Don’t Spend Taxes on Alleged Pot Seed Dealer

Marc Emery and his wife and Jodie attend a 2009 hearing at Vancouver City Hall.Marc Emery and his wife and Jodie attend a 2009 hearing at Vancouver City Hall.Washington state is facing some tough decisions on which taxes to raise or which services to cut. Yet residents should be extremely frustrated by Attorney General Rob McKenna’s push to extradite a Canadian activist to Seattle, where residents will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to prosecute and imprison him, money which could be better spent on teachers or keeping taxes low.

Marc Emery is facing five to eight years in prison for selling novelty pot seeds to customers in Washington state. As a resident of Canada, our government has not bothered to spend our taxpayer dollars on prosecuting Mr. Emery, yet soon his new jail cell will be furnished at the expense of Washington residents.

I encourage every frustrated taxpayer to contact Gov. Gregoire and Attorney General McKenna and ask them to keep Emery out of Washington. You’ve got better ways to spend your taxes.

– Article from The News Tribune on June 20, 2009.

Read more about Marc possible incarceration in the United States and his Farewell Tour across Canada.



  1. Trice Wallace on

    The title is right we do not need to spend our tax dollars, because the Bush Administration thinks we are supporting terrorist… And it’s just plain wrong to disrupt this mans life when Marc E really did nothing wrong… It’s just another of being controlled……….Hope’s this makes sense to someone………

  2. Anonymous on

    People, who the FUCK is Mark Emory? (laughs)
    not really coming down on you guys just getting tired of stoners doing that, lol. I’m like almost the only one who doesn’t do that every time I write something out and I smoke three to five ‘gees a day 😐

  3. James christopher lopez on

    Most, if not all violence streaming from the drug war could be drastically reduced maybe even eliminated if drugs were legalized and taxed, bringing the united states of America monetary gain rather than the brutally violent drug cartels that are at war over territory at this very time. Having been raised in one of the most violent neighborhoods in New Mexico in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, Los Padillas which is located in the south valley of Albuquerque, I have personally witnessed violence and brutality due to prohibition of drugs and the effect it has on our communities. At a young age I witnessed drive by shootings, stabbings, robberies, and brutal beatings. all due to the drug trade at that time. In some perspective I believe that just this discussion on this topic is a start to the end of an over whelming problem not only for the U.S.A. but the whole world in general, but just full blown legalization of all drugs is not only unlikely at this time but also very scary to most Americans.
    Not only would legalization put a stop to most violence it would help our national economy on many levels for instance, instead of spending Millions of dollars on many man hours trying to stop the illegal substances from entering our nation, which to be very blunt is not working and never really has. Instead of spending Millions on many man hours trying to stop the illegal buying and selling of narcotics, that has not even came close to happening. Instead of spending Millions on housing, feeding, and medical attention which includes treatment for these drug offenders, that really dont want it. Instead of spending millions on prosecuting drug offenders and not only prosecuting but defending drug offenders, because face it most drug offenders qualify for public representation which by our constitution, we are entitled to free public representation. Instead of spending millions of U.S. Dollars on programs such as probation and drug court, which only keeps these people off drugs while attending costly programs; so we think. As a nation we could be regulating were these certain chemical compounds come from. Regulating certain iliicit industreies entitles us to examine and distribute only clean and pure amounts upon approval. Citizens who so chose to participate in the drug culture would not only be taxed on all of these chemicals which would generate massive amounts of revenue but, as a nation we would also control the resources of which these substances came from; thus putting a complete and final stop to these insanely brutal, and violent drug cartels that seem to be controlling the world wide drug trade as we know it.
    FREE MARK EMERY………………………………………………………………………..

  4. Brian Kerr on

    I havent seen the word *novelty* used in this context in a long time.

    I hope a lot of weed was grown just for the novelty of it.

    Over grow the world. With more than weed too.