AL Prison Guard Gets 1 yr for Drug Trafficking

This is unreal! Trafficking hydrocodone, or just possessing it without a prescription, is a felony.

A former state prison guard today was sentenced to a year in the Bibb County Jail after pleading guilty to promoting prison contraband, District Attorney Michael Jackson announced tonight.

During a routine search of guards at the Bibb Correctional Facility on Feb. 29, 2008, Kenya Morton, 27, of Marion, was caught with two bags of marijuana and hydrocodone. He was arrested. Morton resigned from the state department of corrections after he was charged, Jackson said in an interview. [Birmingham News]

Generally the cops charge you with a felony for each individual pill in your possession. Its beyond comprehension that this guard only gets a year when the people he was trafficking drugs to are probably serving much longer sentences for the same thing.



  1. Janx on

    This small-town way of Politics makes me sick. That’s why I am packing up my prosperous, tax-paying business and heading for a state that has a little more sense. Alabama used to be home to me. Not anymore…why live in a place that refuses to allow the workings of Democracy to happen? I think my children deserve to be raised somewhere that allows them to be heard…and it actually matter when they are.

  2. Brian Kerr on

    Here is another take on the story.

    Nobody should go to jail for drugs, Period !
    even prison guards or you or me.

    I think prison is a stressful place to live, would you all agree.

    Now the prisoners will be without stress meds, which I’m sure would make being in prison a little less horrible.

  3. Anonymous on

    wow. goodluck to that pig. thats gonna be one tough year