The DEA set us all back when they went after Marc Emery

It’s such a shame that Marc Emery’s raid, arrest and extradition request (at the behest of the USA and DEA) happened in July 2005, and that Marc hasn’t been allowed to sell seeds since that day. If he hadn’t been busted, hundreds of thousands of dollars could have been spent on the movement in Canada and the USA, and tremendous amounts of Marc Emery’s money would be spent as usual: getting med-pot patients and lawyers to the courts, paying travel fees for experts to testify at hearings, buying ads in major newspapers, funding lobbyists, initiatives and political parties, helping launch and fund class action lawsuits against the government, and so much more.

I hate to say it, but in a major way, the DEA accomplished what they set out to do by going after Marc — cripple the marijuana activism movement by shutting down the only philanthropist willing and able to give large amounts of money to the cause. I was reminded of this when watching “Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery” last night on CBC Newsworld, when lawyer and law professor Alan Young said as much.

I hope others remember and appreciate the incredible contributions Marc made for a decade of activism, when things were getting better for us… Since his arrest and the raid, everything is getting worse, especially in Canada. It’s almost like the bad guys won. Almost.

But we owe Marc our collective “Thanks” through our continuing devotion to ending this drug war insanity, no matter how bad it gets. Efforts must be stepped up, even more so once/if he is sentenced to many years in US federal prison. Even though we’ve been financially set back and disabled in a huge way since 2005, we must increase our passion and intensity.

I just wish none of that had happened, and Marc could still pump millions into the movement… No one else has stepped up the same way, or can afford to. How depressing.

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. TiredOfMorons on

    This is hilarious.

    You are totally moronic, brainwashed, and downright ignorant.

    It sounds like you are some stupid college kid, otherwise I doubt you’d be focusing on what a great education you ‘think’ you have.

    If you were half as educated as you want to make your self sound, you’d have found a better way to debate this topic, instead you insist on making yourself look like a 14 year old.

    Ok smart guy, tell me who my ISP is and maybe I’ll give your statements a little more credibility. At least prove one of your threats has a little sustenance, or all you are is a 14 year old with a keyboard.

  2. Thankful American Drug Warrior on

    The news? Fox? NBC? CNN? BBC? Or maybe Jeff Rense?

    14 years old huh? What did you major in? What thesis’ if any have you produced? Concentration? How many 25-50 page papers have you written? How many primary sources do you got through a week?

    The gap between our military strength and the second strongest is the largest disparity the world has ever seen. Greater than the British, Romans, Mongolians, Greeks Arabs, Persians, Vikings, etc.

    The greatest superpower in history.

    ass, stupid, moron, ignorance, haha……who’s 14?

  3. Thankful American Drug Warrior on

    You mean Hydrogen weapons. It’s ok, your 16. Preoven is actually spelled proven and edjucate is spelled educate.

    Have you ever heard of the Sino-Soviet split that the great and brave Warriors Nixon and Kissinger helped to orchestrate? Their mutual power is inapplicable.

    Which means whoever owns the bombs owns everyone else. Last count, we were up on China by thousands.

    And there are very few studies at all because marijuana has proven to do more harm than good and found quite ineffective. There are lots of pharmaceutical’s for all conditions, no need for an archaic, useless hippie drug associated with laziness and law-breaking

    Marijuana is a Schedule I and should stay so. No need for that poison.

  4. Eric F on

    Dear “US Citizen”

    Ranting and raving about how Canada has laid down and let America make a punk out of them, or how they have “fought the US war on drugs, using explicitness to try and prove some point, of which I am unsure of, not only baffles me, but frankly, is offensive. The openness, generosity, and humanity I have been shown by the Canadian people, and yes, by Marc Emery, serves to refute your sentiments against this type of assertion, and I quote you, “thank you Canada for being our bitch.” Canada, like America is a business, when you realize that governmental policy, however just or unjust, serves one main purpose, that is political gain, power, and control, and if you were do separate the people from the policies, then you may see, it is not the people per say, it is those they have supposedly intrusted to keep their liberty and freedoms alive, who have stolen it right from under their noses. Unfortunately for the all too often peacemakers, the everyday Joe, Bill, or Jill Citizen of the US and Canada alike, end up getting caught in the middle of “bad business deals.” People like Marc, and the collective BC 3, are lumped into unfair, unjust political policies and controls, battles for power! Which often creates negative sentiments among the vast majority of either population, not due to any rational or logical proof, but by perpetuating elitism, nationalism, and separation, when in the reality, good people exist both sides of the border.

    Might I educate you? This is not about Canadian Citizens who “allowed” the US to come into their sovereign nation to raid a business, in particular, that of Mr. Marc Emery, who has, by leaps and bounds done more for Cannabis Liberation and patient freedom in his decades as a writer, publisher and activist, than you seem to have done in the above vignette (or paragraph) which served to only spout hatred towards a people, their nation, Canada, and Canadians. You see, it is The Canadian Supreme Courts, the Provincial Justice system who sold out, not the people of Canada! Did Marc sell out? No, he is Canadian, he lives and works in Canada, and he had done business legitimately in Canada, his home! So yes, does this upset me? You bet it does! However, I do not use profane, unintelligible, ignorance to convey my disdain for US foreign policy, the US led “war on drugs” or better yet, the “war on Cannabis” Let me again reiterate this, it was the ELITISTS, not the common people, who have made a show, a political move.

    By the way,

    I happen to have lived with Cerebral Palsy (Brain Injury) since I was 11 weeks old, I am now 25. I have Spastic Diaplegia, (muscle spasms, with limited use of my lower extremities (legs), thus I have used Medicinal Cannabis for the last 7 + years, 3 of which I too have become an activist, I also am an avid reader, writer, and a legit patient.

    I am offended, and let me say, this does not happen to be the case often. For example, the word “Crippled” does not in itself bring offense to me, even some jokes about other “disabled” people does not. to me what is offensive is the tone of voice, the inflection of the words used, the way it is conveyed. Sir, your blatant arrogance, ignorance, and ill founded disgust for “the drug war” does not constitute the need to be graphic in your description of this other man with CP. Though he may not be able to speak, or hold a joint properly, you could have found a more educated, respectable way of getting the message of disgust concerning this unjust treatment of an Ottowan Man than pointing out a man’s uncontrollable circumstances in such a rude manner. Why do I assert such a claim, because you attacked the people of Canada, a country of which you did not even mention you were a citizen of? Yet you made it clear right from the beginning that you were a US Citizen. This was to me, honestly a show of you fitting in the stereotypical US Citizen Arrogance, spouting your anger at a people who had no complete control over what conspired between Marc, or the BC 3 as a collective, or this man with CP, a Canadian! In fact, most Canadians I know do not support the Extradition of one of their own, let alone 3! I know this for a fact. You see, Medicinal Cannabis has been widely endorsed from the provincial government of BC, by Health Canada, and hemp as an industrial product is widely cultivated nationwide. Sadly, you can’t say the same for the southern neighbours, the US. Therefore, It was rude in your post for the simple fact that throughout your post you kept repeating unintelligent curse words, which though you may “believe it is wrong” what the US has done to Marc Emery, as do I, there are simple, less destructive, less demeaning ways to say what you may have intended.

    For example: I myself am a “US Citizen” I too detest my governments “war on drugs” but let’s be more specific, the “war on Cannabis.” Why do I feel this way? Because I pay my taxes, I work 8 to 5 everyday, I earn my money, I have joined the fight for Cannabis liberation, not solely to “get high” but because it is my medicine, and I, like billions of other people, am NOT A CRIMINAL! So I, like my brother Marc Emery took action. I have joined organizations like NORML, Marijuana Policy Project, Law Enforcement Against prohibition, I have done interviews as a medical Cannabis patient living with Cerebral Palsy, I have taken the time to come to Vancouver BC just to shake hands with Marc Emery, and thank him, and Cannabis Culture MAgazine, I have “broken bread” if you will with Mr. Emery. Why? Not because I am better or worse than he is, or to be praised or earn cool “pot head points”, though it was a complete honour to share with him my appreciation, to come all the way from my cozy, comfy little hell of a state, AZ just to meet him. Again, why? This is because he has fought for patients rights, he has fought for people like me, people who deal with chronic pain, muscle spasms, on a daily basis, people who find relief from the Cannabis Plant. Do you exhibit this same caliber of care? Did you by downgrading the people of Canada? I have friends and family who are Canadian, I hope to one day call Canada my home, but though I don’t blindly worship Canadian or US Policies, I do what I can to respect the people of these countries, and the people of the world. We are all human, we should be treated as such! I implore you to think about what you’ve said, how you said it, and equally, what exactly you plan to do to change policy? Join NORML! Join MPP! Donate your time, your money, heck I have rolled out to the Global Marijuana Marches, wheelchair and all! What does that say? It doesn’t say anything, instead, I let my actions speak louder than my words. You should do the same, and please, try not to disrespect the movement, you can either be a force for positive change, to help, or you can be a vehicle for dissolution, for defamation, the choice is yours!


    Eric F

    A Medicinal Cannabis Patient, activist, friend, philanthropist, and lover of liberty and freedom.

    Does this all make me above you? No! I just pick my battles, and chose my words carefully! If you are going to help end this drug war, the fallacies that are perpetuated by it, if you truly gave a care about a Canadian man with CP, then you would have not wasted the time spewing words of hatred, arrogance, or ignorance, if you care about the movement, then join it! Do something to keep it going, wasting your words, explicit words at that, does not help the movement.

  5. TiredOfMorons on

    Wow, you are an idiot.

    First of all, the US is no longer ‘the’ superpower. I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under for the past few years, but I suggest you take your head out of your ass long to listen to the news every once in a while.

    I never asked if you’d be willing to donate to his incarceration either, the government is TAKING it from you whether you want to or not, but you are so stupid you actually like being raped for your money, haha.

    Please, keep posting though, I get a kick out of your ignorance.

    PS: Reporting ISPs? That statement shows just how much of a moron you are. What are you, 14? I bet you will punt me off line next, right?

  6. Anonymous on

    things like this make me sad as hell for the children who must listen to these lies, plenty of studies have preoven every thing you just said as false!

    im 16 and i make an active effort to edjucate the close minded.

    by the way we are not so strong if just russia and china decided to, they could crush us in seconds even with out atomic weapons.

    plus china basicly owns america with how many bonds they’ve bought from us.

    please do your part to learn the truth.

  7. Anonymous on

    your a close minded miss informed bigot.

    people like you alienate so many people, pot is not the problem, people who shun us from society are the problem, life of a “pothead” is lonely, hard, and enlightening.

    please learn about the truth of pot, not to mention the fact that a great magoraty of the roll models you grew up with tryed or did regularly smoke pot to enkoy themselfs.

  8. Anonymous on

    wow stop giveing in to trolls argueing with them, it means they win.

  9. lando on

    I feel ashamed to be an american. The voices of the ignorant are the loudest and by no means do they speak for the majority anymore. The generations under 30 will change the fucked up social structure that has lead this country astray. The thankful american’s of the world will die out most likely of some cancer they get from alchohol or cigs while we live long fullfilling lives with our beloved medicine.

    obama pledged to spend no federal money busting legal medical growers, change will come.

    and to the post above, rite on. haters are doomed to be unhappy, deservedly so.

  10. Anonymous on

    Thankful American I feel so bad for you.

    I am not gonna stoop to your level and rant or call names.

    I just want you to know that even though you are full of hate and have been beaten into submission..

    I still love you.

    Even though you spew hate and point a crooked finger…

    We still love you.

    HATE is not part of our lifestyle.

    We all pray that one day you will exhaust all your hate and inhale a lung full of hope and love.

    Yeah, we all know the world is a f*&ked up place but we fight every day to change things.
    We recognized the struggle, we assemble, then we smile and sing songs of hope the whole time we fight.

    We will never be defeated.

    We are very patient people.

    We pass the fight down to younger generations that it may continued if needed.

    Please for the sake of your self change your ways.
    Over time on single human ideal can stand true.
    Times change and so do thoughts and ideals.

    I know good is in you just waiting to be released.


    By the way.

    Did I mention we all love you.

  11. Anonymous on

    cannabis education has increased, and the number of good growers out there has – all i have to do to get pot is have a bit of money.
    i can get it – almost anytime.

    That’s why Marc Emery is headed to jail.
    He decided to sell seeds and grow systems, advertise for others
    everybody else was cool but oh no, the prince of pot
    had to get noisy and petty get all gay outraged for TV
    in doing so he became one giant annoying heat magnet
    singlehandedly he brought the drug war to Canada
    prior to all his noise everybody was cool and discreet
    Marc Emery set legalization back 20 years if not forever
    enjoy your mandatory minimum in jail you brought to everybody else

    thank you Mr Narc Enemy

  12. Thankful American on

    Any book written by Marc Emery should have it’s revenue donated to those recovering from marijuana addiction.

    Just like O.J. owes the Goldman’s and the Brown’s, Emery needs to pay up for all the damage he has caused.

    Don’t you see, Emery is raping our children with his unhealthy seeds of destruction and failure.

  13. Thankful American on

    No, we Americans do control everything. That is, us Americans on the right side of the law. We are the greatest entity the world has ever known.

    That said, we will continue to nab you law breakers. There is a cell waiting for you next to Mr. Emery and as a responsible citizen I will be forwarding your isp information to the proper officials. You, and all the rest of you druggies will soon be far, far away from a computer in one of our lovely American cells.

    Emery promotes a harmful, addictive, gateway drug to try to poison the children of the world. I would gladly donate money to the cell that is going to hold him.

    If you hate this country so much than why dont you catch a ride to South America with some other illegals.

    Remember, we have the guns. The best, the biggest and the most, and there is nothing you can do to stop us. We will continue to fight this drug war against all you who oppose us, men and women, young and old, black and white.

  14. Anonymous loser on


    Ok – Thank you Mr. Marc Scott Emery

    for –
    for what –

    i guess, making the police feel embarrassed when they break who knows how many laws doing a home invasion on my place to bust me for … 4- 5 plants . ( small plants )

    oh i know –

    i first came across cc when i was looking for some seeds.
    pot was almost impossible to find, and seeds were … actually impossible to find.

    since then things have changed dramatically.

    cannabis education has increased, and the number of good growers out there has increased.

    today – all i have to do to get pot is have a bit of money.
    i can get it – almost anytime.

    currently i get it from a sick guy.
    he is very very sick.
    i don’t know his exact problem , but
    i doubt he will live for more than another year.

    so – thanks from me for having pot to get high is a bit of a joke , when compared to a guy that just wants to die without suffering too much.

    so i will say thanks for him.

    Thank You Mr. Marc Scott Emery


  15. New Brunswick Land of the trees!!! on

    I hope Obama takes all your CRACK away, god damm Yankees. Do nothing but bitch about Canada and start wars, How much money has you so called country wasted in the “On going” War against terrorism???? Billions, could have cured fucking cancer with that money, but no you didnt so we as canadians grow world renown plants and buds to serve as a medicinal alternative to your fucking shit you call medication. Get your heads out of your ass’s and smell the buds. Like to see all you posters against this site and article puking in the toilet everynight,everyday,everymoment( if you make it that far!!!!) from cancer meds, pain meds….. then smoke a hoot tell me how you feel.
    Keep Smoking all!!!!
    The fight continues!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From East Coast Canada

  16. TiredOfMorons on

    Wow, ThankfulAmerican.

    It seems someone has issues with control?

    Besides you sitting on this website, basically wasting all the time it took you to type your idiotic reply, Marc Emery has probably not had one bit of impact on your life, so why want to go “nab” those mentioned individuals?

    Show me one dead body Marc Emery has sucked the life from, show me one negative effect he has had on your life, you can’t, but yet you still want to imprison him.

    No wonder everyone hates this country, people like you have the mindset that you want to control everything regardless of whether it directly effects you or not. Disgusting.

    Oh well, if he goes to jail, it’ll be your money keeping him there, so who’s really the idiot?

  17. Thankful American on

    The Canucks are not only letting this happen, they are helping us in a major way.

    First of all that quadriplegic man, (which you spelled quadrapaligique, Hmmm? Canadian High School education maybe?) was probably a criminal the way Marc Emery was a drug kingpin.

    If you do live in America (which I doubt) you probably support that joke Obama. Did you register Republican to vote for Paul? Did you vote for Kucinich? Probably not, “Oh Obama’s here for change!” No he’s not, he’s on our side, and that’s why we will continue to raid collectives in California, sentence patients to 5 and 10 year mandatory minimums like those criminals Lynch and Lepp.

    What was the number 1 response to the White House’s request for citizen’s opinions on what change they want most? Marijuana reform. What was Obama’s response? The president is not in favor of marijuana reform.

    Obama is on our side and together with the DEA and law abiding citizens we will continue to go after domestic terrorists such as Lynch, Lepp, Rosenthal and any other treasonous individuals. We will also nab that international terrorists and terrorism sponsor Marc Emery.

    BTW, your sentence: “because you let our own police FORCE in the U.S. to do the same thing. ASSHOLE! Go back to High School”

    Because you let our own police force in the us TO do the same thing? You mean, because you ALLOW our police force in the us to do the same thing. Or, because you let our own police force in the us do the same thing?

    Whatever high school you went to was probably with the idiots in California or Canada.

  18. Marijuanaliberation on

    Jodie..dont worry, Things always Get worse before they get better, Marijuana legalization is becoming more and more popular here in the states, More and more people are seeing the ignorance in the laws that exist. I hate to see marc locked in a cage like some animal or Child rapist. I’m Glad he’ll be writing a book while in there because Im interested in reading it.

    Stay strong…Keep fighting everyone!!!

  19. phshn on

    Ok, “punk ass bitch” commenting dude, what exactly have you done for the movement? You sit here and bitch, but you offer no solutions. This is why we get nowhere and have the set backs we do, because of the people like you. I am an American Citizen like yourself and remember seeing video footage just a few months back on youtube of a few police officers dumping a crippled quadrapaligique man out of his wheelchair while making fun of him and interrogating him. This person wasn’t even using cannabis and he couldn’t talk because they broke his ribs. So to say the “Canucks” let this sort of thing happen, you should be ashamed of yourself, because you let our own police FORCE in the U.S. to do the same thing. ASSHOLE! Go back to High School

  20. Thankful American on

    I am a proud U.S. citizen and I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.

    Thank you Canada for being our bitch. This is the first stop in the Bitch-Ass Canada thanking tour.

    Thank you for letting our policies and ways spill over your borders onto Canadian soil.

    Thank you for bitching up and letting us fuck with Marc Emery. Man, if you Canadians didn’t bitch out so hard we never would’ve been able to put a huge dent in the Marijuana Movement. That one means a lot, thanks for having our back.

    I just heard today through Jack Herer’s website that you Canadians fucked with a man in Ottawa who has Cerebral Palsy. Fuckin awesome Canucks.
    Thank you for being pussy-ass bitches that let cops fuck with a man with cerebral palsy who cant talk, feed himself or even light a joint properly.

    Thank you for being our little punk-ass bitches.

    Canada: Continue waging our War on Drugs for us.

    Thank you Canada.