NeverGetBusted Tip: Minimize The Smell

Never believe anything is smell-proof. Every material is porous and will eventually permeate a scent cone for a K-9 to detect. The best you can do is minimize the smell.

Place your stash in a sealed plastic baggie, buried in a jar of peanut butter, in a cooler. This will tremendously slow down the rate at which the odor permeates. A jar of peanut butter contains an aluminum paper-backed safety seal – peel it off carefully and add super glue around the mouth of the jar and reapply after content has been stashed. This will make things look more inconspicuous. Also, make sure you have other cold food items in the cooler along with the peanut butter – jelly is always a good choice. Placing lunch meat in the same cooler helps confuse a K-9 team because any interest from the dog appears to be because of the meat.



  1. Anonymous on

    the jar needs to be filled to diffuse the smell–plus, what sense would it make to reseal the empty jar, clearly filled with your best buds? happy sniffing..but not really, i hope no doggy sniffs in your direction!

  2. Anonymous on

    do you know where i could get them online? i cant find them anywhere. thanks

  3. Anonymous on

    Does the jar still have peanut better in it? Or is it an empty peanut butter jar?

  4. Anonymous on

    I hear you. Usually, dogs aren’t used (especially, in Canada) in a traffic stop or an arbitrary dwelling-search, due to a subjective odor. I was only making light of the fact that we now have the option of purchasing these particular odor-proof bags, which will prevent all smells from reaching the human nose, in such a case. I have used these bags and they’re well worth it. If you have an ounce, or eight, of stinky kush bud, you *will* smell it in whatever room it is located. If you place your smelly natural herbs in a odor-proof bag, it will nix the smell, completely. They can be re-used, just like a normal ziploc. Keeping a bag in your car would be the difference between a clearly stinky car (when you drive with someting on you, you can usually smell it emanating from your person) and no noticeable smell. I’ve smoked for twenty years and I was somewhat shocked just how well they work. Highly recommended.

  5. FkPoPo on

    Check out the new ‘BCBag’/’ZipZag’ odor-proof ziploc bags that they carry at most hydro stores and elsewhere. They’re in a red box (10 bags for $7) and are well worth the money. They’re the same size as a normal freezer bag (10″X11″) and are about twice as thick with a better seal; you absolutely can’t smell a thing through them with your nose to the bag. Normally, something pungent in your room or car would be highly noticeable; not at all with one of these bags.