NeverGetBusted Tip: Know The Signs of Deception

My extensive study of the FBI polygraph manual helped me destroy hundreds of American and Mexican families while I was one of America’s top narco-kops.

Hopefully these few tips I learned from that manual will help you and your family avoid being arrested by the thousands of officers who are still enforcing our unjust drug prohibition laws.

The three top signs of deception police look for when interviewing a citizen:

1. Hand-to-head contact: For some reason when a human is being deceptive when answering a direct question, they will touch their hand to their head. It might be the wipe of a brow, a scratch of the nose, a pull of the ear, hat adjustment or lighting a cigarette but all of these movements indicate deception. I recently used this tactic against a kop during a federal court deposition. When I asked him a question while he was under oath, he scratched his head as he lied and I pointed out the deceptive movement.

2. Grooming: Although most grooming is considered hand-to-head, this is the top indicator of deception. If your teenager is brushing his/her hair or applying makeup while answering troubling questions, deception is in the air. I’ve found this to be true 100% of the time. Never groom yourself in front of a kop.

3. Repeating the question: If a kop asks “Where are you going?” and your reply is “Where am I going?” She knows you are being deceptive. The behavior of repeating the question stems from the need to stall for time as a lie is developed. Always have your story practiced when traveling with your stash so you don’t have to make up a lie on the spot.



  1. sean60420 on

    that last one about re-telling the question is so true i usually do that when lying
    but no more thanks for the tips Barry keep up the good work

  2. Covey on

    Thank you for your education on tactics used by Police during questioning, I myself have had issues and as a Child and Teenager I have had run ins with Officers who were very military and treated us very harshly when we were doing nothing but being kids, we were hiding behind some garbage cans and pretending to be ninjas and when we seen his car we came out so as not to cause something misunderstood, being brought up to not fear and respect Officers of the Law, he threw us against the car, went to my house and told my dad the story and told me to shut up or I go to jail when I try to defend myself, then 2 days later showed up in my class and told the whole class the story; leaving out my name. As a Teen I was accosted again on my way to work because someone broke into a house somewhere and because I had a leather jacket and long hair I was a suspect and treated such at their car, even later in my twenties when a abused neighbor came seeking protection from a abusive boyfriend that beat her up, when they showed up they threw me from her step because I was in the way and after finding my brother-in-law had a warrant they proceeded to walk through my house looking for him unabated by any law, which they never found and then started opening drawers. Now I am 39 and my three children need this educated and information to defend themselves and their children. I have never been in trouble with the law except for traffic violations and again 2 years ago when I was taking my daughter to the hospital with my wife because she had finally left her abusive boyfriend and they walked through my house because her boyfriend called them and only my son was their. Next I see my youngest daughter’s face in the papers and on their website for assault with a deadly weapon with a liquor store, we go in sort it out by questioning my daughter and come to the conclusion it was a mistake that they screwed up the photo’s, no apology. I would sue but these people I am terrified of because we have no laws protecting us from them.
    Covey WhiteGold

  3. Anonymous on

    Here is a reply I have learned the person say just before he/she is going to lie. Every time…

    On cops when someone is asked a question and says:”I’m not going to lie to you…….”

    Invariably they tell a lie.

  4. Chino on

    Good stuff……when is the Kopbusters DVD coming out?

  5. BigDirtyCrop on


    Not sure if you read these comments or exactly what the deal is but, I have seen and read everything you have published/released.

    Props to you brother, the world needs more people like you. I respect the fact that you had the balls to turn the table and just say no to terror and tyranny. You are human and are vulnerable just as we all are to make mistakes, however you had the will and desire to take that pain and turn it into a positive. I have heard your critics, I have yelled aloud at my TV while know nothing reporters slam your intentions, I have been enraged by your former boss’s repealing your choice while they continue to enforce the status quo and destroy.

    I hope all is well with you an Candy. I would love to see a grow op construction documentary put together by you. I would love to see exactly how you would do it to prevent the narcs from detailing you.

    I would also love to hear about investigation tactics, and mehodology behind investigating a possible operation (blog topic maybe?)

    keep up the good work;

    Peace and Pot

  6. ridicule on

    I have so much respect for this guy! We love what your doing Barry, taking down the wall of prohibition brick by brick!