Prince of Pot Not Worried About Jail

The prince of pot took shots at the government and praised parenthood yesterday in his last words to Edmonton supporters before heading to jail this fall.

Alberta’s capital was Marc Emery’s latest stop in his farewell summer tour of Canada.

“I’m not repentant. I’m not trite. I’m proud of what I’ve done,” said Emery before dozens at Beaver Hill House Park, 105 Street and Jasper Avenue.

He’s perhaps Canada’s most prominent marijuana advocate, a veteran of more than 30 years of pushing pot.

“Am I worried about going to jail in a U.S. federal penitentiary? No,” he said. Jail has offered “some of the best days of my life.”

Emery is heading for the clink in the U.S. this fall after accepting a plea bargain in June. He’ll be sentenced on one count of distributing marijuana seeds by mail to U.S. customers.

He told The Canadian Press in June prosecutors want him behind bars for five to eight years.

The self-professed libertarian told the crowd that he still doesn’t grasp why people who don’t use pot are so vehemently against the drug.

He repeatedly said alcohol is a far more socially toxic substance than marijuana.

“It’s legal, and it’s promoted. It’s on TV, Hockey Night in Canada. But you know what? It’s like the biggest date-rape drug. It’s the biggest reason we have unwanted pregnancies. It’s the biggest reason behind domestic violence,” he said.

“When parents talk to their young people about drugs, I’d say never go near alcohol, never go near cocaine because you will make very bad judgments.

“Smoke weed, because you will always be yourself, only more so.”

He said he’s never seen children of loving parents become drug addicts.

He implored his supporters to stick with their kids, that broken families are a cause of drug addiction.

An advocate to the end, he told his supporters that the federal government’s Bill C-15 — which sets mandatory minimum sentences for drug dealing — must be stopped.

– Article from The Edmonton Sun.

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  1. Covey on

    You’re probably right about the fact that they will go after the others but I don’t see how they don’t sell across the to the U.S. and here where you seem to think the R.C.M.P. are not diligent on Marcs arrest is because of what he’s done there is truth be told. The R.C.M.P. cannot do anything worthwhile to indict a arrest because the only person convicted of seed selling in Canada led to a fine, theirs no real law we just don’t take away life time for punishment over seeds and that makes it very frustrating because the U.S. are much more corrupted in their Governed laws then we are. Actually but that is changing because that is how the system is made we are what the U.S. was maybe years ago and we are now starting to give up our rights, some of which our Fore-Fathers died for so we could think ourselves finally free.
    No Insult to the individual of United States of America this is pointed to the evil bankers that run the world, their, here and everywhere.
    How can you win a game run by cheaters that make up the rules and change them on a whim?


  2. Anonymous on

    Marc seemed to have a prison wish from the beginning. It’s like he was asking to get sent to prison. Took quite a while to get some serious results but eventually he succeeded. He could easily have run the seed business in such a way that he was legally insulated from it but he chose to do it in such an open way that he could be arrested and convicted quite conveniently any time. Where’s Marc Emery? He’s right in his store behind the counter selling people seeds face to face and mailing seeds to places around the world. The perp was right there with the evidence. It’s actually surprising that the RCMP didn’t chuck him in prison long ago, for some serious time. The DEA is, apparently, considerably more efficient at enforcing the law.

    Marc provided a very good service to the Cannabis community, though. By making himself the obvious target for law enforcement, others could run similar seed businesses with confidence that as long as Marc Emery was still able to operate with relative impunity how could they possibly be in legal danger? Notice that not one other seed company has been charged even after Emery was charged. That’s because they are waiting until he is actually convicted and jailed. The focus is still exclusively on him. What happens after he’s jailed? Then they have to start going after the others, don’t they?

  3. GrimReeferSOAD on

    not worried my ass, thats at least 5 years before you can sleep in your own bed man. id be pissin my pants or packing for amsterdam right now. marc you at least have balls or have been thinkin of this day for a long time now and preparing for the worst. good luck peace and pot

  4. guitarjunkee ny on

    I am a Unicorn.It is my addiction that I’ve sworn.I is my reason to reason, my passage from season to season. To look at life in my owm way,without wondering what they’ll say.Yes I am a Unicorn, all your lies and stories are all worn.But you still follow me, an ordinary Unicorn. Say what you say, but that won’t stop me. Do what you will, but that won’t save me.Let me be, because I’m that Unicorn.It is my addiction that I’ve sworm. SORRY ABOUT THE SPELLING AND SUCH..Read this for hope in the bad times to come..Chin up my friend…PEACE AND POT…

  5. Freedom Fighters on

    To: Marc Emery

    Along time ago we had no rights that today people take so easily for granted, to find a Bong was a treasure because the Law made these simple items contraband and you only had rolling papers and your own creativity. It was people like Marc Emery who is the frontier of these times that people so easily take for granted simply do not think of and the fact that it is possible to go backwards once more and lose what precious freedoms we’ve gained this far.
    People like Marc Emery come only once in a rare lifetime to be able to see the world and effectively make changes in areas that help causes and is an amazing motivator, while sharing us knowledge, enough for us all who sat in our closets in fear of our Government while he taught, “You are not alone, Knowledge is their to defend with real truths”. So people like me and others who want to reach out and help that one person in the crowd to save someone but can’t, won’t or just don’t know how to help them or themselves. Marc is that one person, no matter what the criticisms out their may be, The screaming voice coming from the crowd yelling for help that everyone ignores and walks by, Marc reached out and so many others appeared from the crowd strengthened and ready to help, when just before they stood in apprehension saying to themselves should I even bother. It takes that one Leader from the crowd and soon you have the movement but if that one person never steps forward then it becomes the same repetitive sad story of, what can I do and nothing gets done. Marc said I know what to do and now he’s taking the bullet for being on that front line for us and it seems to me to be pretty honorable when the funds that he received went back to our cause and has nothing to his name to show for it but our memories and how we remember him. Sure Marc might have had multiple personal reasons which gave him his push but no one can say they have reached in this country as far as Marc has by changing the many peoples minds from old misinformation and lies to the truths. This Man gave it all away and is possibly about to lose many years and we will look back and see what he sacrificed just to make it so we the people don’t have to hide like we are ashamed and instead yell I am a better person because of Cannabis. I am thankful to Marc Emery who showed me I am not alone and I should not be ashamed but proud to choose a safer healthier lifestyle.
    So when Marc does come back, hopefully; someone will stand at the front line trying to make changes on our behalf until that day and see it might take bigger shoes then they ever thought possible.
    Sorry to put you on that pedestal Marc but someone has to be up their or there would be no Gandhi or Luther Martin King and you have that job for our cause in this country and I hope we remember this when he comes back and we may find after that time we have lost Marc this day forever because prison does change you on the inside..

    Please give till it hurts and try and make Marcs stay a little less hell like.
    Thanks again Marc for what you maybe giving up I hope you know you did reach many and you did take away the frustrations and fears by giving us truer knowledge,
    Thank you and God Bless.