On the Road to Mandatory Minimums in Canada: Bill C-15 Passes Committee

CANNABIS CULTURE – Bill C-15, a bill that would introduce mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana in Canada, has received the support of Conservatives and Liberals and been approved by the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

The bill has been amended so that now 5 marijuana plants, instead of 1, trigger mandatory minimum sentences of 6 months in jail.

C-15 will be voted on once more before it passes out of the Parliament and into the Senate. It is absolutely imperative to tell your Member of Parliament to vote No on C-15.

Bill C-15, the proposed drug legislation by the Conservative Party of Canada, would impose mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana and a number of other draconian measures. Under C-15, an 18-year-old who shares a joint with a 17-year-old friend could end up in jail.

Tell your Member of Parliament to Vote No On C-15!. WhyProhibition.ca now has a form emailer for MPs. Click here to send an email to Members of Parliament opposing Bill C-15. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the letter, fill in the fields and click send. It’s that simple!

We need everyone to send emails to our Members of Parliament if we are going to defeat C-15!

Email your members of Parliament today!

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