Why I’m Cutting A Deal

In the end, my lawyer, a wily and shrewd man named Ian Donaldson, said he just wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t be the lawyer of record at any Extradition hearing for Marc Emery.

It wasn’t about money – Ian has charged me next to nothing over 4 years, less than $20,000 – and it wasn’t for lack of caring either. He said there just isn’t any way to beat the Extradition. As he told the CBC, “I am unaware of any situation since the 1990’s when the Canadian government has refused an Extradition Request of the United States.”

Ian had always hoped that the assistant US District Attorney of Western Washington state, a young, handsome and politically ambitious man named Todd Greenburg, would offer a plea deal that would be the best outcome under the circumstances. Earlier this year, my two co-accused, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey, agreed to plead guilty to a charge of distributing marijuana and are expecting to receive a sentence of two years probation. This is considerably less than what had been anticipated earlier, when jail terms of 5 or 10 years or longer were threatened.

As late as last April, I was agreeing to be sentenced to 5 years, at first in a US jail, and then with most time to be served in Canada. The US District Attorney and I had a deal, but the Canadian Prosecutorial Service, at the request of Rob Nicholson, the Canadian Justice Minister, nixed it last May. The explanation was that the Conservative government wanted to do me no favours.

I have always thought the Conservative government, since taking power in January 2006, has been politicizing the judiciary and law enforcement to take a more severe and punitive approach to the marijuana culture. They see it as a culture war, and Bill C-15 passing the House of Commons a few days ago is the most blatant salvo in the Conservative War on the Cities and the Sixties at the same time.

The Cities are where the gang violence that stems from drug prohibition happens. The Cities are where policing budgets are escalating and unsustainable. They are where the addicts go to get prohibited drugs from gangs, and they’re where they steal and beg to finance their addiction. They are where the women prostitute themselves for drugs. The Cities bear the scars of social disorder caused by drug prohibition. Bill C-15 is going to make every person – every teenager and young adult – who sells some pot or MDMA to a few friends in a school yard or near a playground, or at a rave (“any place frequented by young people”), subject to mandatory jail times of 6 months, a year, two years or longer. Repeat offenders are dealt with even more harshly.

Mid- and high-level drug dealers already get 6 months or more when convicted, so the new minimums do not affect the bosses who make the large-scale decisions and big money. Instead, this bill targets kids, junkies, weed dealers and small time growers with shell-shocking punishments on an unprecedented scale. It costs about $50,000 to $90,000 a year to house an inmate in Canada, depending on whether it’s a provincial jail or federal prison. How will we afford this and will it be worth it?

Organized gangs dominate prisons in Canada and the US with a full gang apparatus inside the jail as well as outside in the community. In order to use phones, get jobs, privileges, avoid trouble, not get beat up or raped, new, young (“virgin”) inmates convicted of drug charges will be pressured to join a gang in jail. Jails are the #1 recruitment place for all gangs in Canada. In fact, the deadly and volatile Red Scorpions gang, allegedly responsible for considerable gang mayhem in Metro Vancouver, formed in the jails of the lower mainland of BC.

The more we enforce the drug war with jail time for young dealers, the more violence we manufacture. The more we enforce the drug war and send kids to jail, the more we enrich gangs and gang activity. When a young person recruited to a gang in prison gets after 6 months, a year or two years, he will then be expected to continue gang activities on the outside. The more we enforce the drug war with jail, the more gangsters and dangerous criminals we manufacture. Or rather, the politicians and police manufacture, as they are virtually the exclusive beneficiaries of the drug war – along with judges, jailers and top-level gangsters. In 2008, over 350 Vancouver police earned over $100,000 in overtime spent enforcing the drug war.

So while I contemplate spending time in a US federal prison for spreading cannabis culture to the masses of the United States, I now know that my own country may be about to descend upon the same painful and wrong-headed policy that is drawing me to a US prison, a rapacious incarceration scheme that makes the US the most jailed place on earth.

Now Canada is prepared to make every single marijuana grower in Canada subject to a minimum six months jail, eviction and forfeiture, and loss of children and employment. Cocaine and heroin users who sell illicit drugs to pay for their own use and those who carry and transport will to jail. Under pressure, they will implicate others. This will fill prisons and also insure long, expensive court trials, as the accused will no longer plead guilty if jail is mandatory. The price of marijuana and other illicit substances will go up sharply due to the tremendous rise in risk, and there will be violent turf wars over replacing those who are arrested and jailed, as the money involved becomes even more lucrative.

The problems will all worsen – and then next year the police, and the politicians of the Liberal and Conservative Parties will demand more prisoners, more punishments, more laws, more police, and more taxpayer largesse to pay for what is clearly cruel, unsustainable, and morally unjustifiable. Drug users are not the problem, prohibition is.

As for me, I’m going to plead guilty in a Seattle courtroom sometime in August to one count of distributing marijuana. I will likely be sentenced in September or October.

I am doing this because my lawyer framed my options thusly: To challenge the extradition would be a lost cause and result in my extradition to Seattle to stand trial on three counts: conspiracy to manufacture, conspiracy to distribute, and conspiracy to money launder. Even waiting for my trial in Sea-Tac jail would take approximately 6 months to a year. Sentencing on the money laundering involves a mandatory minimum 10 years in federal prison. It also comes with the possibility of a substantial financial penalty, perhaps as high as $250,000 or up to $1 million in fines. If there is a financial penalty attached to my conviction, I cannot be transferred to a Canadian prison while any amount owing is outstanding. To challenge all three charges involves a potential jail time of 10 years plus 5 years plus 5 years plus $250,000 or more in fines.

On the charge of marijuana distribution I will plead to, the Assistant DA, Mr. Greenburg, is going to be asking for 5 – 8 years. My lawyers will ask for less, much less, in punishment, but it’s likely to be a stint in a US federal prison.

I would have some very good arguments in my favor at a sentencing hearing: I did all my activities openly, transparently, paid taxes on earnings in full view of all Canadians for ten years. I had clear political motives, gave away over $4,000,000 to the movement in that ten years, and there are no victims here.

Upon my conviction, my wife Jodie will organize a campaign to have me transferred back to a Canadian jail – if transferred my sentence would reflect Canadian rules of release, so a 5-year sentence may see me released after a few years to day parole.

During my incarceration, I expect all my friends and supporters across Canada and the US and around the world to assist Jodie in the difficult task of running CannabisCulture.com and the Cannabis Culture Headquarters. The store, website, The BCMP offices, Pot.TV will all continue in my absence. Your financial support of our enterprises that have had such a huge impact on the cannabis culture around the world for the last 20 years will be required. Updates and further developments will be found on POT.TV and CannabisCulture.com.

In anticipation of these changes, Jodie and I are embarking on a tour of Canada beginning July 5 in Calgary, and will cover all major cities in Canada by mid August. If you want me to visit your hometown to speak, we require $500 so we can book airfare and a hotel room. Once that is done, we will indicate that city and venue are confirmed.

Once we are confirmed, my host would need to find a venue for us to speak. I would prefer to speak outdoors in a park or pavilion during the day, and in a library or hall in the evenings (no pubs or bars). I need a microphone for more than 50 people. My speech is typically 2 – 3 hours plus questions.

For details about the Farewell Tour, please go here:

Contact Marc Emery at

[email protected]
604.689.0590 or 604.685.8260 or Jodie’s cell phone at 604.818.4201

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



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  1246. Anonymous on

    you are absolutely wrong, i have lived in various parts of eastern europe and asia for the last 20 years and they absolutely hate americans. In fact, especially in southeast asia all my expat friends pretend to be canadian so the muslim locals don’t start following them. Have you never seen flag burnings? People the world over absolutely hate americans. Its not even their fault, its because of how much trash their government has been giving other countries. Shame on Canada for ruining its great reputation by co-operating with the US. If you have never seen someone who hates americans, go watch cnn for 5 seconds.

  1247. Element07 on

    Be strong! We are many around the world who support you.
    This is a crime against the human rights. You are a heroe, time will show.
    Thank you so much for all you’ve done for the cannabis culture.
    Am proud to be part of this culture, and man, you are a real leader…

    Jah will Bless!

  1248. Anonymous on

    Marc talks about given away 4 million dollars. How come Marc doesn’t state how much money he has made and kept for himself? Marc you run a business and make a pretty good buck. If your fighting for a cause then why do you charge so much for seeds? How is it possible for a person that lives below the poverty line able to buy seeds when your seeds are so expensive? How many of your customers have commercial grow ops? You claim that the red scorpions are the bad guys and the other gangs as well. Do you not believe because of your stance you have contributed to a problem that is now out of control? How many people have you sold seeds to that were murdered because they chose to try and make a living by growing marijuana? Have you ever asked yourself that? Or how about how many people have been hurt by violence due to the end product of the seeds you have sold? Your an upstanding citizen that makes a living off of a product that is illegal. Do you limit the quanity of the product you sell? If not please explain why. Your not a hero for the marijuana movement your just another person making a good living who is involved in a illegal product. How much damage has the product you sold caused? I believe the end result speaks for itself. Please tell the families that have had lost loved ones that the marijuana plant which is illegal is worth the fight to make it legal.

  1249. Anonymous on

    I am also from the United States and
    I don’t think Marc Emery should be sent to the U.S to do any prison time.. He did not commit any crime. It would be totally Cruel to send him to a prison in the U.S..

  1250. Dave on

    While Marc’s essay appears to be informative and grammatically correct, it is obvious to me that many of those among the cannabis culture have some pretty significant communication deficiencies. I am often horrified by those who appear to be advocating my points. Maybe the marijuana movement will get somewhere when the Beavis and Butthead types shut their pie holes. Please people, if you lack the ability to complete a sentence adequately, by all means… allow someone else to do it for you. I am impressed by CC and its very literate and informative articles… but after reading many of these postings, I seriously wonder if half of the people posting here can actually read… because it is obvious that many can’t communicate.

  1251. Anonymous on

    I am from the US and I thank what is happing to Marc is not right the US gov. should not put him in jail and nether should Canada in my mind Marc has done nothing wrong and we should do everything we can to keep him out of jail in the US and Canada alike.

  1252. Anonymous on

    I’m of The First nation of North Americans, passed down through my peoples suffering is the knowledge of what liars, murders and thieves are elected officials have been since the inception of a governing body.
    Marc will be esteemed in the hearts and souls of my people.
    He has endured for truths sake, he has been forthcoming in financial matters to a people oppressed by lies of our elected officials.
    In my heart I always knew he would not win,Anglos tend not to speak out when there’s an injustice.
    It’s been well over a century since honor and truth have ridden hand in hand with the people.
    Our founding fathers fought and died to give us “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness”,to long have we neglected to demand honesty from our government.
    I’ve pursued all avenues to plead with congress to honor people by doing what’s right.
    I’m old now, my youth has been well spent and still avarice greed dominates the populace.
    I have no hope that people will come to thier senses before I die.
    Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea, frolics in the autumn mist in a land called Hannalee.

  1253. GLOOMY SMOKES on


  1254. Anonymous on

    it’s just some chink trying to sell MMO money to feed his starving family rice

  1255. Benjamin Christ on

    We, as a civilization, must eventually take the power back from rich fat cats, corrupt politicians, and religious enforcers. Why is their always some greedy bastard or group of greedy bastards hindering us as a society. Why? For more money or religious bs holier than thou crap? I got news for all you negative blog comment writers…WORRY ABOUT YOURSELVES!!! Until people start crashing their cars and killing innocent victims or overdosing on too much weed don’t worry about it cause it’s our problem. It’s like the world became some big babysitting service. It reminds me of my workplace. For god sakes people I can do whatever the fuck I want in my own home. It’s my pursuit of happiness a right that seems to have been dismissed along with all the other rights in my country. US rocks but our government blows a fat rich religious dick. More power to you Marc and God bless you…Not to mention we could completely bring America’s economy back to speed if we taxed the shit out of pot and legalized it. Peace out to my fellow 420 activists and endorcers…………ps:we need a Nebraska NORML.

  1256. Anonymous on

    fuck the us gov. and hey help me im stuck here!

  1257. donmcybertect on

    Is this english?

  1258. TheShamansHerb on

    If you feel so strongly about the subject, then take the time to do proper research beforehand.
    Anyone who has looked at the actual facts on the Medical, Agricultural, Industrial, and Spiritual benefits of Cannabis would know how blatantly misinformed you are.
    People who use Cannabis do not require mind-altering substances to face the realites of daily life, as it doesn’t hide or lessen any of those “realities.” It is an addition to the activities of said participants daily life, which can be for a large variety of reasons.
    Open your mind, and your heart to learning about a plant that has, and will continue to benefit the lives of millions.

  1259. Anonymous on

    Greetings and Salutations.

    It comes as no surprise. Not to me. For Others, It should. However I have been battling the Florida government for the Last fifteen years and was even sent to a state prison for three years without having been charged for the crime. And now I see this happening. What won’t the United States do?
    Rome crucified Jesus, his own people allowed him to be killed, as the story goes. And so in light of history, what gets me is the lack of responsibility on the part of the United States Government and for that matter the government of Canada.
    Have they raised the bar up on the protocol on the united states mail system, NO. Did they ask the american people what we thought about it? NO. Tampering with our mail would have violated our rights to our privacy, and far, FAR, worse actually gave America a chance to voice our opinions and beliefs and values on the subject of marijuana and its legislation. Our government would have actually had to do its job.


    So the constitution states…

    When did Marc Emory ever become a terrorist? He didn’t. A modern day Gandhi is more like it, albeit on a hard to swallow in Nixons face Kind of way.
    There were many times and many years in my life I medicated with marijuana for emotional reasons. It was my choice to find my own medication. The Constitution Of the United States undoubtedly unequivocally and specifically acknowledges my inalienable right for MY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. I chose not to goto a doctor be examined and be put on their medication, (with trial and error to find the right one) at the expense of my mental and physical health and the expense of my dignity and integrity.
    Has my Government respected my right to choose? No. They said I was funding terrorists by buying pot. The same people we gave money and guns and training to in the eighties. Its a dastardly plan to monopolize on our medical system. The United states government doesn’t go after oversees pill distributors for sending pills to people without a prescription? Now do they?
    I want to know where the HELL my Government gets off spending my hard earned money prosecuting Marc for something it really doesn’t have any business or as far as I can see jurisdiction to do so in? He doesn’t Live here, Isn’t supporting terrorism, and helps people aspire and maintain their health. If anything it’s in an International Courts jurisdiction. If the Federal Government belieives it has been victimized, why haven’t we arbitrated this in an unbiased International Court? If Marc paid his taxes then Canada itself is party to the alleged crime since there was prior and commonly accepted knowledge.Sounds as though it might be a RICO crime. Maybe? Why aren’t we holding the entire Canadian government accountable. Has the government of Canada become that much of the United states BITCH that it wont even protect the freedom of its own citizen no matter how Marc, and for that matter its very own people may have been portrayed in whatever light the United States has arbitrarily, capriciously, and maliciously fabricated.

    No it sold them out.

    Ladies and Gentlemen.

    The United States is enslaving you and the rest of the world. It has stolen this land. Broken the cultures of countless nations and beliefs with mens rea (evil intent), for profit and gain. Destroyed countless lives and families.

    The very fabric of our own country lies in the field of depravity and disparity. All but forgotten. And now Marc Emory, like millions of Americans, will be nothing more than the prosecutor office’s next joke at the golf course, when its all said and done.

    They will say:

    “We got him. HA HA. Theres nothing we can’t do. Nothing can’t stand in our way!!! Look at us!!! How we are POWERFUL AMERICANS!!! Canada has became the next country in line to become our bitch!!!

    A bitch to a morally depravit country that wont even take care of its own people or focus on the real issues at hand without selling someone out…

    It goes without saying what we here in America, SHOULD be using our money for, our selves. If our own government even really gave a damn about its own people, we wouldnt be having the problems we’re having now. And Id be growing pot in my backyard again fifteen years ago aspiring in my field of study.

    Helping people…

    Marc Family and Friends whom I do not know personally

    Keep your head up, I salute you and all of you who are being victimized by THE CORPORATION of AMERICA… by the “gorvernment” tyranny that runs rampant…

    The sky above your path may be fraught with darkness and the path hard and vexatious…



    May God as you know him light your path and bless you all

  1260. austin on

    somehow i dont think many people in jail are going to have a big problem with the man responsible for indirectly producing more marijuana than anybody on the face of the planet, most everyone in jail probably smoked weed that came from one of his seeds

  1261. austin on

    why shouldnt it be compared to mlk and black rights? black rights has deffinatley been a much longer and sometimes violent issue, but at the same time there is just as many if not more people in this world who smoke weed that are being thrown in jail and being discriminated against because of peoples ignorance. its the same book different chapter

  1262. Christopher J on

    Marc you truly inspire me and did nothing wrong, there are worse people out there and the US government is nothing but legalized mafia! I hope this works out for the better for you. I am going through my own legal issues for the past 2 years for similar offences. Keep your head up and keep the inspiration out there.

  1263. Anonymous on

    Don’t drop the soap Marc.

    Thanks for your tireless efforts, its all gonna be OK

  1264. Anonymous on

    UN runs canada!

  1265. Maelet on

    Why can’t the governments grow up and realize what the people want?! Its obvious to so many that cannabis is a source of wellness, even those that do not partake. I’ve been practicing Paganism for 11 years now, and used cannabis off and on for the last 6 years. When I met my husband, a medicinal user, 2 year ago, I started researching more on the religious aspects of cannabis use. I was amazed to discover that many pagans of ancient times used it as a fertility drug. At the time, I had had 8 miscarriages, so I started smoking cannabis on a regular basis. I now have a beautiful baby girl. The doctors and nurses tried to tell me that my child would have developmental problems from my cannabis use during my pregnancy; however, she has been acquiring her milestone skills about a month before the average child, and even her birth was about a month early. Not only that, I had other health concerns/symptoms that dissipated with my continued cannabis use. I believe anyone who uses cannabis, even as recreational, can benefit from its positive attributes. My husband and I will continue to support Marc Emery’s and the Cannabis Culture, and pass our knowledge down to our daughter.
    So to all that oppose cannabis use: SCREW YOU!

  1266. cs on

    All decent americans should send a note to President Obama demanding a pardon for Marc.

    Do it @

    Don’t understand “why” some of his people can’t “take care” of this situation so President Obama won’t have to get his hands “dirty”. Can it be so difficult to do what’s RIGHT?

  1267. Anonymous on

    I can’t believe you just compared the struggle to smoke pot to the struggle for Black rights. Let’s think a little before we post okay?

  1268. Ryan on


    Your sacrifice is humbling. Know that every moment of every day, thousands of people hold warmth and gratitude in their hearts for you. Thick walls and cold bars cannot shut that out. Though they are imprisoning your body and inhibiting your speech, your basic inner freedom remains intact, and the power and influence you have carries on irrespective of your incarceration.

    We met once at the Om festival in Ontario, years ago. One of the things that struck me about you was the way your eyes were so full of warmth and sincerity, and you exuded such levity and peace as to effortlessly put at ease everyone in your radius. You are a positive force wherever you go, and no one can ever take that away from you.

    Much love to you, Marc.

  1269. annette goguen on

    I’m so angry I can’t think straight!!!

  1270. Alobam on

    best wishes and good luck from Germany. We were following your storry and it seems the worst nightmare got true. Whats about the DEA that makes it so powerfull even the Canadian government can not resist?

    Anyway, you are our hero! You did the right thing and keep on fighting!

  1271. Zedo on


    It’s latin for “Don’t let the bastards get you down”.

    Know that what you’ve done and what you’re about to do for those of us in the Cannabis Culture WILL inevitably result in the ending of cannabis prohibition on both sides of the Canada – US border.

    Take care, Marc and try to stay safe.

    -With love from my family and staff at 420 Graphics

  1272. Richard Michael Wilson N.C. on

    use your name you fuckin coward , what Degree do you have in Hepatic functions,how many times have you had to diagnose brain trauma,or how many people have you treated for CHRONIC PAIN, Oh, facing realities, my life is together,married,kid,dog,rent,lights,etc.etc.etc. My shit is together, dick, my health is not,WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOWABOUT MY HEALTH PROBLEMS , go talk to your FAMILY who gobble up MAN-MADE PILLS hoping to feel better, i cant dumbass, my liver is gone from pills,CANNABIS is my only option, for pain control, and Quality of Life,,Wishing you a WONDERFUL HEAD INJURY, youll understand then

  1273. Richard Michael(Nccpn.org) on

    YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!!!!!Now no more prison talk. Marc ,you have the heart of a lion! You have tought me how to get involved and to make a difference in my life, no longer am i a criminal, IM REHABILITATED!!!! Now i STAND outside my courthouse with signs and i let my community know what’s up with cannabis. I love the phrase “” it would be funny,if the prisons were not full and people were not dying”” and even now the Wilson Police Dept.(wilson n.c.)dont like me ! SO FUCKIN WHAT , when House Bill 1380, passes you are going to like me even less when the NCCPN opens wilsons first legal cannabis dispensary. I will be honest , i am scared of doing more time , it will KILL ME, brain injury, liver gone(from pills),All fucked up,but not bitching,so my life and health depend on this happening,then i will be in a position to OVERGROW MY LOCAL GOV’T,and have my medicine.Thank you to the Indivuals for the way their TRUTH came out, TRUE ,TRUE,TRUE, I speak to all i see bout this , white,black,brown,,and we MUST UNITE, find out the phone# of elected officials and TELL THEM TO CHANGE THE LAWS OR WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT, see,We sick people are making up a large majority and we have a voice, I go to my city council!Do you?if not YOU SHOULD!,my wife is a R.N. and we are involved locally,We send the message of TRUTH TO ALL!!Marc, you tought me to get involved to make a change,and yes I think ” I CAN UNDO THE EVIL OF MEN”your friend Richard”sick richie”Michael Wilson North Carolina..You Inspire ME

  1274. Anonymous on

    This is in response to “dopes” of June 14… How are you profiting from the drug war? How can you support the imprisonment of a tax-paying and otherwise law abiding citizen of Canada? A man who has the courage to engage in battle with an issue that even President Obama can’t handle without surrendering his office to impeachment by the religous right? You must have more to lose than Marc does, as you have a lower humanity quotient than Osama Bin Bombin’.
    Let me guess, you’re one of those crooked cops who confiscates 3 pounds of herb and arrests someone for possesion of 3 and one half ounces. 42″ LCD, paid some bills, kids have a new trampoline, german shepherd eats a raw T-bone for helping you make the bust and you invite the whole neighborhood to your home to see your solemn face on the 6 o’clock news expressing your disdain for “our communities shame-marijuana!” All for your glory while an innocent humanitarian is mangled within the gears of a corrupt machine.
    Maybe you graced us with your brilliant wit as a legislator who touted the ideal of a “drug free America” while you lined your own pockets with pharmacutical stocks that were offered and never earned. Just so long as the people see it their way! Then you’ll get paid and stay in power!
    Unfortunately, you’re probably the most pathetic of all possible common denominators…the clod that cannot think for his or her self, glad enough to be a flag waving, blindfolded servant of a crooked system.
    I don’t give a damn what side of the border you live on, the only thing that matters is that you’re wrong. Marc Emery is a Canadian hero and a champion of human rights. He is ten times the human that you will ever be! Let him go free! And when you develop cancer, don’t come crawling to Marc for relief, go crawling to the government that you defended. They won’t help you… unless you’re rich.


  1275. One12alphA on

    I would like to apologize to Mr. Emery on behalf of his followers here in the U.S. Our government has been out of control for years. The politicians are all puppets of multi billion dollar corporations. We only get to see and hear from those who have mega fundage…fundage that comes from special interest groups, who are controlled by super sized corporations. Super sized corporations who control the media that promote the politician they fund. Constantly we hear their lies, and we get to chose from the seemingly lesser of two evils. Even when we chose our president, they put whom ever they wish in charge (gore won popular vote, bush became president). Either way it wouldn’t matter, since they all work for the same people. When we do get a decent person in office, they get killed assassinated (JFK, Lincoln). Its a horribly unfortunate situation. I only ask that Canadians not throw Americans in with our government. Just as they are not their government, so we are not ours. I wish you all, citizens of the world, to seek the works of Alex Jones. He has made a hand full of documentaries, most of which can be found on google video. They all regal a tail of tyranny, that I believe is beyond our control any more. His site is infowars.com

    Everything is linked, especially marijuana’s prohibition. In an article by popular mechanics Feb 1938, they report that industrial hemp could be used for over 30,000 products. Many of which would severely hurt the oil, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as their conglomerates. The very companies who fund the elections of our leaders. As more and more places adopt electronic ballots, we lose more and more control over our governments. Its a sad, screwed up world…..

    One last rant…STOP BEING SCARED! Fear is what got us into this mess in the first place. Fear tactics to prohibit pot, to invade countries, to control the masses. It was communism then, and terrorism now. The real terrorists are the ones wearing wigs (politicians in other words)

    remember… Alex Jones, infowars.com, google video.

    Sorry once again Marc. Im sure I’ll end up in there with you sooner or later, lol.

  1276. tweeds on

    it is illegal to grow real poppies in the u.s. the poppies we have do not produce opium.

  1277. Dasha Howard on

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Emery,
    I want to thank you for fighting the good fight, for a moral and just society that doesn’t prosicute just for money but because someone has actually commited a crime. I’m proud that by the time my little girl is my age she won’t have to fear going to jail if she makes the personal decision to consume marijuana, just like we don’t have to fear going to jail for ingesting poisonous alchohol. My husband and I will be at the rally held in our city on sept. 19th in your support

  1278. Les Stark on

    Marc, your cause is just and true and right.

    Gerry Spence was a lawer who one day vowed he would never lose a case and after that point he never lost. He wrote a great book called How To Argue and Win Everytime. In it he said that, “Truth has a biological advantage over untruth”.

    Truth simply has to win out. There is an inevitable victory. Forces of ignorance can not prevail indefinitely. Knowledge, awareness, understanding, compassion, love and freedom will overcome ignorance, stubborness, fear, hatred and slavery.

    We need to lberate the hemp plant and liberate the earth. We can not fail. God will not allow us to fail. I realize that everyone has their own personal beliefs. My belief happens to be in the living God of the infinite and eternal universe and God is on our side, or rather, the side of truth and beauty and love, freedom and justice.

    Hemp – for recreational,medicinal,spiritual,industrial and evironmental and decorative uses. Heck, anything we can think of to use it. Why not? The alternative is too drastic and dreadful. It is time for common sense to prevail.

    Good luck Marc.

  1279. Anonymous on

    Amen. I was raised by an alcoholic mother and trust me if see had smoked cannabis life would have been much better for everyone.

  1280. Layton Gabriel on

    This is rediculous, i mean he didnt go to the us and sell the seeds he did it all from canada thats like canada going down there when someone here is busted with an m-4 or a glock we dont go down there and say, “ok your coming with us because you sold to someone in canada.” why the fuck are they allowed to come in to canada raid a canadian citizens home arrest him and send him to be tried by foreigners and imprisoned in a whole other country? its ludicrous that this is even up for discussion. Marc you have my full support in this you were the one to open my eyes to the truth about marijuana, and you have inspired me to take action. change can only come through action, we all need to stand up and make our voices heard, we need to make the truth heard, and we need to make the government listen to us. WE WILL NOT sit by any longer while this injustice continues, WE WILL NOT listen to there lies ANYMORE, AND WE WILL NOT SIT BACK SUCKING OUR THUMBS WHILE ANOTHER CANADIAN GOES TO JAIL FOR SELLING A PLANT SEED THAT HAS BEEN PUT HERE BY GOD.

  1281. Layton Gabriel on

    I for one am one of those that this whole thing has riled up, I am sickened at the fact that “most peaceful nation” in the world would send one of their own to possibly the most rowdy trigger happy nation in the world. It is not illegal here why would they send him there for a crime that he didnt even commit there and that isnt even a crime here. You are right they are only enforcing this movement by doing this more people will raise up and make their voices heard not only pot smokers but regular canadians, anyone that doesnt think this is wrong should be the ones extradited because they dont care about a fellow canadian.

  1282. area13 on

    what a joke? i have only got back on the net affter a 2 year absence. it is typical of the steuwpipower yanks to jail the only up front and true activiest for pot an hemp culture. good luck marc i think you will need it once you step in to tne states , there not the most trustworthy gorventment in history when it comes to keeping deals made out of state
    keep the faith bro, an smokin 2

  1283. Anonymous on

    I find that those who believe that “everyone” hates the US are those (usually Americans) who believe whatever the media tells them to believe. You should perhaps do a bit of traveling, as I have never met a person who “hates” the US.

    You should also be aware that there are several species of poppies, many of which people like to plant in gardens. Opium poppies are not legal in any way, shape, or form in the US however.

    Do you people just spout the first things that come to mind without actually worrying about wether or not it is true? You guys should get into politics! 😉

  1284. Anonymous on

    Stay in school.

  1285. Jr on

    History always repeats itself, If there’s one thing you think we would have learned from Prohibition it’s that it doesn’t work!, It only causes much more serious problems.
    Just like Tommy Chong, They try to silence one black sheep and they end-up waking 10,000 more. He wasn’t always a Marijuana Rights Activist/Spokesperson, Chong was just a simple Stoner Comedian/Actor until U.S. Authorites tried to make an example out of him and scare youth from following in his non-conforming, defiant footsteps. As with Marc Emery, the charges and the arrests were purely and solely politically motivated. As long as there are brainwashed prosecters like Mary Beth Buchanan, they will continue to recieve all the support and promotion they need to keep being puppets of the system. And they will utilize police power to put away innocent magazine editors/rights activists and Raid bong factories established by famous comedian/actors instead of spending their time fighting the Real war on terrorism.

    The War on Drugs is a war against ourselves than cannot be won by either side. When will we open our eyes?

  1286. Anonymous on

    What the eff kind of aggression is this? I for one would loved to dissemble the international war on cannabis one failed self-sustaining bureaucracy at a time. This attitude, however, only makes freedom fighters look like ignorant contras. Shut the fuck up dave, unless your words contribute something positive to the legalization cause.

    Ironic though, the lambasting with “anonymous chicken” shit like rhetoric. I suppose then, we take it at your anonymous word that your name is Dave… Hmm, no last name though….

    Call up your local federal representative or Norml office and express your distaste for the crime against humanity that prosecuting marijuana cries is.

  1287. Anonymous on

    to the above poster – is English your second language?

    Good luck in the clink, Marc.

  1288. Anonymous on

    wow these ppl are so dumb for wat they are doing ok he did wrong yeah but he shouldnt be put in jail that long i mean really it hasnt killed any one you cant over douce on it smoking its much heathlyer then any other drug i mean drinking is the worst shit ppl its a DAMN! plant that grows from mother nature fuck ppl after all these year of wat he has done they are going to do this now wow its to late ppl smoke weed from every where and you cant stop them form doing it and weee ppl will make this happen for him and we will grow are plants we will smoke this weed…he has changed the world…..shit i would really like those ppl that are putting him in jail to just try it and see if they dnt like it?…..im just saying this is stupid and they should really open there eyes and see that they are not going to stop ppl form smoking…we will go on and we will wait for him to get out and wait for him to do his magice…you cant stop us wee wont give up…fight till the death
    wee luv u prince of pot

  1289. roland on

    Just wanted to say thanks, here from isra-hell.
    We should create our marijuana country.
    Here in isra-hell they started to sell medical marijuana on prescription in one pharmacy in Eilat.
    With a prescription for medical marijuana here you can grow up to 10 plants, no longer then 1.5 meter each.
    They also check the influance of marijuana on depression patients. The revolution had begun.

  1290. jonathan willis on

    we teach our kids that good people get rewards bad people get thrown in jail
    well all I’m wondering is when did good become bad?
    this world is coming to a quick stop really fast so why waist lives in jail ?
    arresting Marc emery would be like throwing Martin Luther King in jail for saying “i had a dream” really thats what it boils down to one mans dream
    a dream that is becomeing a revolution

    marc we have your back 100%
    well be right there with you to the end!


  1291. Anonymous on

    Ive been smoking pot for a very long time. Its a personal choice, Not for eveyone.. But it seems that the people that “dont smoke pot” always have the worst things to say about it and the people that do it. People see movies with huge gangsters dealing all this pot and then incorperate that with reality.. yes theres most likly two or three dealings in your neighborhood. no matter where you are. I think the government and these “anti-drug” freaks need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Marc Emery is an Pot Icon. He is the prince of pot. And now hes being imprisond for distributing marijuana seeds.. wheres the harm. your selling a seed that has to be closely watched and cared for. It just seems unjust. Ill see you in Ottawa Marc!

  1292. Ian on

    I was wondering if anyone had info on the gathering on parlement hill in Ottawa on July 19th ? I dont want to miss it.



    P.S.: Marc, you have great courage. We are with you. I guess sometimes we may have to loose a battle to win the war or that is to end the war.

  1293. Roger Rabbitt on

    marcs not going to prison for selling seed,
    hes not going to prison for being a voice

    he’s going to jail because he plead guilty on 60 Minutes TV
    that plus his 2 seed pushing pals ratted him out to save their stoner asses if

    plus he’s a classic asshole perverted addict with a haircut

  1294. Roman Fernandez on

    I have read your story, and to this moment it has inspired me help spread your message across the world. It greatly saddens me to know, with out a doubt, that we live in a corrupt world like this. I am not a true believer in God, but I do know, if we are living in a world created by him, no human being with the will to walk this earth has the power, or the reason, to try and eliminate a creation of god, or the freedom of our rights as people. I hope I worded that correctly….I’m only 17. 😀 Marc, you are not alone. Thousands of people are standing beside you right now, including me. With their hands held together and their hearts wide open. One day this government will fall, and never be caught. Much Love from Caldwell, ID

    “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”
    -John Lennon

  1295. Concerned American on

    Reference: Marc Emery agreeing to US extradition.

    My emotion: Wholly outraged!

    Perhaps I’m missing the gist of M. Emerey’s sheme.

    I was saying three years ago: those people will not be able to touch even a hair on his head; alas, it seems the contrary.

    I really hope this concludes in your favor with no extradition, and wish you much luck.

  1296. Will on


    I wish you and your family all the best with your endeavours and with the future that lies ahead for you.

    I would like to say thanks for all you have done through out the years to enlighten some minds. Unfortunatly, some minds remain in darkness and always will.

    Please know that you have done a great service to many around the world and should be rewarded for your efforts instead of condemned.



  1297. Anonymous on

    Alas my friend, Marc would likely never do that. This Freedom Fighter has always proudly stood behind his actions. It was he who made me open my eyes to what is truly happening here. Marc stands and takes his lumps to prove how idiotic the war against him is, and it is. We live in a democracy, PM Harper and the Conservatives were voted in bc the Liberals failed us in many ways (mostly corruption), that said they were not voted in for their prohibition stance, in fact Alan Rock and the Liberals were well on their way to some enlightenment. That said, in the subsequent two elections we as voters said we wanted tough on crime. Now, it is up to US to tell them we DON’T think marijuana is a crime. So, listen up all you haters and insecure, ignorant losers who are thinking about posting a negative comment… Piss off. Marc Emery has sacrificed his private life and freedom to ensure us all rights to privacy and freedoms to do whatever we like in the privacy of our own homes without the government monitoring our power bills, spending habits etc. Things we all hold near and dear, whether we smoke marijuana or not. So, let’s all have some repect for Marc, who is losing his freedom in pursuit of a cause he believes in and because he believes it will benefit more than just himself. Thank you Marc, long live the Prince of Pot, from Saskatoon. See you on July 8th.

  1298. ThatsWhatsheSaid on

    Man, if I were you I’d leave to another country asap, stick it to the man, don’t just accept the fate they give you, make your own, seriously, FUCK what they say.

  1299. Anonymous on

    maybe if marijuana was addictive like alcohol it would be legal..

  1300. Sean Cowan on

    I’ve been following your endeavors ever since I started smoking around 2001. It has always dumbfounded me how as the government sees it ‘lazy pot smokers’ are capable of defusing a complex situation like drug prohibition. I completely agree with you with every thing you have said about Marijuana and drug prohibition in general. If the government really intended to eliminate this problem, they would legalize and tax, not prohibit.

    I’m not sure whether it is ignorance, or just plain stupidity, but the drug laws in Canada, and even more so in USA need to be refined. The very reason that Marijuana is sometimes called a ‘gate-way’ drug is because when one goes to purchase it they must buy from a DRUG dealer. If they didn’t have to go to someone who sells drugs in general, they would never see the other drugs. Moreover, half the reason any drug is so appealing to some is directly because of the prohibition.

    I sincerely hope you are able to be moved to a Canadian prison after sentencing. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’ll make sure we keep the movement going when you are in jail.

  1301. Anonymous on

    hmmm, could it be because alcohol doesn’t cure cancer or make bio-degradable plastics or paper or food?

    a respectful letter writing campaign should start immediately. Use paper and a stamp. Real letters carry more weight. Keep it simple and to the point. I will be sending the following to the prosecutor.

    Dear Sir,

    I find it repugnant that the politically inspired prosecution of Marc Emery would go on for so long. How does it happen that a man pleads guilty to distributing a substance – when the federal attorney knows, he distributed seeds, which, only if properly tended, had the potential to grow into a controlled substance?

    With this new federal standard, the amount of contraband found in fraternity couches across the land would be enough to empty our colleges and fill every federal prison for the next few decades!

    Mr. Emery ran a legal business within the country in which he resides, Canada. A business from which the Canadian government collected taxes and a business which they actually recommended to authorized medical marijuana patients.

    This prosecution is nothing more than a state sponsored rendition. Coerced by a corporate sponsored, government enforced war against competition with cannabis. I for one, am ashamed that my country has stooped so low in their attempt to keep the truth from the people. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle, Sir. The information is already out there. Spain is doing human medical trials and science will out. Seven decades of misinformation has been greatly weakened by the Information Age thanks to people like Mr. Emery. Punishing him for his enthusiasm toward the most medicinal plant on the planet is the vilest of deeds.

    Please take the time to consider your actions in the context of history. I implore you, do the right thing. Drop all charges against Marc Emery. Let him go home.


  1302. Dave on

    Hey anonymous chicken shit:

  1303. Anonymous on

    one day your enslaved ass will be at the other end of your sad little coments. your the best kind of slave,the kind that doesn’t know he is one.Free loving people every where should look with grave concern, and feel a need act,to stop the outrage against freedom of political thought.when the us. government starts to use law enforcement as a tool to put down a persons or groups political movement, that should concern you!!!!!!!!marcs not going to prison for selling seed, he going to prison for being a voice more and more people are hearing and starting to listen to.The movement marc represents scares the old blue blood that have all the power here in the us.They want total reliance on the system,less choice,more control.Marc being the crazy man that he is want the freedoms of a true democracy, and a government that doesn’t war, and in prison its owen people for growing a plant that god put hear.

  1304. Vinnie Chase on

    Dear Marc,

    I must say that you amongst others have been an inspiration to myself and to all of those that will one day stand against the forces of tyranny and corruption that seem to seep forth now more than ever from the political machine. A machine that is slowly turning our precious rights into commodities that seem to only be enjoyed by those with a substantial amount of money that is used to pay off whoever is of influence within the justice system. Money equals power, and this war on drugs is just another example of how the whole system is heading towards a disastrous outcome. The idea is to turn Canada into a Police State. Once you have average citizens mixing in with the hardened criminals in prison, and then you release these re-educated average citizens into the population, they will more than likely re-offend and will do things far worse than what they were originally in jail for, then the every day citizen will fear these hardened criminals and will give up their rights to be protected from these repeat offenders. Thus the police state is born. Now, because of the fear generated by this cycle, every citizen and their dog will be afraid, fear stimulates the economy and makes people buy more things, the business man get rich from people buying things due to the peoples fears, and now instead of being a police state, we are a capitalist society. The business man make so much money from capitalism that they can now pay to have anybody that they want run for government, so they basically pay to have people that are running for government groomed and fashioned into someone the people will vote for and you get fascism. This is happening all over the world. Canada is just the final nail in the coffin. Welcome to The New World Order. I sincerely hope that you are alright and that you stay strong and honest through these trying times.


    Vinnie Chase

  1305. edrobud on

    i really hope it dont come to this marc.i love your site and your strengths,and words of wisdom, we need more peopke like you ,how can something so great be wrong,but its wrong in one mans eyes with the strength of money and power they push this beliefs on others, to help pass laws.my beliefs really mean nothing to goverment only to me and people that love me. are goverment in a time of ression bail out banks and wall street ? hmmm.. the ressions is because of high price of gas,electricity,food and all other daily needs.the banks would rebound when the avg. everyday people recover.so point is they do as they want and not whats right. thank you marc may the power of peace and pot be with you….

  1306. Anonymous on

    Anonymous Dope, you are a tool of oppression and subjugation and you don’t even know it. It’s sad to see so many useful idiots willing to mindlessly support corporate fascism.

    May your own words come back and bite you in the ass some day.

    ps I bet you’re a dumb drunk.

  1307. Anonymous on

    Marc, you are a dope, and so are those who support you. It is sad to see so many people require mind altering substances to be able to face the realities of daily life.

    Gladly you are getting what you deserve, just not long enough.

  1308. Anonymous on

    This bibliographical essay is informative, gramatically correct and well composed. You pass the literacy test Marc.

  1309. city c on

    thank you for being a martyr for the cause. fuck the us government. land of the incarcerated and home of the corrupt. im sure cannabis prohibition is exactly what washington, adams, hamilton, franklin, jefferson, et al had envisioned when they risked all they had for liberty…oh wait, they all grew it on their properties. sigh…this is so frustrating.

  1310. Anonymous on

    I keep hearing all you people talking about how bad ass the us fed prison is and yadayadayada but truth be told if your not 18 and a dumb fuck YOU WILL BE FINE ! First off its the state prison you don’t want to be in and theirs all types of federal prisons unlike the state pen which is just classified by numbers which you could get fucked on anyway, the federal systems much different and if you guys have’nt been to prison please don’t tell this dude war stories about some shit you don’t know about. I’m 28 and have my life straightened up now with a wife and kids but I have been to Prison and more than once and at a young age so Marc if your reading this don’t be scared. Rule 1. Never gamble or borrow ANYTHING or accept a gift even if dude says its free cause the next day you better have what he wants or your ass is owned ! second don’t go in mother fuckers cells (not till you know whats up and whos who) and don’t be kicking people down soups or any of that shit to make friends! I know your a good dude but its the jungle and they are predators any sign of weakness or charity and they will suck you dry lol and last but not least if some one starts random shit with you and their not protected by any gang, race, ect ect prepare to do some time in the hole and wait till dinner time and split his fucking head open with a tray, that will be the last time you get shit. and the rape stories are hilarious I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but theirs so many fags inside that theirs really no need to rape anybody, you’ll see dudes using m&m’s for lipstick lol its funny but seriously if Martha Stewart can make it I think you’ll be OK.
    Peace bro, Pahomegrown.

  1311. Skywalker420 on

    Sorry to see this happen to a you marc. Your the one who gave me the seeds of life to grow my first crop of dank meds. your a stoner hero to all us budsmokers. much love

  1312. Big Bat on

    Mr Emery,

    The nights are long and cold as the wind cant be heard and the sun cant be felt.The greatness in seeding a carnal world with happiness of spirits of joy and tenderness have you earned.A General and noble gentlemen that seen the northern lights way up in Alqounqin along time has passed as the shaded moons have gone.The work of God has been done and the tides will power the source of all the greatness of sowing.The harvest is reaped by the sower never by the carnal world.

    The voice of truth echos louder than the corupt slander of evil doers .Freedom is in a place of conquering the carnal being of distruction so the mind is the power.


  1313. schizo1988 on

    I did my post secondary education in London, Ontario in the late 70’s early 80’s and in London he was pretty much a household name. He owned the City Lights used Book and Magazine Store and he would open it every Sunday with was not allow in those days. He would get charged and be open again the next week, over and over. Since the move to B.C he has taken on a much larger fight and is now being forced to pay for it, and he never sold pot to Americans if I recall this whole mess is over distributing seeds which contain no THC even and the Canadian Government never charged him. What makes it even worse is Pot is not always illegal by State Law but Federal Law trumps state, so he would be facing the Federal Penitentiary System, where even hardened criminals have a hard time surviving and I am sure his royal title bestowed by his followers in the fight will not go unnoticed. The U.S War on drugs does not work and now our Conservative Gov`t is turning back the clock on so much of the valuable progress that`s been made. The U.S has approx. 2.5 million people in the penal system and 75-80% are serving time for non-violent drug related offenses, has nobody heard of Rehab. Governor Schwarzenegger has announced they are going to build more prisons adding capacity for another 40,000 inmates. Even during Prohibition when Alcohol was illegal they never jailed people for using it, only selling it.

    While they never deny a request for extradition,they should start now, how many of those requests were for offenses that are not illegal in Canada. The Americans love their high profile busts, and Tommy Chong is a perfect example.

    Here hoping you still beat this or at least get to serve your time here in Canada. Do they not even realize how much stronger they are making the whole movement in Canada with the extradition talk, if they are determined to make stop the fight, sending it`s leader to jail in a Foreign Country is a bad idea, as it will just rile the Prince`s followers and wake up the complacent one`s.

  1314. Steve B on

    in the last decade canada has gone up and down with its pot laws…. bc of 1 person fighting for a whole country, Marc Emery. i swear to god Marc, the day you goto jail for this bullshit is the day a whole new war will start, this is bullshit what direction canada is going in right now, all bc of Harper.

  1315. Cory on

    Going to jail for 5-10 years for growing a flower or something that this planet an god has put on this earth. Are world is nothing but corruption now. I will not stop fighting for the legalization of marijauna for as long as i live. Marc, greg, michelle, jodie, tim felger, are all inspiring to me and i shall fight as they are and so should everyone else.
    Stand up for what you believe in don’t hide behind your own shadows, let the world and government see what we have instored for them.

    I will try my best to raise alittle money for you marc, I will be ion toronto on july 17 supporting you and listenign to every word you have to say.

  1316. Anonymous on

    And the US wonders why everybody hates them. Cannabis seed sale should be no more harshly policed than poppy seed sale. It’s a complete double standard. Poppies actually do produce narcotics. Cannabis produces a hypnotic. Big difference. Why can US citizens grow opium poppies as a decorative plant but not Cannabis?

  1317. james newport on

    best to you and thank you for all your hard work and blindingly brilliant dedication for so long. you have done even more than you know. thank you again.

  1318. Mark Anthony Pauls on

    Marc……….dude………Can’t believe your going to prison. That sucks monkey nuts. You truly are the Larry Flynt of Canada. Your suffering for our rights. Our right to put whatever we want into our bodies. The government should stay out of our bodies.

  1319. Anonymous on

    I hope the people make it politically impossible for the US and canada to go through with this stupidity. How is it that drunks can get prohibition repealed yet intelligent thinking, empassioned smokers cannot? And all of this as the (US) govt makes a mockery of its own black letter laws and founding documents left and right. We live in strange times, and they are only getting stranger.