Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers – Unwanted Seeds

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal on how to stop unwanted seed production.

Question: I have some plants growing indoors in a controlled environment with filtered air. For no apparent reason my plants are going entirely to seed. There are no known males anywhere. The plants were started as cuttings from a known variety. The seed is abundant in every part of the plant and they all are infertile. This has happened several times with several different varieties. The plants are extremely healthy and vigorous and have not been stressed. There are no insects in the room and the plants have been grown in pots using coco fiber. I have over twenty years experience and have never come across anything like this before. Do you have any suggestions that may help?

Rod B., Sydney, Australia

Ed Rosenthal: Parthenogenesis, the development of embryos without pollination, does not occur in cannabis. The seeds are the result of the flowers being fertilized. There are two ways this could occur: the first is that the plants produce male flowers. You say this is unlikely since you inspected the plants carefully; and another indication that this didn’t occur is that seed production occurred in several different crops using different varieties.

If pollen does not originate in the garden, then it must originate outside and be carried to the garden in the airstream. Somewhere within 150 meters of your garden someone may be growing male cannabis plants and this pollen is affecting your garden.

Frankly, of the two scenarios, I’d guess that the first, rather than the second, is most likely, since it is highly unlikely that someone is growing a male garden. The male flowers in your garden have been eluding you, but they are there.

The reason the seeds are infertile is that the buds were picked before the seeds matured.

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