Red Devil: Winner of the 2009 Toronto Cannabis Cup

My name is Mediman. I’m a medicinal grower and patient suffering from a rare genetic disease called Wilson’s. The disease has left me with a liver that won’t process my body’s copper, which eventually ends up in my brain.

I have been producing for myself for the last nine years while working with the London Compassion Society in Ontario, Canada. My growing technique is medicinal based – this means providing a very clean, consistent, long lasting product, meant for everyday use. I do this by using organic products with a low dosage, feeding only when needed, with a high power light spectrum. I always go with the flow of the plants and never double-feed or over fertilize.

It is my belief this growing style leaves me with a pure version of the strain. This brings its taste and high to its full potential and strength. In my garden today: ISIS (pure haze), Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough X NYC Diesel), BlueJay (early 90’s Blueberry X DJ Short’s Blueberry) and the Red Devil, winner of this year 6th Annual Toronto Cannabis Cup.

The Red Devil is an Afghani X Afghani Skunk. It is mostly an Indica genotype. Flowering is about 55 to 65 days and I veg for 15 to 18 days. The plant stops growing at almost 3 ft, very bushy with lots of branches, producing many calyxes’ and averaging 4 ounces a plant.

Red Devil was the winner of the 2009 Toronto Cannabis Cup.Red Devil was the winner of the 2009 Toronto Cannabis Cup.The taste is a bit sweet and very aromatic with a full body, but smell is very tame in the garden. The high is overwhelming, covering both head and body equally – yet is still calm, relaxing, leaving you with a nice long smooth ride. Like the other strains I produce, it is perfect for medicinal patients using it day and night for there illness.

My Red Devil entry for the Toronto Cannabis Cup was my first crop of the Red with only two weeks notice to prepare for my first cup. It won hands-down, proving this medicinal style of growing is at the top of its class.

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