Prince of Pot Returns To Saskatoon

Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, is continuing his quest despite heading to jail. He is embarking on a cross Canada tour of 32 cities, and his latest stop, was here in Saskatoon.

Despite pouring rain Wednesday, about 20 people huddled together under a small food tent at the River Landing Ampitheatre, in support of Marc Emery’s cause.

Emery has spent years fighting for the legalization of marijuana. In September, he is heading to the United States to begin a jail term for Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana.

He says his goal is for the cause to stay alive.

“I’m giving people some incentive and motivation to continue my work, and continue the work of the movement, and particularly, to remind them how great the cannabis culture is, and how evil prohibition is,” Emery said.

Emery was released from the Saskatoon Correctional Centre in 2004, after serving time for passing a joint. He says ending prohbition on marijuana will signficantly reduce drug crime in Canada.

– Article from CKOM.