Marc Emery Continues Fight For Business Licenses

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis Culture editor Marc Emery will be back in front of Vancouver City Council members tomorrow morning to continue the fight for his business licenses.

The City of Vancouver has refused to grant several business licenses to Emery’s limited company, Avalon Sunsplash Ltd., which owns and operates the CCHQ Store, Cannabis Culture Magazine,, and the 420 Convenience store.

Emery appeared in front of the Council on May 19, 2009, but the meeting ended unresolved due to time constraints. At the meeting Barbara Windsor, the city’s chief license inspector, told City Council members that she refused to grant the licenses because of Emery’s 2004 marijuana trafficking conviction for passing a joint at a political rally in Saskatchewan, and police reports that marijuana was being consumed on business premises.

Under questioning by Emery’s lawyer Kirk Tousaw, Windsor admitted that she had not investigated the circumstances before the denial. She was also forced to admit that after nine years of operation in the current location at 307 West Hastings St., Emery’s businesses had never received a single complaint – and that there was no real evidence of any laws being broken in regard to pot on the premises.

“The police, after colluding with the DEA four years ago, are frustrated that they haven’t got rid of me,” Emery said. “I’m still around; and now, rather than trying criminal law or extradition, they’re trying regulatory agencies to get me out of town.

“By not giving a license to Cannabis Culture Magazine and, they’re trying to censor us through regulation, and trying to compromise a media organization that’s very political, anti-establishment, and against the status quo – although very much in tune with the Vancouver public’s point of view.”

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The meeting takes place at 9:00am on July 21, 2009 at Vancouver City Hall.