Interesting Use of Quotation Marks

Re: Gov’t-Approved Dope Grower Wants Police To Give His Back.

He says he is now almost out of his “medicine.” [Kamloops Daily News]

No reason exists to use quote marks around “medicine” in the quoted sentence except to imply that the object referred to (cannabis) is not really medicine.

I hope Mr. Anderson uses RCMP valuation numbers to arrive at the compensation he seeks. They are typically inflated and it would be good to see that bite them instead of an accused, for once.


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  1. Andrew Rowe on

    The media is propagating these ridiculous beliefs about marijuana. I was just reading the CBS article about prescription drugs and marijuana and they refused to call users “users”, and chose rather “abusers” as if there was no legitimate use of marijuana. I guess having a beer makes me an alcoholic by that logic. The guy who wrote this article is well misinformed since our government has passed laws allowing the sale of it as medicine, not some sort of snake oil.