Free Adrienne – Court Date Set

Adrienne Simone will be going to court on June 16, 2009 to finally enter her plea after 1 1/2 years.

(06/16/2009 1:30 PM Department 04 Downtown Courthouse – 720 Ninth Street Sacramento, CA 9581)

Nearly 2 years ago on September 25, 2007, Adrienne Simone was visiting friends who had a certified legal medical marijuana garden.The house was attacked by a street gang known as the Belden Boys at 2:45 AM in such a loud and violent manner that all of the neighbors came out of their houses, one armed with a gun. The house was surrounded by the gangsters, estimated to be about 8. (Three days earlier they had been surrounded outside the house by the same gangsters who threatened to shoot them. The attackers were scared off when police arrived.)

Adrienne frantically picked up a .22 rifle and fired one shot out of a bedroom window, into the air.The bullet was later found to have hit the neighbor’s garage. One of the gangsters, was injured in the neighbors yard (other side of a solid wood fence) and Adrienne was immediately held responsible and kept locked up and incommunicado by police for hours without Miranda or arrest.

Her pleas for a lawyer and for the safety of her California assistance dog Louie, still locked up in a hot sunroom at the house, were ignored. He later had a heat induced stroke. After over a dozen calls through the night, no one in the police department would tell her frantic mother where she was.

She was later charged with two felony counts which carry 2 strikes and a prison term up to 23 years. The police did not investigate the source of other shots heard by neighbor witnesses nor did they allow her any presumption of innocence. A police press release was immediately sent out before Adrienne was allowed to communicate with anyone, which stated she had “shot a teenager” defending her pot garden.

When the detective who questioned Adrienne finally spoke to her mother, he later distorted what her mother had said and claimed in his report that Adrienne had called her mother and admitted firing at someone. This false information ran in the news for three days. No one ever wrote about what really happened and the media in Sacramento still refuses to do so.

Police stated verbally on tape and in the police blog that California medical marijuana laws were invalid (“bullshit”) and they did not recognize them. They blamed the victims themselves and said they should have allowed the gangsters to “do whatever they were going to do” ( MM patients have been severely beaten, shot and tied up as well as being robbed in Sacramento, so this is likely “what ever they were going to do”)

Shortly after, the gangsters were interviewed by police and admitted stalking the house several times and planning the home invasion. They also emphatically stated that the wounded gangster had been shot by a man standing outside and definitely not Adrienne. However, the gangsters were allowed to go free, despite their admissions of conspiratorial criminal activity and stating that “this is what we do for a living”. There was no investigation whatsoever into the identity of the man who shot the gangster. Recently, one of the gangsters was arrested for threatening someone with bodily harm and sent to jail for 30 days with a slap on the wrist. After this was discovered by Adrienne’s advocates, his entire arrest and incarceration reports disappeared from the online Sacramento County jail records.

Vigorous prosecution of Adrienne Simone continues based on the fact that she fired a shot and someone was hurt (the gangster recovered) while the criminals are free to continue robbing and attacking homes. The authorities stated many times that medical marijuana patients “invite attacks” and have no right to protect themselves from such attacks. Accounts of attacks on patients going back several years bear this out, including the well known Flora-care case. It appears that in Sacramento and other California counties, everyone else is justified in firing shots at unarmed robbers outside their homes during far less violent and threatening episodes. Such stories have appeared in the news many times. However, if you are a medical marijuana patient you are expected to offer no resistance and allow yourself to be robbed, beaten and possibly killed.

-Mary Ann Martorana
June 4, 2009