New Drug War Strategy Focuses on Weapons and Cash

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano spoke at the University of New Mexico on Friday to introduce the Obama administration's new anti-drug policy.U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano spoke at the University of New Mexico on Friday to introduce the Obama administration’s new anti-drug policy.The Obama administration plans to use a combination of new technology and old-fashioned police work to crack down on the extensive drug trade along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Janet Napolitano are due to announce a 2009 counternarcotics strategy at a press conference in Albuquerque, N.M. with White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske.

The strategy, obtained by The Associated Press, calls for a number of steps along the border to combat and detect smugglers, including:

– Building visual shields near border-crossing points so that drug cartel spotters can’t alert approaching motorists about inspections.

– Improving non-lethal weapons technology to help officers incapacitate suspects and disable motor vehicles and boats used by traffickers.

– Revive an interagency working group to coordinate intelligence.

– Use more intelligence analysts to ferret out drug-dealing networks.

The strategy is outlined in a document to be sent to Congress.

More than 10,800 people have been killed in Mexico by drug violence since December 2006. Mexico has deployed more than 45,000 soldiers across the country to fight the heavily armed cartels.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said the strategy is missing a key piece:

“I am disappointed that it does not call on departments of Homeland Security and Justice to resolve their long-standing turf battles over drug investigations,” Thompson, D-Miss., said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants more of its agents to have the authority to do drug investigations. But this can only happen if the Drug Enforcement Administration agrees. No such agreement has been reached.

The strategy’s long-range goals include developing new technology to process biometric information from documents used by Mexicans crossing the border.

That would allow Customs and Border Patrol officers to run fingerprint checks on Mexicans who have border crossing cards to enter the U.S. If the person had a criminal record, that could help investigators stop more low-level drug mules.

The Obama administration has pledged to provide more help in the effort, sending additional federal agents, officers, and equipment to the border and to Mexico to fight the Mexican cartels.

Speaking in Tucson, Ariz., Thursday, Napolitano said the U.S. strategy would also focus on reducing demand from drug users.

“This is not just about slowing or impeding the flow of drugs from Mexico and Central America into the United States, it’s also about reducing the demand for those drugs,” she said.

The Marijuana Policy Project, which supports regulating the drug like alcohol, criticized the plan.

“This new effort will keep a lot of cops and bureaucrats employed but will accomplish very little otherwise, because it ignores the central problem, which is that marijuana prohibition has handed the Mexican cartels a massive market that keeps them fat and happy,” said the group’s spokesman, Bruce Mirken.

– Article from The Associated Press.



  1. J.G.MacNeil on

    The U.s.’s famously successful despotic dictatorship policy for South America served it’s purpose for several decade, but now that Latin America is going socialist the U.s. needs the destabilizing drug policy to keep Latin America from becoming a bloc which would have a greater impact on world society than the European bloc. All of the rich capitalist countries know that they need massive exports in order for their system to remain viable, and that when their foreign markets dry up, because of local production, then that spells the death knell for capitalism. Since it is obvious that the world is becoming more integrated and that socialist progress cannot be stopped, then the capitalist governments all must know that they cannot maintain the drug offensive indefinitely. Let’s just hope that those morons don’t plan on hanging on to their obscene population control policy until the U.s. disintegrates, similar to the way those disgraceful French refused to surrender at Dien Bien Phu in ’54.

  2. Anonymous on

    keep up the good weed coming in,mexico.i cant believe my government actually thinks their going to stop the flow of dope into the u.s.are they smart enough to know that people are growing right here and people are fed up with this plan to stop all pot activities.big waste of money and time.YOU WILL NOT GID RID OF GODS GIFT TO THE WORLD.SO WHILE YOUR FOCUSED ON THIS SO CALLED COMBAT ON POT,ILL BE SMOKING GODS GIFT TO THIS WORLD.KEEP TOKIN AMERICA.LET THE IDIOTS GO ROUND IN CIRCLES

  3. Anonymous on

    I see where you are coming from here, but personally, I am seeing many states look at marijuana the way it should be looked at. I know it’s not where many of us want marijuana laws, but the fact that many states do nothing but write you up for a hundred dollar citation and seize your weed is a HUGE step from instantaneous jail/prison time for simple possession. As soon as the majority of the states have laws like this, the pressure on our Chief will be there to make it national. I see many such as Ohio, California, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Mass. And a few others. All of which recognize less than 1-1.5 oz of marijuana as a misdemeanor (which as first offense will be dropped), or even a civil infraction. This mentality is a step, and needs to be put into law in the majority of the states before our Chief even considers it as a national law.

  4. ZachB on

    It seemed pretty obvious marijuana wouldn’t be legalized by Obama but the political pressure on Canada not to legalize will hopefully end. Canada was taking steps towards decriminalizing while Chr├ętien was in power but the Bush Admin. put political pressure on us. The American government is so conservative its not likely weed will be decriminalized. Obama cannot lose the confidence of the rich conservative crowd which has a lot of political influence and the republicans don’t need anything else to criticize him on. If weed will ever be legal in the US it would have to be done with a strong democratic party with a legal similar to Jimmy Carter’s administration.

  5. Robert/VA on

    WASHINGTON, June 5 (Reuters) – The Obama administration’s top drug cop plans to spend more money on treating addiction and scale down the “war on drugs” rhetoric as part of an overhaul of U.S. counternarcotics strategy.

    But don’t expect the White House to consider legalizing marijuana, drug czar Gil Kerlikowske said on Friday.

    “The discussion about legalization is not a part of the president’s vocabulary under any circumstances and it’s not a part of mine,” Kerlikowske said in a telephone interview.

    Everyone Bought into the bullshit, and here is your answers.

    Bunch of dumb-asses