Harper Government Pressuring Senate To Pass Bill C-15 Before Summer Break

Conservative Gulag Minister Rob Nicholson is pressuring the Senate to pass Bill C-15 (mandatory minimums sentences for marijuana!) before it breaks for summer.

A french article (read Google translation) reporting on the Justice Minister’s monday-morning press conference says the Harper government is complaining that opposition parties are systematically blocking all bills relating to law and order, and cited C-15 as an example (thanks to WhyProhibition‘s Jacob Hunter for the tip).

Bill C-15 would bring mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes to Canada, including automatic jail time for growing just a few plants – read more about C-15 here.

Call Senate Leader James Cowan’s office, and tell them to not listen to the Conservatives. Tell them to study Bill C-15 over the summer and NOT pass it right now under Conservative pressure! Leave a message, it’s easy and VERY IMPORTANT! 613-995-4268

Please call or email your Senators and tell them to vote NO! on BILL C-15 as well.

Click here for a list of all Canadian Senators – click names for contact info.

WhyProhibition has added emailers for each Province, simply click on your Province or Territory of to email your Senators to demand they vote No on C-15.

In a related story, the Harper government is attempting to instal more draconian legislation, this time going after conditional sentencing:

It’s political grandstanding time again. This season’s version is Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s proposed legislation that would terminate the use of conditional sentences in many cases.

Not because it doesn’t work, but because the government thinks it makes them look like they’re soft on criminals.[…]

Conditional sentences first became available in 1996 to alleviate prison overcrowding and to recognize that alternatives should be available for offenders for whom incarceration is not necessary.

The Conservatives’ proposal would remove sentencing judges’ discretion to impose a conditional sentence, even though the judge — not Parliament — is in the best position to determine the proper sentence on a case by case basis. [Winnipeg Sun]

Conditional sentences include things like home confinement, curfew, community service, electronic monitoring, and abstention from drugs or alcohol, all things that have proven to help reform inmates and take pressure off of our overtaxed prison system. These Tories are getting scarier by the minute.

Bill C-15 will make ordinary Canadians into criminals. Tell your Senator that throwing Canadians in prison is not the answer!

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



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  3. Anonymous on

    The religious right wing in the United States has made bed buddies out of the former Heritage front members who now advocate the Conservatives agenda.
    This is not a anti religous rant but rather a anti ignorance story.
    Fact over 40 % of all politicians have at least tried pot once { the rest are by profession capable of telling a few Lies}…Fact …the prison guards union… and the police unions as well as the Federal and Provincial crowns all have lobbiest who advocate on their behalf for stiffer penalties as this will ensure job security across there respected fields
    The current world wide backlash against the Draconian United States Impossed drug policies and Laws will not discourage these assholes.
    Rather its just a unpleasant result of Democracy that we all have a voice.
    We cannot allow our voices to be split on this…
    If we look at the examples set before us of other citizens whose`s lawfully rights have been tampered with…Gay rights, Woman`s Rights …. It was total solidarity and a concerted group effort that changed the laws to the betterment of our society as a whole then we too must also stay unified and get the fuck out and vote against these Brown shirted Conservatives.
    Remember its our government as well and they should be afraid of us not us of them as we hold them accountable only when and how we vote

    A sick Canadian

    Vote anything but Conservative and go vote with the Harper agenda in mind

  4. Anonymous on

    I wonder if job creation through a new prison population is part of the Conservative economic action plan. Must be why only 80% of the plan has been implemented so far, according to commercials. And what ever happened to those Iggy attack ads?

  5. TokenDrone on

    An election needs to happen this summer. Who knows how well that will work though.

  6. homebudz on

    I can’t help but believe that there is a hidden agenda behind your politicians insistence on mandatory minimums.We have had that shit here in the US for many years as all of you well know.It is also well known how destructive it is in family terms,overcrowded prisons,and finaly the unbelieveable expense involved.Yet,your politicos persue this downward spiral.Maybe you’ll have to hit rock bottom like we are now,to see that it really gets you nowhere.I wonder how this will affect the kids of these politicians who end up getting busted for a couple of J’s??Wonder how much time they’ll have to pull?