Walking the Last Free Mile with Eddy Lepp

Once we got to Lompoc we pulled over for a photo opp under the signs pointing to the Prison. (Photo by Charles C. Lynch)Once we got to Lompoc we pulled over for a photo opp under the signs pointing to the Prison. (Photo by Charles C. Lynch)(PISMO BEACH, Calif.) – Today Eddy Lepp called me at about 10:30 a.m. and said they were getting ready to pass through Pismo Beach. I hopped into my car and caught up with them on the freeway and followed them to Lompoc.

There was a traffic jam on the way down and I figured that in Eddy’s mind there was probably no big rush as he was on his way to serve a 10 year mandatory sentence in Federal Prison for growing Marijuana.

Eddy had a farm where he was growing over 25,000 plants when he was raided by the DEA in 2004.

The feds prosecuted Eddy in Federal Court and he was convicted of growing more than 1000 marijuana plants which has a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Eddy tried claiming medical and religious protections but the arguments were not allowed in Federal Court.

It was a sad moment as Eddy his wife and followers realized he was only minutes from a long sentence in Federal Prison.

I was angered to think that Eddy was being taken from his family for marijuana. Eddy and his clan were a classic hippie family.

They were dressed in tie die outfits and many of them had tattoos of marijuana leaves. Some of his followers talked about strong religious beliefs they had.

It was here I understood the importance of freedom of religion. Although I might not have had the same beliefs as Eddy and his followers, I thought how people have to ‘tolerate’ other peoples beliefs even if you don’t understand what they are talking about.

So Eddy with swollen eyes from years of battling the Federal Government and a strong conviction that he had done the right thing hopped into the van for his final ride as a free man.

During that last mile, Eddy stated that he was not afraid of jail as his camera man and others listened in great admiration and sorrow.

They passed around one more cigarette of the sacred herb and Eddy drank a Dr. Pepper as his camera man recorded Eddy’s testimony.

I fought back tears as other grown men cried outwardly.

I asked Eddy about his release on bail pending appeal and he said the judge didn’t even read the motion and denied it.

As we drove up to the penitentiary I just couldn’t stop thinking how wrong this is to put people away and to break up families for marijuana.

It just seemed so cruel to take Eddy from his wife, his friends, and from society.

They were not hurting anybody, they are just living the kind of life that makes them happy, the kind of life that millions of Americans live on a daily basis.

We walked Eddy into the building, and my internal outrage boiled quietly as the self-righteous Federal Agents did their jobs, as did the Nazi Prison Camp Guards, and took Eddy into custody and told everybody to leave.

As we turned and left the American POW camp I couldn’t stop thinking what a cruel nation America can be to it’s ‘Marijuanan American’ citizens.

I realized with great appreciation that I was a lucky man as I am out on bail pending appeal for a one year sentence for ‘marijuana crimes’.

I was really lucky compared to what was happening to Eddy Lepp.

Two men, separate lives, separate life styles, separate beliefs, separate destinies but one common cause.

Eddy whispered to me as he held back his emotions ‘keep the message alive’.

– Article from Salem-News.com Click here to see more photos.



  1. jacsac on

    Even though you do not agree with opium/coke/peyote use it is every free man’s decision to make that choice. Outlawing things that have no bearing on one’s personal life is the kind of thinking that got us to where we are. I don’t do any of those drugs but I can’t see putting a person in prison for a Friday night line of coke. Personal responsibility.

  2. Sir Les on

    Yes for absolutely no good reason other than…to dictate their authority over the people they have brainwashed into thinking a simple plant GOD gave to the world…is bad…when God already said it is Good!

    Yes the same people claiming to be under God’s care “God bless America”????…why?

    We can see the hypocrisy of the words used by the USA, and her liars club members!

    We can see the undermining of the very constitution on which they claim they base their democracy on…
    But the real spirit of democracy is showing us they are nothing but a bunch of power hungry greedy businessmen…making profits off the suffering of the world!

    yes they create the suffering…so they can employ people, and tax em…so they can live off your hard work…but only when you pledge alegance to the flag (totum pole)and live for your country/Nartion…”NOT UNDER GOD” but UNDER THE IDOLS control…..yes why work for God?…when you can work for money?

    See where it leads?
    a polluted world!…more suffering!…and now it cost trillions not to fix it…but to keep it going in the same direction!….how foolish this democracy is!

    The real criminals are the one supporting Democracy and idolatry!…espically the ones dictating how to live, while they reap in the taxes and pocket the surplus!

    Oh the world needs a witch hunt.
    Might as well be the pot somkers…their good for nothing life style is a blemish on our societies bent on polluting the planet!
    Who wants a nature activist protesting the technological advancement in our idolic system of pollution of the planet..and all life God made Good.

    Wonder if that is what is being taught now in the unconcious mind of the thinkers….or should I say stinkers?

    They love the liar and the lies more than they love the truth…because it pays them to be that way!
    And being brainwashed into believing they need money to live…they have no other course of action to take…
    They will always need a witch to point the finger at!
    They will always need an enemy to war on!
    they will always need your taxes paid in full…
    And they will always say your vote counts!
    But what is it counting for?
    Nothing that profits the world or God!

    Now poor Eddy has to go to prison…and be supported for a few years by the tax payers…which cost the tax payer more, so he can live a life of supposed freedom,locked up in a cell!
    Kinda of backwards you might say…but their it is.
    That is your freedom and liberties at work…the constitution says freedom and liberty for all…and for some reason they keep omitting people….wonder why?

    Sir Les

  3. Anonymous on

    There are over 100 million people in the US that choose to partake in this lifestyle choice and the ignorance and oppression of the US is hurting innocent people just as they did the native americans, blacks, the japanese, and gays and lesbians before. No more innocent lives should be ruined over a lifestyle choice… NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION WE SHOULD ALL FIGHT BACK AND SMOKE A JOINT IN PUBLIC IN HONOR OF EDDY AND SAY WERE HIGH AND WE ARE GONNA BE HIGH TIL THE DAY WE DIE!

  4. Billy(Blunts)MacDonald on

    it is just a plant…and i agree 100percent with every1 on that.weed isnt any diff/worse then cigaretts(in my opinion).but opium/coke/peyote are all just plants aswell and i do not agree that its ok 2do them drugs.LEGALIZE POT AND IT WILL SAVE MILLIONS IN COURTCOSTS/HOUSING INMATES(who shouldent be there in the 1stplace)DRINK and DRIVE crash a car.SMOKE SOME GRASS AND CRASH ON MY COUCH.WHAT SOUNDS SAFER?THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

  5. greg williams on

    Marijuana doesn’t scare people these days.
    What scares people these days are Republicans. That and um…Democrats

  6. Anonymous on

    This makes me feel ill. This over a plant? It is a plant. This is part of nature, part of our world, part of US! The same government that screams about God outlaws one of God’s creations? That is insanity. Period. I don’t care what your beliefs are but for some reason people feel compelled to force their beliefs on others. I don’t get it. From my perspective it is absolutely logical to legalize all conciousness changing substances. Criminalizing them only creates endless problems. That is why we are where we are today. How many more people will have to fall under the wheels of “justice” before we change our ways? We all need to concentrate on legalization. Decriminalization will not get rid of the black market and the violence associated with it. No matter how far out of reach it seems, keep your thoughts and hearts on legalization, not in the future, NOW. We need to think as if it has already happened……..sorry I had to rant…….

  7. K. on

    It’s just wrong , hurtfull, mean, and wrong again. This is what happens when the outer right wing get too much power. They are addicted to all kids of cruelty. They dont care who they step on, or whose life they destroy, as long as their politic ”sends the right message”..