July 1st is Cannabis Day

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canadian cannabis lovers will gather to celebrate their marijuana freedoms at the Cannabis Day Rally on July 1, 2009 at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Smokers and activists will meet for the annual protest between Noon and 6pm to pay their respects to the cannabis plant, call for an end to marijuana prohibition, and get completely blazed.

“Canadians should come to celebrate their quickly disappearing cannabis freedoms,” Cannabis Day organizer Jacob Hunter told Cannabis Culture. “It’s time to stand up and be counted for legalization and to oppose the Conservatives radical anti-pot and anti-Canadian agenda.”

Members of the Conservative and Liberal parties in the House of Commons have supported harsh new tough-on-crime legislation that would bring mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes to Canada.

“Stephen Harper’s Bill C-15 seeks to put almost all pot growers in prison, even for growing only a few plants,” Hunter said. “Canadians must show the government we’re against this dangerous bill.”

This years celebration is expected to include reggae and hip-hop DJs, speeches, and various pot-related vendors tents.

For more information contact Jacob Hunter at [email protected]



  1. Anonymous on

    You’re right, it was pretty stereotypical. You know why pot is still illegal? Because nobody wants to be seen agreeing with a bunch of bleary-eyed idiot pot-heads, most of which were in attendance today.

    Good tunes though.

  2. Anonymous on

    Fuck!I’m sorry I wont be able to celebrate that.Unemployed for more than a year, I have a job interview scheduled this coming friday and I hope you guys will understand that I want to stay sober and have my mind clear for the interview.
    Anyhow,good celebration to you !

  3. Adam on

    The festival is going to be very… stereotypical this year, then, very stereotypical of us. People won’t assume anything they see or hear from us isn’t new, that we are the same old people with the same old arguments. Not that they were bad arguments. They have simply all been contravened at one time or another. It’s easiest to keep people from thinking anything has changed than to invent newer and newer lies. And using on Canada Day allows observers the caveat of assuming we are just being nationalist and not in fact explicitly supporting cannabis.

    Take people who are interested in organizing with this event very, very seriously. They could be agents provocateurs, influential federal agents planted in the ranks of the righteous to undermine the dissemination of your philosophy.