NeverGetBusted Tip: Swallow Your Stash

Never carry more than you can eat. Upon being stopped by the kops, simply chase the small stash down with a waiting beverage.

It’s not illegal to smell like pot, it’s only illegal to possess it. If the officer somehow saw you swallowing and he asks you about it, tell him you weren’t swallowing anything except water. In most states there is a charge for tampering with evidence. The act of eating marijuana falls under this statute but there is no way the officer can arrest you for it because the evidence you tampered with is in your stomach and unretreivable.

This method is safe since it’s impossible to overdose to death on marijuana. In over 5000 years of recorded use, there have been no deaths caused by marijuana.

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  2. Anonymous on

    your an angry man lol smoke a joint and chill out!

  3. Anonymous on

    The smell of Marijuana is not probable cause to search in Canada. A search based on smell has be proven unlawful as the smell only indicates that it WAS present. Now 4 years ago is a different story. But today a search based on smell alone can be fought.

  4. Anonymous on

    You are a loser in every aspect , faggot! I have never disrespected pigs or been so disgusted the way you make me, (well maybe not)Yolanda was an innocent bystander whom you forced into our corrupt so called “criminal justice system”, my ass, one day you will get ass cancer and will need medical marijuana.. just so you don’t puke your fucking meds up! But then you will be arrested for using your medicine. I hope and pray with all of my mite that you and your family suffers so. Busting cannabis and prohibtion of cannabis is a sin, anyone that does so should have a pound of nugs shoved strait up their ass and down their throat till you suffocate. PRICK!

  5. Anonymous on


    The removed post basically called you a scumbag for setting up the cops in the Odessa Texas sting, and suggested that you would be eventually prosecuted for wasting their time and filing false police reports. Yawn.

    It went on to say you were only out to make money for yourself with Kopbusters, which didn’t make much sense as you give away lots of good tips for free and your videos are widely pirated on youtube and other sites.

    I’ve never heard of you filing a DMCA takedown request to remove the copyrighted content, so I find it hard to believe you’re solely out to make money.

    The fact is that running a website/program like kopbusters takes money and I do not fault you one bit for trying to cover your expenses.

    Don’t sweat it, the comment which was removed was clearly posted by someone who has a vested interest in the continuation of the war on drugs.. and that’s a losing position in the modern political enviroment.

    Carry on Barry, we’re all proud of you around here.


  6. Laserbeam on

    Great advice!! Worked great at the border too! Just wonder if I really could of swallowed that huge nugget. LOL

  7. Anonymous on

    What if the Cops suspect eating – especially with having witnessed such an apparent, “furtive gesture” (as can be cited for searching, especially in traffic matters) –

    and they keep you for days, until you poop it out? They search each BM you pass, until it comes out? Maybe you have to package it in something like edible sex-wraps, that digest, too? Then the worst is being held until they give up… hoping that’s all, then?

  8. LabRat on

    Years ago four of us got stopped at the Banff gates by a cop greeter that smelled the last spliff we smoked a few minutes before on the drive from Calgary. I ate a 1/4 oz of blond leb hash and was wasted for twenty-four hours. My friends had a field day dragging my useless ass to every bar in town and making me the town fool.

    I never got busted tho. :0)

  9. Anonymous on

    His advice is nothing new he just packaged it and presented it in a clear instructable. You clearly have an agenda or are pissed that you got booked. If you have an agenda then frankly you aren’t hiding it very well (I smell bacon I smell pork run little piggy I have a fork). If you got booked on his advice, then that is your fault. I learned a lot from his DVD’s although I dloaded them, cuz I am piss poor.

  10. Anonymous on

    You’re a goofball and are clearly an Internet troll.

    Back in your hole.

  11. Joe Commander on

    Post removed for breaking CC policies.

  12. Anonymous on

    lame… in canada i’ve been busted 4 times byt he cops and let go everytime cause i stashed it by my cock cause they don’t go there. it’s in a bag so it’s safe and i get to smoke it after woo!