Drug-Related Killings in Mexico on Course to Top Last Year’s Numbers

Mexican marine stands guard as 7,000 kilograms of marijuana are incinerated in Mexico's Sonora state.Mexican marine stands guard as 7,000 kilograms of marijuana are incinerated in Mexico’s Sonora state.Despite massive security efforts north and south of the border, the drug-fueled killing spree in Mexico is continuing and is on course to surpass last year’s record toll, federal officials told Congress Thursday.

But there’s little indication that significant cartel violence is spilling into U.S. border communities or elsewhere in the United States, they said.

“The bloodshed [in Mexico]has escalated in recent months to unprecedented levels,” Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said in a prepared statement.

Some 3,600 people were slain in Mexico in the first half of this year, putting the death toll on track to surpass the 6,200 people killed in all of 2008, said Anthony Placido, assistant administrator for intelligence at the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Officials testifying at a House hearing said the increasing violence is an indication that a crackdown by Mexican President Felipe Calderon is working and that drug traffickers are fighting over a diminishing turf.

They said it is imperative that the United States support Calderon.

“We can not permit President Calderon to fail,” said Breuer. “This may be a once-in-a-generation opportunity [because of]his courage and willingness to take on the cartels,” Breuer said.

“The consequences are very extraordinary and we need to deploy the appropriate resources and skill and collaboration to make sure we do everything we can to support [Calderon].”

Asked if the United States is winning the drug war, Breuer said, “Yes.”

“That’s not to say that we don’t have much to do, but if you look at the work that has occurred,” the government has hurt cartel operations, he said.

The nation’s new border czar agreed.

“I think we have a ways to go, but I am in accord with Mr. Breuer that … we are making progress and that it’s measurable progress,” said Alan Bersin, the special representative for border affairs within the Department of Homeland Security.

Officials declined to say whether they believed the U.S. National Guard should be deployed to the region, saying the secretaries of defense and homeland security were studying the issue and would make a recommendation to the president.

Thursday’s hearing was before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

– Article from CNN.



  1. Sir Les on

    When a Nation undermines its own constitution, and goes the other way…into the darkness/sin…when a Nation lies to the public at large, to make war, to clean up its dirty laundry…costing trillions and alot of human lives!
    What should the rest of the world think?

    When a Nation is so addicted to pointing the finger, and pulling the trigger, with out asking the right questions, or getting any answers of meritable truths…or doing so to silence the truth…..even denial of the truth….That is the Nation that should be bound down to true justice!

    If they cannot even uphold their own constitution…how can they play fare in the sandbox of time with their neighbours?

    You can see the Evil one is sitting on this fence of the USA!…and the commonwealth countries!
    MONEY, Power over the people// has become more important than God…
    And the eco systems are going to ruin, because humans do no listen to reason, nor follow instruction!!

    See what God is talking about?
    “They love the lies/liars, more than they love the truth!”

    Sir Les

  2. Michael/Atlanta on

    If you are winning the drug war using current methods, then why did Mexico just decriminalize Marijuana where you are allowed to have certain amounts. It also my understanding that they are going to decriminalize other drugs as well Cocaine and Heroin.
    The government of the United States is starting to sound like the government in Iran. They just say whatever they want and then act like its the truth. That DEA budget must be an almighty amount of dollars. They sure dont want to give it up do they. Of course, its because they have our best interest at heart.
    The Uninted States with only 5 percent of the worlds population incarcerates 25% of the worlds prisoners. Maybe thats why the rest of the world hates us, our own government is saying that the people in the US are such a bunch of low lifes we have to keep them in jail. My own government is telling the rest of the world that we are nothing but trash and are to be discarded. This is the example that is beofre the world being set by the United States government..