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I suspect that many police officers privately agree with the thoughts expressed in this very well crafted piece. Go read it. | Opinion | Legalize and regulate drug use

I am a police officer who supports incremental change toward the legalization and regulation of all drugs. This includes marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other substances. I do not condone drug abuse, nor breaking the law. But some laws are counterproductive and in this respect it is time for an honest discussion about Canada’s drug laws.



  1. LabRat on

    My sister dated an RCMP officer 30 some years ago and he was way cool. Twisted up a fatty with him while suckin’ back a few wobbly pops and he told me he hated busting stoners and always let them go with their stash if he didn’t have a partner looking on.

    Upstanding dude that survived the brain-washing of the Police Academy.

    Wish they were all like that.


  2. Anonymous on

    good luck with the growing pains, I only complain because I luv; spam sucks.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. jeremiah on

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  4. Anonymous on

    if you want people to read the site now that the magazine isn’t being printed, at least give us the complete article or a link to the full thing.

    and the whole two captcha thing is pretty lame too.