California Officials Say Pot Smoke Causes Cancer

Marijuana smoke has joined tobacco smoke and hundreds of other chemicals on a list of substances California regulators say cause cancer.

The ruling Friday by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment likely will force pot shops with 10 or more employees to post warnings. Final guidelines are expected by the time warning requirements take effect in a year.
The listing only applies to marijuana smoke, not the plant itself.

Spokesman Sam Delson says the state agency found marijuana smoke contains 33 of the same harmful chemicals as tobacco smoke.

Delson says the findings came from a review of more than 30 scientific papers.

California’s Proposition 65 requires businesses to warn consumers of chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive harm.

– Article from Associated Press.



  1. Anonymous on

    Tobacco is inflammatory, like you and pot, like us, is anti-inflammatory!

  2. Dave on

    Didn’t they speak with Dr. Tashkin?

  3. Quankers on

    Synchronium just do a google search and you will find the information yourself easily enough.

    There have been tons of reports by established news agencies including BBC and CBC and even Fox News on clinical studies proving the health benefits of cannabis.

  4. Anonymous on

    So all of a sudden they have a study that says pot smoke causes cancer??? Do they think we are stupid? Oh wait… They do! =)

  5. Anonymous on

    So, that startling truth was JUST realized, eh? Just now, as support for legalization increases.

    It COULD be a coincidence, but let’s draw a parallel. Say a friend of yours came into the possession of, oh, 100 pounds of dynamite and he decides to store it next to his collection of oily rags and malfunctioning motors that throw off sparks.

    THEN, let’s say a week later you go to his house only to find a smoldering crater. It COULD be a coincidence that the house blew up when it did, but it would be one HELL of a coincidence.

  6. greg williams on

    tobacco farming practices cause the lung cancer in tobacco users. tobacco uses radioactive fertilizer and is grown in radioactive soil

    cannabis is proving to be anti-tumor, displaying an ability to attack unhealthy cells while leaving healthy cells alone

    we cannabis users also have vaporizers to use.

  7. Anonymous on

    I don’t think so.

    Just because it has some of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke doesn’t mean cannabis causes cancer. All the evidence gathered shows the exact opposite. Little is known about the healing powers of cannabis, so to assume it is harmful without fully understanding it makes no sense. Use a vaporizer, be responsible and respect the plant and I doubt any harm will come to the user. This is utter bullshit propaganda. Legalize, tax and regulate.

  8. Anonymous on

    This claim is contradictory to the claim of the Article about how cannabis may prevent cancer. The doctor that has studied this for 30 years just came out of the closet to claim that it in fact does not cause it….. absurd….

    Hyporcrites and parasites. I duno but in my town, ppl are droppin like flies from smoking weed. lol.

  9. Anonymous on

    Go to my listed HOMEPAGE, Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find all the links you need to prove to you that Cannabis prevents cancer:

  10. FkPoPo on

    With tens-of-millions of your tax-dollars at their disposal to work with (read: squander), did they manage to wrangle up *anyone* who’s actually developed cancer due to relatively-benign cannabis-only smoking? One person? I didn’t think so; more manufactured propaganda, please! If you continue to persecute peaceful, otherwise law-abiding cannabis users in this day and age, you may end up with a quagmire on your hands. There is strength in numbers; don’t forget that.

  11. Dreamer on

    Didn’t they just conclude a 30 year study at UCLA that not only showed Marijuana not be dangerous in anyway and instead, may be used to help treat certain respitory conditions. Could of sworn i see that headline come out like last week or the week before. But i guess it must of been too hard for them to get that information. I mean UCLA is sooo far away from california..err .. uh.. wait a minute.

  12. Anonymous on

    this cancer warning is the complete opposite to the massive amounts of studies that have proven pot stops lung, liver, breast, and numerous other cancers from spreading.

    this is more likely the last death throws of the cannabis prohibitionists.