God bless you, MARC EMERY.

    Please give till it hurts if you can and try and make Marcs stay a little less like hell.

  6. Roger Rabbit on

    ouch that hurts when even an overnight in jail hurts enough to last a lifetime

    well Marc Emery, you brought the drug war to Canada, there wasn’t one before you came along and as you keep telling us, you didn’t go after it in the US, you did it all from downtown Vancouver

    You brought all this escalated legal crap onto us- and you go away to prison and we have to deal with it.

    Thanks Marc- it will take us a lot longer than five years to shovel up your shit, so as soon as you get out of custody- and please, before you go on your 2015 cross country book tour flogging your autobiography- grab a shovel, not a microphone, and help clear up the shit you left behind for everybody else to clean up

    you know, responsibility & duty to freedom and all that..

  7. Andrew Mest. on

    in that article image is my bong packed with some S.A.G.E x Sour Diesel (Sage n sour).
    kick ass times at vapor central..
    i just posted this comment to say, ” the now is a magical moment only to slip into the void of illegal confinement.”
    i wish you the best of luck, and i hope you convert as many followers in prison.

  8. Ommani on

    i HIGHLY doubt he wants praise. moreso i would think he wants an equal and just outlook on marijuana, something the world hasnt done. he’s just trying to get the movement where it needs to be. marijuana has a tarnished record, which is made up of bogus lies and myths. hes just trying to get the truth out. whether people want to listen to it or not. he gets praise, as you say, because hes one of very few who ACTUALLY stand up for their views and beliefs. THAT my friend, is why he is praised in so many hearts.

    Learn your shit.

  9. Ommani on

    Marc Emery is the man. We all know this. 5 years. Bogus. Each of those five years, i will do something to my government to get his ass back to Canadian soil.

    Marc, i hope you can rest easy behind bars knowing that I will “fuck shit up”.

    One Love Brother.

  10. Ommani on

    Marc Emery is the man. We all know this. 5 years. Bogus. Each of those five years, i will do something to my government to get his ass back to Canadian soil.

    Marc, i hope you can rest easy behind bars knowing that I will “fuck shit up”.

    One Love Brother.

  11. Anonymous on

    Marc, you are like a martyr

    I can see it in your eyes, it’s like you are awaiting execution, plus you never know what these guys can do to you in jail. Rape ? It’s a common thing even if they don’t talk about it, their trying to keep it calm.

    You wanted to be big, your gonna have to get hit big unfortunately, but people will praise that (you wanted praise right ?)

    But probably when you will be dead. Sorry marc, life is hard for some of us. I have a lot of pain to deal with myself.

    Welcome to hell.

  12. Anonymous on

    We love you Marc.
    you are a very important person to our world.
    you changed alot with the power of talking and making!

    You are priceless dude.
    don’t you forget that.