US Congressman to Push Tougher Sentences for More-Potent Marijuana

Illinois Republican Mark Kirk will propose legislation setting penalties of up to 25 years in prison for selling 'kush'.Illinois Republican Mark Kirk will propose legislation setting penalties of up to 25 years in prison for selling ‘kush’.U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk will call for legislation Monday that would toughen drug-trafficking laws regarding a highly potent form of marijuana, with penalties of up to 25 years in prison for a first-time offense.

The law would target offenders who sell or distribute marijuana that has a THC content exceeding 15 percent, which is between 5 and 10 percentage points higher than average marijuana, according to Kirk’s office.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main active ingredient in marijuana.

Drug dealers are increasingly cross-breeding plants to produce high-potency variants of marijuana, which are called “kush” in street slang when they have 20 percent THC, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curransaid.
Police have been turning up more of the high-potency marijuana in Lake County arrests, he said.

“When you amplify the strength of it, you are increasing the harm to the system,” said Curran, who supports the legislation, which would amend a federal law. “They are more dangerous behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s not a good idea to have people that messed up.”

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has reported that kush sells for as high as $600 per ounce, creating the same profit potential as crack cocaine, Kirk said.

The Republican North Shore lawmaker said he plans to release more information during a news conference in Chicago on Monday, where he will be joined by representatives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, the Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group and Waukegan Police Department.

– Article from The Chicago Tribune.



  1. Anonymous on

    I suggest that we round up John Walters, Mark Kirk (rimes with Jerk), Mark Souder (Indiana Rep.), James Sensenbrenner (Wisconsin), Dan Burton (Indiana again), Wayne Kuipers (Michigan), ex gov. Murkowski (Alaska), and some others and have a bonfire. They would be the fuel, eh?

    This asshole Kirk is a poster-child for the politically insane. If this proposed legislation gains any ground whatsoever, I have to ask “what the hell is in the water?” This is just one more example out of hundreds if not thousands that the human race is defective. We suck.

    Let’s say it again. Where, oh where is the science? How can people of such stupidity, ignorance, and assholeism have a job where they are trying their best to control their neighbor just like the fanatic fundamentalist, christian far right bastards who are bent on putting mankind back into a cave.

    In review:

    A 25 year prison sentence for selling pot with 15% THC content.


    Totally legal, a pharmacy sells Marinol (100% THC) for $600 to $800 for a 30 day supply.

    Is there something wrong here?

  2. Anonymous on

    Harder penalties the more potent the marijuana? and then he goes on to try to convince us that its because he worries of the health of people? the more potent the weed the less you have to smoke. so that does not make sense. also this law would be throwing away the futures of hundreds of thousands of curious teens that just wanted to chill on a couch with friends. i live in arizona and i am NOT proud to be an american. start taking action. go to norml and make your opinion heard. this man is a tyrant. he takes is exerting to much power and is another man ridding us of our 9th amendment. take a stand. dont let this man live with no consequence. “And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
    in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    It is its natural manure.” Thomas Jefferson.

  3. Anonymous on

    mark kirk is a moron, why would you give probation to a person who gets drunk and kills a child with his car, and turn around and put a cannabis smoker in prison for twenty five years.
    this guy should be removed from his office for being so stupid
    I have heard of people driving around with more than twenty DUI so drunk that they can’t stand up on their own, but they get released to do it again and again.
    this guy mark kirk is a lunatic, and anything he says should not be even considered, some of our elected officials are not qualified to perform the duties they were elected to do, it is time to take our government back and make them listen to the people, now just because they have access to public funds they think it’s ok to use the public funds to attack the citizens who pay for their very salaries. Mr mark kirk your idea is awful and insane.

  4. Dave on

    Hey DocGreenThumb:
    What the hell is wrong with you. You sound more like a solvent drinking than a brother. By what you stated, it’s no wonder the States are in such a state! Get a life!

  5. Frank B. Chavez III on

    How’d this clown even get elected? Can’t he tell that the political wind has shifted on marijuana? More and more states are actually contemplating legalizing marijuana as a way to boost their economies. This is just more reefer madness from right-wing wingnuts and jackbooted thugs hiding behind the title “sheriff”.

  6. Adimus on

    Ok I don’t know about you guys but when I’m dealing with a a new field (or one that i dont know a lot about) I like to do my research about all the subject matter before I start mucking around. Whether its building a new computer or learning to swim, research is always good because as they say: knowledge is power (and/or increases your safety). This guy would apparantly disagree along with numerous other prophibitionists. These kinds of people don’t know anything about what they’re fighting so zealously against.

    True, higher potency pot would fuck you up more then average pot if you smoked the same amount but that doesnt mean you cant smoke a shit load more average pot and be even more messed up. The ironic part is that higher potency pot is probably safer for the majority of pot smokers because we control or intake so higher potency means we dont have to smoke as much. Less smoke = healthier. So thanks for forcing people to hurt their lungs buying shwag you jackass.

    And comparing higher potency pot to cocaine as crack? Not only does that not make sense from a drug comparison point of view, it actually points out the opposite of what he’s saying. In the past, people with crack were punished far more harshly then people with powered cocaine but now those laws are being changed to reduce the disparity. They’re changing it so powder and crack cocaine are treated the same so why should “kush” be treated any more harshly then shwag? Not to mention that 25 years is a ridiculous sentence for any marijuana offense. Pretty much any drug offense really. “don’t worry everyone we’re locking up all the pot smokers for their whole lives. just ignore the child molesters and rapists running around we couldn’t catch (too busy catching pot smokers) and the ones in jail that get out after only a couple years (if that)”.

  7. DocGreenThumb on

    it just pisses me off when MaryJane and crack cocaine are used n the same sentence…. they’re cant try to be sayin smokin some herb is anything like crack…. at least ive never been able to get a black guy to suck my dick for a little nug of kush before….

  8. Anonymous on

    I reject your proposal Mark Kirk.We are not going to start differentiating between non-kusher and kusher marijuana and labeling it so.The two look exactly alike.Marijuana is marijuana is marijuana.

  9. Anonymous on

    laws should be science based in this day and age. if they can prove that higher potency cannabis makes you drive worse than high potency alchohol i could understand why they would be alarmed. but seeing as selling high strength alchohol does not subject someone to 25 years in a slammer ( the onus is on the driver not to drive drunk and they have a law against that and a law against being high and driving) then this just means this is outrageous!

  10. maryjanesuncle on

    what a gross waste of time and energy, this guy flat sucks, wish i lived in his state so i could vote his cruel and harmful ass out..everyone turn the heat up on these so called moral do gooders, its our lifes to run not theirs

  11. lawstudent on

    Good point. Who, and how are they going to determine if said marijuana is ‘kush’ or not?

    The whole concept of so-called THC percentages in marijuana has already been proven to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick by seed companies to advertise their various strains.

  12. Anonymous on

    …said Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, who supports the legislation, which would amend a federal law.

    Go ‘way! A cop supports this particular idea to increase penalties for benign cannabis?! Who’d have thunk it? It wouldn’t have anything to do with job-security, would it? Legalize cannabis and the untaxed profit won’t be there anymore, obviously. Does someone have to rub your dumb nose right in it to make you idiots comprehend that? Or, is it more about populace control?

  13. Insert Here on

    “The law would target offenders who sell or distribute marijuana that has a THC content exceeding 15 percent…”

    I can just imagine how much this clown would fritter away if given the chance. This is the type of person that gives Republicans a bad name. Yeah, let’s lab-te$t every sample of natural, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-addictive, cannabis-flower-buds that we can get our hands on, at exorbitant taxpayer cost; what a great idea – not.

  14. Anonymous on

    This guy is as stupid as john walters.

  15. Anonymous on

    This guy is as stupid as john walters.

  16. Anonymous on

    “They are more dangerous behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s not a good idea to have people that messed up.”

    does this person have a brain? 25 years in prison for selling grass?

    didn’t illinois propose a ban on small plastic bags not long ago? what a backwards bunch of fools the republicans are there. it seems the smaller and more isolated the right wingers are the nuttier they get.

    why doesn’t he get large bottles of hard liquor banned too if potency = danger?

  17. Anonymous on

    Without a doubt the stupidiest ass coming down the pike lately. This guy represents all that is wrong with the U.S.A.
    Vote this rightwing doucebag out of office.