The Eddy Lepp Sentencing

I keep thinking about Eddy Lepp and his sentencing, which I attended and discussed in my blog last week.

Judge Patel is not a dumb woman and she is aware of the marijuana movement, the epicenter of which is in the Ninth Federal Judicial District, she is aware of my case, and she has seen lots of other good people who deserve medals instead of what they are awarded – government housing behind bars.

When the sentencing was over, the judge went to her chambers, took off her judicial robe and was then in civilian clothes. She picked up her pocketbook and walked down to her car, did she have a nice meal that evening? Did she celebrate her “hands-tied” ruling? These are the mandatory minimums, what could she do? Did she go to the movies that night, or watch an “Idol” show? Did she care one bit about her decision, about the lives it ruined? I would like to think that she is a decent person, caught in a vice of bureaucracy. But if you are just another cog in the gear, you are helping it! You are enabling it! You become as guilty as the person giving the orders. In life, every person takes responsibility for their actions.

Over the weekend, maybe she went to a Memorial Day gathering of some sort, a party or maybe a barbeque. Did she think about Mr. Lepp? What about the young people at the party whop were furtively smoking a joint, did she just ignore that? Ultimately, the question that I am trying to ask is how much humanity does she have in her? Is civilization just a veneer for her? Does she ever think, what about justice?

Did the Nazi judges who determined whether someone was too feeble minded, mentally ill, deformed, gay, Jew, pole or Romani to live sleep well at night? Did they play with their children and not think of the ones they condemned? Did they think the world was better for their actions?

The other day a reader complained that I was being a little harsh in comparing judges who know better to Nazi judges. I find it hard to see a difference. Trials where no evidence is allowed, juries screened to assure prejudice, life-threatening sentences, swing that gavel, next case- I just fail to see a difference. Eddy Lepp was sentenced to ten years in prison for helping hundreds of people who needed medicine. Sending the healers to prison is a grotesque mockery of justice.

Fred Gardner’s O’Shaunessy newspaper magazine cover medical aspects of marijuana. This and Treating Yourself Magazine are great medical references. It is imperative that every district attorney in the U.S. receive copies of these magazines. Send a copy to your local DA, make sure they are well informed They could even be on disc! The reason: so that they have no defense when they try to claim that they had no idea that marijuana had medical value. After that the charge against them: crimes against humanity. The drug war has two sides.