‘Harry Potter’ Star Could Face 14 Years for Growing Marijuana Farm

“Harry Potter” star Jamie Waylett has been charged with growing ten cannabis plants.

The 19-year-old actor will have to appear in court later this month for the charges stemming from an April arrest.

Waylett, who plays Potter bully Vincent Crabbe, was busted when cops pulled over his vehicle in London and allegedly found eight bags of marijuana. He was taken to a nearby police station before a team of officers raided his mother’s home in Camden, the Daily Telegraph reports.

A Metropolitan police spokeswoman said the actor would appear in court late this month and “is charged with producing a Class B drug, nearly ten plants of cannabis.”

The plants – valued at more than $3,000 – were allegedly found among DJ equipment and a Playstation, the Telegraph said.

Waylett may face up to 14 years for cannabis production, while the maximum charge for cannabis possession is five years.

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– Article from Fox News.



  1. somethingneedstochange on

    HAHAHA you are the biggest idiot on the face of this planet.
    Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as medicine!
    hemp could change our world today!

  2. Anonymous on

    Well the christian told you harry potter is bad cuz it is a secret code to the occult and potsmoking it shuld be cawled Harry Potsmoker cuz it will introduce you to the devil and marijoona is a devil weed that turn you into a wizard like harry potsmoker is

  3. Sir Les on

    It puts to rest the I love my nation and country…Truth…it rises above that!
    What is best suited for our future, is a more echo friendly solution to the problems at hand!
    A more green and sound relationship between humankind and the natural enviroments we live off of..and should be tending to…in a good light of presteen and commendable acts onto the whole world.

    Keeping it cleanm, and presteen…
    Now How can one say they love their nation/country when they pollute the very thing that Produces their food and water supplies?
    This industrial madness is causing all kinds of suffering!

    The bent law of prohibition is working against the Eden principle…and or God’s word and will…Genesis speaks of, us being helpers of the garden, with all the green plants, and trees yielding fruit/food for the whole body of life is with all life in toe.

    Now if we remove one plant/tree from the world…we created a imbalance in the chain of life…which effects the evolution of certain things god made good.
    Some will turn to different food sources, while others die off…
    and that is where humankind is in error.

    Democracy cannot employ 6 billion people!
    Money is not the common denominator…it is the detramental agent that has this industrial beast killing planet Earth!
    And so to reduce the numbers of poor…they make Warfare with lies and oppression..

    Painting the children as criminals…when they are the ones who have stollen your liberty to be free!
    Your right to life as a free man or woman…eating and drinking for free…and saying thank you to God for that life giving force he bestows on all life freely!!!!
    Living for free is Not what democracy employs!

    Thus more lies from the mouth of the beast!

    Free trade?…what do these words mean today?

    Freedom and liberties for All?…who are the ones ommitted?

    In God we trust????…”I give you everything” who is taking it away?

    Saddam had “weapons of mass destruction”, and we the people have to go and murder him, and make wars on the ones who oppose us!…why?

    Marijuana is bad?

    How many lies are told by the beast?

    How can you say I love America, when America is holding the Idol of God’s detest over its populious, and is behind the beasts plan to pollute the entire world …and make warfare/mistrust/hatred/sickness /suffering /oppression and sanctions…. their number one export?

    Do you see the pattern?

    Hate the natives!
    Hate the union!
    Hate the commonwealth!
    Hate our neighbours!
    Hate the communist!
    Hate the vietnamies!
    Hate China!..and all communists/opposers to democracy!
    Hate the religiously fanatical agents!
    Hate the truth!
    What is democracy?…more lies!….more liars!…ciminals,corruption,greed,murderers,rapists,pedophiles, twisted inlisted…and the mutations they breed!

    Yep…That is the face of America!

    The biggest lie told to us these days..is “THEY HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOM!”

    There is no freedom in Democracy!
    that is blantantly obvious!

    Sir Les

  4. Espada de Luz on

    I love America, but what i hate about democracy is; there can be a serious issue, such as the cannabis one, and the misinformed, ignorant masses can go in and vote based on nothing more than what the pretty lady on fox news or Bill O’ Reilly told them. UNINVOLVED PARTIES HAVE NO SAY IN AN ISSUE THAT DOES NOT AFFECT THEM IN ANY WAY.

  5. Anonymous on

    I love you guys ^^^
    and your energy

    I hate the laws
    that fuck us

    doing time is nothing

    it’s the getting raped part that’s hard

  6. DoubleU on

    What has happened to the World? 10 plants = 14 YEARS. I’m scared for my children. What have I brought them into? IT’S JUST A PLANT!

  7. Sir Les on

    your right…it about Money…and taking away what God has given freely…so they can impose the idol into everyones lives!
    Everyone is using it…this makes Jesus Christ’s message even more prominate…”The whole world is decieved”…and they love the liar and the lies more than the truth!

    That is why humankind is failing, and falling from Grace with God!

    Your right…Gotta teach the children well!
    Or for sure they will all go to hell!

    And from what is see going on in the world today…we are not far from that Hell…

    Atomic tree…who would of thunk it?

  8. Anonymous on

    I see it like this:
    The Tree told Not to touch..is at the heart of all things God made!…the center piece…it is in all and is all things God made Good with…It is not a plant persay!
    It is the ATOMIC tree!
    It is tied into all things…not only here on Earth…it is tied to everyting!
    Thus it is at the center of the Garden!
    its fruits= knowledge of Good and Evil!
    unclean Power!
    Power over those who do not have it!
    And bent sciences which derive their necessity of it use, while making everyone a sinner under Idolitry…

    Atomic medicine?
    if we follow God’s word and will, there would be no need for Nuclear medicines!

    That is the kicker!

    So while we are born into these bent systems of democracy…which too freedom and liberties for ALL?
    Think about the ones be excluded here!

    think hard!
    because your not listening to the words..and your believing in the lies they tell and sell you!

    Sir Les is right!

    Do God’s will…it might be hard to live that way…but it is the best way for all life!

    Think Green, Think healthy!

    Finite fossil fuels are not what we should be building our democracies with!
    And we should not becomer eliant on these finite fuels!
    Because they are going to run out eventually…and if we keep burning them, we are only harming the Earth more and more!

    They have a space station up there, that works completely with solar power.

    Now you know it is possible!
    and you know it is possible!

    Why are they not employing this technology into our main stream infostructure?

    It’s all about Money!

    And that is where humankind falls from Grace every time!

    think about it!

    Sir Les

  9. Sir Les on

    Yah this has to be the most rediculious law humankind/democracy has ever made.
    Putting children of God behind bars, for doing what God asked of us all…”To tend and keep the garden” with all plants that were given by God to humankind to make thier livelyhood with, and to feed all life with, and make the Earth abundantly giving to all life!!!!
    Genesis 1:12, 1:29, 9:3 Acts 3:21, 10:15, Rev 17:17…all these things point to that fulfillment of Doing something for God…Genesis 2:15 might be the forgotten part of the Bible perhaps?..when they made that stupid law prohibiting a plants growth…they were not thinking about God, nor the creation principles, or the matrix of life!

    I can surely say this…the bent law … is being enforced and fueled by the fossil fuel industry!
    STOP DRIVING THE POLLUTANTS INTO THE AIR, waters and soils, that they got everyone doing for a high price!

    Demand ethanol for fuel!
    Cleaner burning…eco friendly Ethanol from Hemp and marijuana!

    Fight the Good fight!

    That is how you stop the lies, the beast, and the pollution!

    it all starts with us!…following God’s word and will!

    It’s the only way to a greator greener healthier sounder Earth!

    Too bad they chose to imprison children…and slaughter others in bent warfare!!!..But that’s how bent the system is!

    I say we need a new system!…democracy is way too brutal!

    Sir Les

  10. Anonymous on

    Not to mention, he literly only had two pounds … TOTAL! He is facing 14 years in prison and hes 19 years old. Good time, say he gets out in 7-9 hes still almost 30 years old! Thats 100% bullshit.

  11. Eric on

    I totally agree with the other reply! so many governments play this game, and the world plays stupid while innocent people go to jail for this plant!!! It’s totaly ok to take Vicaden,oxycodone,methadone,oxycoton,etc.etc. that all either kill body parts like your liver whatever. as long as the the ok has been given then it’s ok. alcohol is far more dangerous, everyone knows it! but almost every country uses it. I for one have seen enough and something needs to be done. I’m sure he used the video game to help grow the plants, yeah let’s take that from him. get real!!! always hating on someone that dare’s to do their own thing. go clear the streets of the Rapers/sodomisers! get rid of the damn MethHeads, coke heads, Heroin users! I see all these commercials about pot and meth on t.v. but you never see meth busts, just pot, where are the cocaine and meth busts, or even Heroin. I never see that in the news… nope just the same ole long boring story.. we caught a 19 year old kid enjoying himself again..look at me with my big bust!!pshhh please. I’m sick at my stomach to read this B.S.!!! like the other guy said. give him his game and smoke back!

  12. Anonymous on

    What is wrong with the world? I mean…seriously; growing a plant created by God almighty, and you risk going to jail for a longer time than if you raped somebody? It makes so so sad, so mad, so…royally pissed of that I can not find the words to describe it!

    Give the lad his weed and video game back!