Free Marc Emery: Rally For The Prince of Pot – Saturday, September 19, 2009

CANNABIS CULTURE – Join the 2009 ‘The Worldwide Rally For The Prince of Pot’, and show your support for Marc Emery, the marijuana activist who is going to jail in the United States for FIVE YEARS for selling marijuana seeds and funding the cannabis movement.

This is the 2009 rally page. For the Saturday, September 18th 2010 worldwide rally page, go here.

Marc is expected to surrender into custody at the BC Supreme Court on Monday, September 28, 2009. He will remain in Canadian custody until extradited by the Canadian Justice Minister, when he will be sent to he USA to be sentenced in a Seattle federal court by judge Ricardo Martinez. The plea agreement is for a 5-year sentence in US Federal Prison.

The global rallies in support of Marc happened on Saturday, September 19th — join the Facebook page!

Marc Emery is a well-known activist, Vancouver retail store owner, and editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine. He was raided by Canadian police and the US DEA on July 29th, 2005, and arrested for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.

On September 10th 2005, over 40 demonstrations were held around the world to protest Marc’s arrest for extradition to the United States. Locations included Moscow, Prague, Wellington, Sydney, Mexico City, Paris, and London.

Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture and are calling for worldwide protests once again to bring attention to his cause and situation.

In Canada, Marc would like his supporters from every community in the country to hold a rally at their local Government of Canada building. The government of Canada is responsible for the marijuana prohibition, as well as signing off on Marc’s extradition. We are hoping for organizers to come forward to host major rallies in support of Marc at US consulates in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and the US Embassy in Ottawa. (Vancouver, BC Location: Vancouver Art Gallery at 750 Hornby Street from 2pm-5pm)

In the United States, we hope for a rally in all 50 States in as many cities and towns at Canadian Consulates, local courthouses, DEA offices, Justice Department offices, or a main intersections for maximum visibility to your community.

Across the globe, we hope for a rally in every country we can find a supporter to lead a rally, wherever on the earth they may be, at Canadian embassies or consulates, courthouses, or main intersections.

Help by planning a rally and organizing with others in their community. Please contact Cannabis Culture (604-689-0590) or Marc and Jeremiahs directly ([email protected] and [email protected]) if you would like to organize and host the event or if you want to know who to contact in your area.

It’s easy to do!

DOWNLOAD POSTERS for the Worldwide Rally For the Prince of Pot

NEW!!! DOWNLOAD NEW POSTERS from CC artist Gary Wintle

– Read the article HOW TO HOLD A PROTEST by Cannabis Culture Magazine

– Read the article RALLY TOOLS by Cannabis Culture Magazine

Marc Emery writes:

Pick the place for the rally first. The main courthouse in town is a good place. A busy intersection where you will be seen, or on the sidewalk by any US or Canadian embassy or consulate or a federal building on a main avenue are excellent rally sites. You don’t need any permits. Posters & signs should be prepared and the rally should start at 2.00 pm and go to 5 pm. Chants should be developed; like “Free Marc Emery”, “No Prison For Pot”, “No More Drug War”, “Stop the violence, end prohibition”, “Register to vote, Win the Right To Toke” and, well, you’ll think of many, they are fun. But practice them before hand.

Make your signs legible and clear, check spelling beforehand. People walking with signs while chanting slogans of cannabis liberation is fine for the whole 2 or 3 hours, but you can add speakers every 20 minutes or so to change it up. Campaigning for Ron Paul in 2007, I learned that a sign saying “Google Ron Paul” was very effective in drawing passers-by attention to his videos or philosophy. A sign at each rally saying “Google Marc Emery and his work for freedom” or something like that will be helpful in expanding awareness.

Signs suggestions:

* Free Marc Emery
* Free the Prince of Pot
* Google Marc Emery
* Marc Emery = Political Prisoner
* No Prison For Prince of Pot
* Free Anti-Prohibition Activist Marc Emery
* Free Cannabis Culture Leader Marc Emery
* DEA out of __________ (your country or town here)
* End Prohibition
* No More Drug War
* No Prison For Pot

The purpose of signs is to stir the mind of any passersby who might Google ‘Marc Emery’, ‘Prohibition’, or ‘Drug War’.

It is important to inform your local media of the rally and its purpose, why you support Marc Emery. Tell them the extradition of a non-violent Canadian to an American prison is WRONG! Address the fact the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) is in your country also, and should be expelled.

One of the under-currents of a worldwide rally, especially with substantial US participation, is to ease the anger many Canadians may feel towards Americans once I am incarcerated. Improperly directed anger will be counter-productive to the cause. If American rally support is significant, Canadians will see Americans as fellow warriors and victims in the drug war. The risk is that there will be a lot of unproductive America-bashing by Canadians after my sentencing and while I am incarcerated. Anger and indignation should be channeled against the drug war that exists everywhere on Earth, and towards the politicians that make these injustices and cruelties happen.

Find out why Marc is cutting a deal with US prosecutors.

Find out more about Marc’s fight against extradition at


1) Hold a rally in your town on Saturday, September 19th with hundreds of others around the world! Go here for information!

2) Contact the Minister of Justice in Canada and insist he return Marc Emery to Canada as soon as possible! Phone the Justice Minister at (613) 957-4222, then send a letter to the Minister of Justice and Members of Parliament (and let the Justice Minister know that Members of Parliament are also being contacted, so your concerns should not be ignored!) then forward a copy to Jodie Emery at [email protected]

3) Write a letter asking the Washington State judge to let Marc Emery return to Canada without any imprisonment. If enough pieces of mail arrive at the courthouse, the judge will realize that many people are going to be upset if Marc Emery is sentenced to prison time, and he may be persuaded to give a lighter sentence — perhaps even the same as Marc’s two coaccused Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey, who are starting two years of probation in Canada.

Send your polite, passionate letters to:

Honorable Ricardo S. Martinez
U.S. Courthouse
700 Stewart Street
Seattle, WA

Go to for some facts to help you write your letter!

Find out more about Judge Martinez here:

Send us your Facebook, MySpace, or website pages for the rally in your city ([email protected]) and we will post links to them here.

Worldwide Rally For The Prince of Pot – Locations


Armstrong/Vernon B.C. backwoodsracingbc (at), 250-309-9961
Barrie Ontario micn_10 (at)
Calgary Alberta keith (at) 403.863.2071 Facebook
Rocky Mountain Plaza, 615 Macleod Trail SE, 2pm – 4:20pm
Camrose Alberta peddlers (at) Facebook
In front of west-end Tim Hortons, 66th St. and 48th Ave, 2pm – 4:20pm
Chilliwack BC Jason, deadjuggaloj (at) 604-798-2569
Dawson Creek BC Katelynn Querin, thenextepisode___(at) Facebook Traffic Circle, 2pm-5pm
Drumheller Alberta Denise 402-861-1244 Website
703 – 2nd Avenue West, 2pm – 4:20pm
Edmonton Alberta Todd, todd (at), 780.910.0389 Facebook
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, 2:00pm – 4:20pm
Fort McMurray Alberta Website Fort McMurray City Hall, 1pm-5pm
Hamilton Ontario kfeatherstone_82 (at), 905-541-1397 Facebook Federal Building at 55 Bay St. North, Noon and afterward
Kamloops B.C. Kevin, k.adamson240 (at),
Lethbridge Alberta Tamara Cartwright, tamaralee3 (at) 402-332-3266 Facebook
Rick Casson’s Office, 255 8st S, 2pm-5pm
London Ontario jdawson4 (at) Facebook London Courthouse, 80 Dundas St., 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Magnetawan Ontario mikescell71 (at)
Mississauga Ontario martinshuk (at) Mississsauga City Center
Montreal Quebec Luconator (at), (438) 881-2305 Montreal Courthouse – 2-5pm
Nelson BC Noon to 1 pm at the Nelson Courthouse (Ward & Vernon)
North Bay Ontario code_e_11 (at), 705-498-2087 Facebook Onario Government Building, 2:00pm – 5:15pm
Oakville Ontario justin_brown117 (at)
Ottawa Ontario ramsay9 (at) Facebook 3:00pm, U.S Embassy, 490 Sussex
Owen Sound Ontario weeds-420 (at) Facebook Owen Sound Courthouse,
611 9th Ave. East
Peterborough Ontario Peterborough Courthouse, 2-5pm
Port Elgin Ontario glensmith1963 (at) Facebook
Prince George BC crazy_canuck_ (at), 250-981-1045 – text messages only Facebook Courthouse at the corner of 3rd Ave & George Street – 2pm-4:20pm
Regina Saskatchewan joybuzzard (at) Facebook Victoria Park – 4:20pm -Walking 2 blocks to the
Service Canada building on 11th Ave shortly after
Saskatoon Saskatchewan free.marc.rally (at) Facebook River Landing
St. John’s Newfoundland jackie.clarke1986 (at) Facebook Water Street in front of the Courthouse, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Thunder Bay Ontario greensceneproductions (at) Facebook Waverly Park 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Toronto Ontario davinchristensen (at) Facebook U.S Consulate, 360 University Avenue, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Vancouver B.C. jacob (at) Vancouver Art Gallery
Winnipeg Manitoba Jesse Mrazek, jesse (at) 204.981.6910 Parliament Building, 2-6pm


Berlin Germany info (at) Website Kanadische Botschaft, Leipziger Platz (Canadian Embassy)
Calverton UK seanfrance82 (at)
Copenhagen Denmark tuxen (at) American and Canadian embassy
Oslo Norway jg_er_her (at) American and Canadian embassy
London UK michellewalmsley1976 (at) “Canada House” located at Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall East 1 pm to 5 pm
Dublin Ireland darcy (at) 087-747-4441 Rally in front of the Canadian Embassy
Vienna Austria info (at), 6507758899 United Nations Office


Lima Peru punkskater52 (at) Facebook United States Embassy Avenida Encalada, Cuadra 17 Monterrico


Capetown South Africa Jeremy Acton (021)9149271
Marine Parade opposite Cape Town City Hall – 10h00


Albuquerque New Mexico akm356 (at)
Atlanta Georgia Dave Q bigdavenfhs(at) Georgia World Congress Center
Auburn Alabama mjh0011 (at)
Austin Texas Terri, texashempcampaign (at), 512-441-4099 or [email protected] Facebook IH-35 Overpass on 11th and 12th Street – 4:20pm
Bellingham Washington thefabman (at) Federal building on Magnolia St 2.00pm-5.00pm
Birmingham Alabama wesli91 (at) Facebook Libertarian Party Headquarters – 2330 Highland Avenue South – 2-5pm
Boston Massacusetts Andrew_Hutcheson (at) 908.619.2047 Facebook Boston Common
Broward County Florida Raya Sunshine, raya.carb (at) 561-633-1285 Facebook Sunrise BLVD and A1A
Chippewa Falls Wisconsin dd220044 (at)
Denver Colorado smaurerusa (at) Myspace Skyline Park – 16th Street Mall & Arapahoe – 3-5pm
Greenville South Carolina imaginar33fri3nd(at) 864 371 2391 Myspace Greenville City Hall beginning at 11 am
Hampton Roads Virginia Danny Rogers, 1240erion (at) includes Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News
Hartford Connecticut David Cappiello, davecapp2000 (at) Facebook State Capital Park – 210, Capital Ave.
Houston Texas Stephen, november23of2003 (at), 281-520-5419
Idaho Falls Idaho boxer_sk8ing (at)
Indianapolis Indiana Patrick Kensington, patrick (at) 317-686-3153
Keene New Hampshire brandon.durham (at) (313) 405-4901
Martinsburg West Virginia redheadmamma (at)
Miami Florida Anthony Feria 420culturemiami (at) 786-375-0451 Bicentennial Park – 1075 Biscayne Blvd – 2-5pm
New York City New York freemansullivan (at)
Orange County California iblowminds1984 (at) Website
Peoria Illinois Richard J. Rawlings, richrawlings (at), 309-648-2525
Philadelphia Pennsylvania jeffwgu (at)
Phoenix Arizona Kathleen: free420arizona (at), 480-251-1215 24th Street and Camelback (closest corner to Canadian Consulate) at 4:20 pm
Portland Oregon (at)
Raleigh North Carolina Richard Michael 252 378 5389 Organized by NC Patients Network Canadian Consulate at 3737 Glenwood Ave
San Diego California cannabisactivisd (at) 3rd Ave. and H St. at the Court House 9am to 1 pm
Seattle Washington ganjassurfer (at) Facebook Space Needle
Sheridan Wyoming Spencer Kuzara, kodaxx (at)
Tampa Florida DEA Tampa District Office, 4950 W.Kennedy Blvd 4pm
Tucson Arizona Jon C. Gettel aznorml (at) website
Washington New Jersey Andrew_Hutcheson (at) Facebook
Washington District of Columbia Clark Sullivan, freemansullivan (at) FRIDAY, Noon to 1pm outside Attorney General’s office at Dept. of Justice
Wichita Kansas Matt_gillenwater (at) Rally at the old town plaza



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  2540. Anonymous on

    hiya –
    man, i am so out of touch. i knew it was coming up, but i didn’t plan. i got a new job, and i am just trying to weasel my landlord into not evicting me, so – i have my own problems, besides i am not allowed to smoke anyway, because of another thing going on, i guess i should swing by there and see if there are any “tardy” …. stoners, , you know all. lazy and shit ,, lol. i will bet there are.

  2541. Anonymous on

    Mom is that you?

    “To our spelling cop: you are both wrong, it is “Vigilance,” there is no letter ‘e’.
    That being said I want to make an aside as this is of personal interest to me. Ever since I learned to write my name I have been a prodigious speller and a person strongly dominated by portions of my personality that neuroscience links to activity in the prefrontal lobe.
    This is also where Broca’s area, a language center in the brain, is located…”

  2542. Brian Kerr on

    How about the Gandi of Ganga.

  2543. Anonymous on

    spam, f*ck what a downer. any mod around to delete these 2 posts?

  2544. Anonymous on

    believe in yourself Marc !

    I’ll take care of Jody while you’re gone 😉 lol

  2545. regular guy on

    I would like to see a rally with people in suits and wearing Harper masks while holding signs saying things like:

    Save money! Send all Canadian potheads to U.S. Jails.

    Burn all Beatle Records!

    Real Prime Ministers Get Drunk!

    My God Hates Potheads!

    Build More Jails for Marijuana Misfits!

    Pills not Pot!

  2546. Anonymous on

    High Marc! Unfortunately I can’t be there to show my support on saturday. Keep up the fight and dont let the Man get you down. ‘Turn on, tune in, drop out’
    Peace and Pot.

  2547. Ed on

    I apologize, I didn’t read all of the previous comments before I posted. But still,…

    We’re protesting in Tucson tomorrow.


  2548. Ed on

    Guys and gals,

    the grammar is terrible in this piece. Where is the quality control? How can we expect to be taken seriously with this type of example? Come on!



  2549. farmer joe on

    The U.S. is all time biggest terrorist of the world. It’s form of government is that of a fascist kleptocracy. Marc, the very act of surrender will confer a certain amount of legitamacy to this corrupt regime. All for a very uncertain future, the death penalty for pot seeds? The timing is perfect to resist deportation. Do you think that hypocrite Harper is willing to risk extradition with an election looming? Take the legalization campaign to the next level. This would be the perfect issue to expose Harper for the fascist he is and perhaps the majority of Canadians will awake from their brainwashed stupor and vote ABC, anything but Conservative!

  2550. Anonymous Toronto on

    Already by 1995 Mark was at the cutting edge of activism. He knew all the facts and was ready to debate anyone about this important subject. Some day soon we will all see this “century of prohibition” the way we regard laws that supported Slavery. This law is completely unjust and unjust laws ruin the fabric of society.

    In Canada prohibition of opium was created in 1908 to deport Chinese workers who had just completed the trans-continental railroad and were back in Vancouver taking all the jobs. Prohibition has always been used to criminalize select groups of people. Khat is a drug used almost exclusively by Somalians and was added to the group of prohibited substances in 1995, the same year that Canada went to war with Somalia.

    Unjust laws are evil because they harm innocent civilians. They are also evil because they sabotage the judicial system. Free thinking individuals rebel against such laws whether or not they are potential victims of a bad law or not. You do not have to be gay to realize that criminalizing homosexuality is unjust. You don’t have to sniff glue to realize that even these individuals would be better served by nurses than by brutal police. Even in the case of glue sniffing (which is the most dangerously toxic of all drugs) a compassionate society seeks to help the unfortunate souls hooked on that pathetic drug. In the case of marijuana, the elixir of life, the case is much more obvious. Criminalizing individuals for doing a sacred, benign and enjoyable past-time is simply evil. There is no better word for it.

    Mark understands this and has made it his calling to fight this injustice. He joins the likes of Browny Mary and Martin Luther King Jr. who both understood that going to jail is the price you pay for being a law-challenger. Browny Mary is no longer jailed because the authorities know that she will gladly go and it will make them look bad. Mark is paying his dues and his friends and family will suffer with him but its the price you pay for his precarious calling and line of work. He knows his work is ground breaking. He is a hero and he will suffer the consequences but don’t think for a second that this will deter him. When he returns like Mandela did, he will be stronger, more determined and even less afraid than he is now. At some point the laws will have to change because everyone will realize how evil they are. At that point be able to look back at Mark’s work and give him credit for the incredible importance his determination and suffering lent to the anti-prohibition movement.

  2551. Anonymous on

    The freeman attitude is to not be willing to participate the game at all and thus to stay where ever you are.

  2552. Anonymous on

    does anyone have an estimate for the crowd for vancouver on sep 19th?

  2553. king aragon on

    from all of us californians. you fought the good fight marc emery your time in jail will be short,we will be thinking of you becouse we loved you 100%. with love king aragon.

  2554. Anonymous on

    Tanks so much for C.C. over the past many years Mark. You have done so much for the cannabis legalization cause and its no secret that this is why the Fascist States of Corporate America want to take you down. The D.E.A. proudly proclaimed on the event of your arrest, “We have struck a major blow against the Cannabis Legalization Movement”. Well how about a little blowback Canada? Are we just going to take this crap from a bunch of fascist criminals in Washington and their sickening minions in Ottawa? Mark, you are our leader, please don’t take the path to prison. We must fight unjust laws, not from prison but from the refuge of freedom. The black slaves fought unjust laws and one of their best weapons was the underground railway, north to freedom in Canada. I believe we could generate a lot of positive publicity over this because its not just the rights of users of the sacred herb that are at stake here. Harper and his Washington masters are just using the drug war as one more tool to force us to accept more and more police state erosion of our democratic rights. Substitute Harper for Hitler and pot smokers for Jews and you get an idea of where we are heading in Canada. Automatic jail time for ONE sacred herb plant is a reality in Canada thanks to the mean spirited Harper. As is seisure of said persons assets. Whats next, the gas chambers??? Harper likes to get up on his high horse and talk law and order, where were his high principals when he prorouged our Parliment? I am appealing to freedom and democracy loving Canadians to join the underground railway and keep Mark safe from the conniving untrustworthy R.C.M.P. and their skinhead counterparts in the D.E.A.

  2555. Anonymous on

    a Character like Marc Emery is only created for society very rarley. A person whos very existence is polarized in the public arena, who reflects back opun society the realization that we have a choice to change humantiy for the better. The judge that sentences him has the choice to let him go, free. So he continue to help humanity. What will win here, the forces of light or dark.

  2556. Adam on

    To our spelling cop: you are both wrong, it is “Vigilance,” there is no letter ‘e’.
    That being said I want to make an aside as this is of personal interest to me. Ever since I learned to write my name I have been a prodigious speller and a person strongly dominated by portions of my personality that neuroscience links to activity in the prefrontal lobe.
    This is also where Broca’s area, a language center in the brain, is located.
    I find that the pain I associate with daily life (nothing too special here, simply being human like us all) is often occupying the thought processes which they say come from the prefrontal lobe. Unless I’ve been getting high enough, often enough, to behave like an ideally healthy mind (I consider it my medicine for this reason), I will almost never spell anything wrong and without any effort.
    But if I smoke enough pot to allow my prefrontal lobe to harmonize with the rest of my brain (this is my own hypothesis, and I only officially have grade 12 Bio: disclaimer) then I must work harder to spell properly. Still not nearly as hard as an average person, I must smoke constantly to do that, but once in a while I surprise myself with a really dumb spelling mistake. And if it can happen to me, well, relax. With a joint! 🙂

  2557. Jami G. on

    Why haven’t the four murdering RCMP officers from Vancouver been extradited to Poland yet? Fear your Government and their feeble values. And America…don’t you have enough to deal with with all the cracked out gun toting mindless bodies filling up your useless country without pissing off the only country to hand your asses to you on a plate. Self righteous snivelly bitches.

  2558. STONED WORKER on

    Why dont we call him something like THE SMOKARTIST FORMALLY KNOWN AS PRINCE OF POT.

  2559. nigga please on


  2560. Ari on

    I just booked a trip from Costa Rica to Vancouver just to be there on 19th in person!!!!

  2561. handy man on

    where are all the protests in california especially sf bay area and OAKLAND who knows but RICHARD LEE COULD BE NEXT ON THE DEA HIT LIST OAKSTERDAM UNITE FOR A FELLOW LEADER PLZ

  2562. JOHNNYbGOOD on


  2563. spelling geneous? on

    spelling really only matters if you’re writing a report or actually speaking to those whose opinion matters (aka not a democracy like our own…) but it is very amusing to see when people spend time and effort to make all of their spelling correct and then leave all of their punctuation in the gutter

  2564. Rain on

    How amusing that you have nothing to say about the comment or the subject. Are you some sort of spelling warrior? Thank goodness you are on the job; spelling errors must be stopped before someone is seriously injured.

  2565. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery Is A Bitch!!! Not For What Hes Doing, But Why Most He Has To Bring Mexicans Into His Subject And He Brought It Up On The Beginning Of Hes Speech! We Havent Done Shit To Him, What A Bitch! WHITE PEOPLE!!! Are The Ones Sending Hem To Jail…. I Love Cannabis!!!

  2566. Anonymous on

    and “differance” instead of difference.

  2567. Anonymous on

    Is that why you typed “vidgulant” instead of the proper spelling “Vigilant” ???


  2568. Smokepot_Daily on

    We are numbers too big to be ignored. We can expect increased opposition from those with a vested interest in maintaining the Status Quo. However,we are the good guys in this struggle, the bad guys know we win eventually. It is our job to lovingly help them accept it as painlessly as possible. To oppose us is to oppose their own future. Marc and Jodie are great warriors leading the charge into destiny. Victory, Peace, and Love to All. ;-p

  2569. Anonymous on

    if you really knew marc you would know that hes already been to jail numerous times for our cause, this is just one more its not going to change him he plans to write a book when hes in there. marc is a true patriot, hes honored to go to jail for what he believes is right.

  2570. Covey on

    Don’t go Marc, make those bastards come and get you. Make them drag you out of here kicking and screaming and surrounded by as many of us who wish to lay down beside you.
    If we told together the United States are coming in to arrest an innocent by our laws standards, people would come.
    You did nothing in this Country that was wrong or in ANY country.
    Peoples sense can be seen when you show they too can be affected by this travesty and Cannabis is just the beginning. Any man who sells more Folic Acid for example in a mail order business and is unaware of yet another bylaw, act, statute becasue they only allow 10 mg and you sell the 20mg unaware, they can come into our Country and into your homes for something that small we are NOT FREE.
    To me that sounds like an invasion of our rights. Our Country we are attacked in our very homes by something that harms no one and no one here has been jailed for means our laws do not apply. So how the hell are we supposed to know all these laws, wait until they come?
    Ignorance is not a defense they keep telling us yet common sense says I’m playing a Monopoly Game where they make up the rules as the game proceeds and don’t tell me until I’ve broke it.
    I would drive out from Alberta and stand with you, I would let them beat me down to get to you in this peaceful fight.
    I would let all the people of this world see the shame with cameras everywhere for truth to be seen as they haul the multitudes of us surrounding you.
    I would lay down my Life to stand in front of Your Beliefs, Now my Beliefs, Marc.
    And we would show that WE ARE CANADIANS and PROUD and FREE!
    I think their is a lot of people and I wish we could show the strength Canadians truly have.
    I believe even a lot of Police/Peace Officers want change, everyone sees the corruption, when and where do we start to make change for THE PEOPLE.
    Anyone with Common Sense can see that we have been in a losing battle since they made it illegal and the only way Change will be met is when the majority can agree that something has to change but it is not our individual fights it is the Greatest Fight that we can MOSTLY ALL meet in the middle and change all these stupid Monetary/Commerce Laws.

    Look as the money went up in your city for traffic cameras and they increased in revenue so did the cameras and their tasks. Now they double dip by catching you run a Red and Speeding and I am not condoning speeding my point is the system is made this way. The Police Force see a means to increase income when they should already be funded sufficiently, they are not becasue most of the money that would make us a Utopia is stolen from us in the form of Income Taxes. I would put a Red/Counter/Green light in place of the standard Reg/Yellow/Green because it would allow people more understanding of time they are dealing with left then guessing how long the yellow is. I’m sure their are better ideas and if we used money for the people first without unnecessary taxes then the skies the limit.

    We can have that good society helping one another becasue along time ago a Man Said, ” We Go Not becasue it is Easy but becasue it is Hard.”
    Then we stood on a piece of rock the moon and looked back at our gem of a world and new the world no longer to be Flat.
    We are a humanity and we will be reminded; be it life or nature and we will come together as mighty as the day when we reached an impossible dream until we showed nothing is impossible.
    Cannabis will always be with us and healing our nation and teaching our young to question so we can gain more wisdom through experience.

    God Love you as well as from all of us Brother Marc whether or not you believe in the existence of this intellect that created everything.
    Most of us do believe in your message and thank you for your sacrifice by trying to incite a huge movement and change by OVERGROWING THE GOVERNMENT!

  2571. C. Hasenbein on

    hi, I am not sure how to get this information to you guys, but I am not actually a person who is organizing the rally! i just emailed to let you guys know i would attend a rally in edmonton, but please stop emailing me about it, i don’t know anything!

  2572. Anonymous on

    It looks to me like maybe you have been smoking a little bit too much o’ the weed or you need to be more vidgulant about your spelling. It makes a differance, believe me. LOL

  2573. Anonymous on

    wtfff… y isnt there one in the bay…i mean its in the middle of california…If i was a good organizer i’d jump in, but im not, but i still wanna show my support.

  2574. Dave on

    YEA, Yea… All this theory but where’s the practical side? All we hear is second hand stories. Most of these people want to be sovereign so as to exclude not include. Hence, just another exclusive society.

    Show us the money, buddy?

  2575. Anonymous on

    Something I find interesting here is the part about swearing to tell the truth. What if you say no? What if you say that you don’t swear because your mother told you not to swear? What if you say that you will answer their questions and then it is their responsibility to determine whether or not it’s the truth. Isn’t that what courts are for? I find it especially offensive when they involve a Bible in matter. Is the Bible supposed to make it binding or something? Presumably, the defendant is on the side of evil so why would swearing on the Bible compel him to be more truthful? The involvement of the Bible only proves that the western justice system is just a branch of the Jesus cult, you know, the one that forced natives to join their cult or die. Is this still the middle ages? If you lie will they stretch you on the rack like in their good ol’ days? The use of the Bible in the justice system confirms that the system is archaic and an affront to intelligent civilized people. When they ask marc if he swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him God (does he need God’s help to tell the truth?) he should reply “yes, this court is clearly a branch of the Vatican and since separation of the Church and State has just been proved invalid by your question I do not recognize it as a court of secular law and since there is no Biblical law against Cannabis seeds I am not guilty of any crime in the eyes of this religious court”.

  2576. Anonymous on

    You are our David against and unbeatable unbreakable Goliath.
    Thank you for your sacrifice, it was an Honor to meet you Marc.

  2577. Anonymous on

    Well spoken video statement. Unfortunately, the US Justice Dept doesn’t care about spending tax money to house prisoners. These are the same people who will imprison a person for life if they get caught smoking a joint three times. The US government doesn’t give a crap about taxpayer money. Those bastards are all living high on the hog from tax money. They’ll jail half the population if they have the chance. If they run out of room, they’ll just get more prisons built. Privately run prisons are a booming business in the US. If the citizens complain, they’ll just tell them to move to a country that’s NOT run by a bunch of idiots, which also excludes Canada and the UK.

  2578. Anonymous on

    I don’t think any US judge would base their decisions on demonstrations or public opinion anyway. Nobody in the US Justice Department cares about public opinion or wants to be seen as being soft on drug crime, especially in a high profile case like this, and we all know that they think Cannabis is the same as heroin and that scientific facts are of no concern whatsoever to them.
    I predict that the judge will express his regret about the deal only recommending five years because he would rather give him 25. From what I’ve heard about the judge, he’s not at all sympathetic to Marc. I don’t recall any expression of sympathy for Michelle, I have no doubt he would have sent her to prison for years if she hadn’t rolled over on Marc. What chance does Marc have? Judges don’t usually go easy on people they see as flagrant violators of the law, and Marc was as flagrant as you can get. I would save the demonstrations for trying to get him transferred to a Canadian prison. You don’t want people to get demonstration fatigue early on. Just being realistic here.

  2579. Covey on

    You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul. – Mahatma Gandhi

  2580. Anonymous on

    A ha, right you are. has the CNN video and the introduction text in the video says it was a Seattle newspaper who first used the term and then CNN was the first to mention it on air. Ironically, the very same Seattle who wants to put him in prison for BEING the PoP. Unfortunately, even though somebody else made up the moniker, anyone who doesn’t know about the origin of the term thinks Marc is just raising himself to the status of royalty. Leave it to the news media to cook up a silly term like that, much like they did when they started calling Michael Jackson “Jacko”. Rather ill conceived for Marc to actually embrace the name and call himself that though. That’s just asking for charges of egotism. How about “Marc Emery, known in Seattle as the Prince of Pot, for some unknown reason”? Too unwieldy?

  2581. 420since1974 on

    It was CNN who started calling Marc Emery the “Prince of Pot”.

    Peace & Smoke.

  2582. 420since1974 on

    587 is one of the new area codes in Alberta.

    Peace & Smoke.

  2583. Anonymous on

    Actually he didn’t start it, the news started calling him the Prince of Pot..

  2584. Anonymous on

    You said you’re from Edmonton Ab but that not a Alberta number hell I don’t know where a 587 area code is from…
    where’s the number from?

  2585. Anonymous on

    Some people on another forum were saying that Marc is egotistical because he calls himself the Prince of Pot. I told them he just does that to get peoples’ attention, like when Kanye West says he’s the greatest thing that ever happened in music. It’s kind of a rapper thing. That’s his “swagger”, if you will. I prefer to think of him as the Johnny Appleseed of Pot but, admittedly, it isn’t near as catchy.

  2586. Anonymous on

    I would love to send out flyers or contact some one in cannabis shops to organize a rally in Edmonton Alberta the Alberta capital city. Can some one contact me on some ideas how to get this started or let me know if there are any organizers in Edmonton? My name is Rowan Sandor and my number is 587 783 9778.

  2587. mountainlionco on

    your words are very powerfull. you are right when you say that emery is a pioneer in the cannabis legalization movement.

    for me anyway, its true. i am 35 now, i smoked and grew since i was 14 (with a 4 year break of NO SMOKING from age 25-29). so i have been with, and without, i have seen every side of it.

    but the march issue 2007 of cannabis culture magazine opened my eyes to a whole new world. that is the first time i ever saw cannabis as legitimate in any form. sure high times magazine was there, buts its confusing to an 18 year old kid when the first page advertises fake buds.

    i have been traveling at light speed since then, i cant believe its only been 2 years now. colorado just had a landmark decision, the board of health rejuected a minimum number of patients that a care giver can provided, and, a caregiver is now defined as anybody who provides cannabis to a patient!

    anyway the point is, these websites and forums have done a great service to me and others, and for that, i thank you all at cc.

    hopefully marc will not hafe to serve a long sentance in a us prison. i will continue to follow it, and hold him in the highest regard. i really think that he should get more attention and respect actually, but its a crazy world.

  2588. Adam on

    I will not forget about Marc Emery, I will not stop talking about Marc Emery. Here is a man who has fought for all of us, given to us and brought us all together. I haven’t met him yet – I have one more chance – but he’s already missed.
    It was July 2005 when I started smoking cannabis, and incidentally became a libertarian. I learned about Marc Emery week(s?) later when he was arrested, and not only am I a better person because of Cannabis, I am a better person because of Marc!

  2589. Smokepot_Daily on

    doesn’t mean we can’t now.

    Cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?” Expediency asks the question, “Is it politic?” Vanity asks the question, “Is it popular?” But, conscience asks the question, “Is it right?”

    And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.

    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    OKAY, I have consulted the counselor regarding the above statement Marc has to go to jail because; “The reason they have that right, the government of Canada has signed treaties and trade agreements allowing it.” Trade agreements have absolutely nothing to do with any extradition of anyone. Regarding Extradition Treaties extradition treaties, they are expressly stated to be for the purpose of returning to justice those who have a crime. Not just that, but a crime serious enough to warrant extradition. For that to be the case, the alleged crime would have to at least be considered a serious crime in Canada.

    This last is to prevent countries with absurd laws the prescribe punishments that are out of line with what is not considered cruel or unusual punishment at home. That way for instance a child molester is happily returned to, say, Thailand to face justice, but someone who had stolen a loaf bread for instance in a Muslem country where Sharia law dictates he gets a hand amputated. The punishment for this crime is out of line with ‘Canadian Norms’, and therefore extradition would be blocked by the federal government.

    Jodie Joanna Emery commented regarding Winston’s advice above that the strategy would not work as the constitutional rights of Canadians are not protected when they break the law. I can only conclude the Emery’s have been given advice that will lead to the conclusion favoured by the prosecution, (lawyers professional relationships often outweigh their client relationships, for obvious reasons, if you think about it. No offence Mr Donaldson, I sure he doing what he would consider normal under the circumstances.).

    Marc’s case is not one we can consider Normal, as the crime the DEA is trying to charge him with doesn’t exist in Canada, and therefore on that basis alone his Charter rights should be protected. If this precedent is allowed to go ahead, the Canadian government could dispose of any problem citizen without regard for their Constitutional Rights simply by having their pals in Homeland Security or the DEA put them on a list and send them South, where as a non American, the US constitution doesn’t apply, and Canadian Constitutional Rights can not be enforced. (eg. Omar Khadr).

    In my view the current conservative government in Canada is complicit in committing crimes against the Rights of Canadian Citizens, and guilty in abdication of responsibility, dereliction of duty, and violating their Oath of office. In fact, there is a far stronger case for arresting the Prime Minister, than there is for arresting Marc Emery.

    Again, we are of the view that the only way Marc can end up in an American Jail, is if he goes voluntarily. In such case, he should be warned, emphatically, that; whatever deal or inducements, or suggestions of possibilities that wouldn’t be so bad, if you would only plead guilty, the prosecution may come up to get you to plea, the judge is in no way bound by their ‘suggestion’ they will make as they promised. His sentence will be more along the line of what the Director of the DEA is looking for. His farewell tour would be just that.

    The DEA cannot arrest anyone in Canada. If we task our RCMP with protecting a Canadian Citizen from being abducted from Canadian soil, as they have done nothing considered a crime in this country, it would be appropriate and proper use of resources belonging to the people of Canada, not despotic leadership of Agencies and institutions bent on victimizing law abiding people who every reason to expect to be protected by them from people like them. It has become abundantly clear it is time for the people of Canada to make our voices heard. We must, “Ask Loudly”, that our voices be heard, and the will of the people done, even if it is contrary to the will of the Prime Minister.

    Whoever reads this please make sure Marc reads it. I am sure he is wise enough to know I am speaking the Truth. The Emery’s are getting the wool pulled over their eyes and being told they have no choice but to go along quietly. There is a choice. HELL NO WE WON’T GO, is on slogan that comes to mind. Thousands of unarmed protesters rallying around facing armed troops, isn’t likely to turn into a Canadian Tiananmen Square. On the contrary, it will have effect of the absurdity of bullying ‘authorities’ (no has authority over you unless you give it to them.), trying to violate the Charter rights of a fellow Canadian. My guess is, many of those troops, and police can be persuaded not to participate, and even choose to honour their own oath to uphold the law. Which is not to follow orders if their orders break the law. The law says Constitutional rights are sacrosanct. They can not be suspended or circumvented by any party with any treaty or agreement, or passing any law except “as can demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”. The Councillor says no such vote has taken place to make a special allowance that Marc can be legally extradited. Canada would be violating no extradition treaty with the US if we decline to provide him for incarceration there.

    The whole business about petitioning the judge in Washington State could backfire. If the judge turns out to be pro DEA, each letter will add weight to the perceived importance of doing everything possible to silence Marc permanently as he is such a key figure in the Anti Prohibition movement. Also it could be seen as clear evidence to add weight to the admission of guilt that Marc has been propagating and spreading what for the DEA’s purposes are considered ‘dangerous drugs’. This would then ensure mandatory minimums at least would be applied, and most likely the maximum they could politically get away with. Asking for a sentence that has yet to be passed be commuted to a transfer to Canada could also be perceived as admission of guilt. Don’t worry, you give them a singly millimeter of your rope, they will take the whole thing if they can, and they can.

    We continue to pray for Wisdom for all concerned, and for favour for the Emery’s in particular. I have been fighting the same fight since the seventies. I have multiple convictions for possession of marijuana. I am precluded from engaging in all manner of occupations I am otherwise qualified for simply because I believe the freedom of every individual to believe and practice whatever harms no other must become universal. I am not concerned by the results of this persecution, prejudice and discrimination.. I believe it has made us somehow better than them.

    Please, keep fighting the good fight. NEVER give up. Never give up. We are here for each other. I personally will do whatever I can. (When you are in Kamloops, I think it would be sensible to meet for at least half an hour to coordinate.) Keep the Faith;

  2590. Drugless on

    I read your letter and i am feeling that if we can reach enough people out there that we can really make a differance if we are vidgulant enough to not let go and to help him where we can. I know a person that has met him and she says that he is a very smart man. She also told me to be of assistance if i can so i am here to help spread the word and knowledge of his present situation to others in hopes of rallying them to do the same. Will keep in touch.

  2591. Freedom Fighters on

    Along time ago we had no rights that today people take so easily for granted, to find a Bong was a treasure because the Law made these simple items contraband and you only had rolling papers and your own creativity. It was people like Marc Emery who is the frontier of these times that people so easily take for granted simply do not think of and the fact that it is possible to go backwards once more and lose what precious freedoms we’ve gained this far.

    People like Marc Emery come only once in a rare lifetime to be able to see the world and effectively make changes in areas that help causes and has shown to be an amazing motivator, while sharing us knowledge, enough for us all who sat in our closets in fear of our Government while he taught, “You are not alone, Knowledge is their to defend with real truths”. So people like me and others who want to reach out and help that one person in the crowd to save someone but can’t, won’t or just don’t know how to help that person or even themselves. Marc is that one person, no matter what the criticisms out their may be, The screaming voice coming from the crowd yelling for help that everyone ignores and walks by, Marc reached out and so many others became strengthened and appeared from the crowd ready to help, when just before they stood in apprehension saying to themselves “What can I do?”

    It takes that one Leader from the crowd and soon you have the movement but if that one person never steps forward then it becomes the same repetitive sad story of, what can I do and nothing gets done. Marc said I know what to do and now he’s taking the bullet for being on that front line for us and it seems to me to be pretty honorable when the funds that he received went back to our cause and has nothing to his name to show for it but our memories and how we remember him. Sure Marc might have had multiple personal reasons which gave him his push but no one can say they have reached in this country as far as Marc has for changing the many Ignorant peoples minds from old misinformation of lies to the now we know inalienable rights and truths. This Man gave it all away and is possibly about to lose many years and we will look back and see what he sacrificed just to make it so we the people don’t have to hide like we are ashamed and instead yell I am a better person because of Cannabis. I am thankful to Marc Emery who showed me I am not alone and I should not be ashamed but be proud to choose a safer healthier lifestyle from the ones that Society forces upon us by limiting us.

    So when Marc does come back, hopefully; someone will stand at the front line trying to make changes on our behalf until that day and see it might take bigger shoes then they ever thought possible.

    Sorry to put you way up high on that pedestal Marc but someone has to be up their or there would be no Gandhi or Luther Martin King and you have that job for our cause in this country to help take away the draconian Laws that hold us down and I hope we remember this when he comes back and we may find that after time we have already lost Marc this day forever because prison does change you on the inside and could damage our Leader.

    Thanks again Marc for what you are giving up; I hope you know you did reach many and you did take away the frustrations and fears by giving us truer knowledge, a lot of us are no longer alone in our lives thinking maybe society is right and we are bad people. We all now stand a little taller because you gave us weapons of Mass Knowledge and now we can be armed with more truth than the deception imposed on us by our Governments.
    Thank you and God bless you, MARC EMERY.

    Please give till it hurts if you can and try and make Marcs stay a little less like hell.