B.C. Judge Agrees To Delay of Marc Emery U.S. Extradition Hearing

A judge has agreed to adjourn the extradition hearing for marijuana activist Marc Emery that was scheduled to begin next week.

Emery’s lawyer, Ian Donaldson, told B.C. Supreme Court Madam Justice Anne Mackenzie he needed more time to finalize an agreement with U.S. prosecutors that would end the need for the hearing.

Donaldson noted that two of Emery’s co-accused have pleaded guilty to their part in a scheme in which marijuana seeds were sold for use in grow-ops south of the border.

He said that since the pleas by Michelle Rainey and Gregory Williams were entered in Seattle last month, he has been in discussions with the U.S. prosecuting counsel.

“He and I have a general framework capable of resolving the case for Mr. Emery.”

Donaldson said that under the agreement, Emery would consent to be committed for extradition on one of the three criminal counts he faces. He noted that the Canadian authorities are opposed to such a move.

He asked for an adjournment of two to three weeks so he could further discuss the matter with a U.S. defence lawyer who would handle the case in Seattle.

Kerry Swift, a lawyer for the federal justice department, told the judge she had spoken to her superiors in Ottawa and they were opposed to the adjournment.

She noted the case had already been delayed a number of times and previous negotiations to resolve the matter had gone off the rails.

But the judge said she accepted that Donaldson had made efforts to resolve the case and agreed to put off the matter for several weeks. The next court appearance is June 3 to address the availability of a Crown witness — an undercover officer — who is to testify if the hearing goes ahead. Emery was arrested on the drug charges in 2005.

– Article from The Province.



  1. Anonymous on

    I live for others and YOU DO TO




  2. Anonymous on

    I cannot believe that you Canadians are even thinking of bowing down to the USA over a matter of national sovereignty.

    What M.E. did was legal in Canada. Tough s**t that America doesn’t like it. He was legal, paid taxes, and now your government is thinking of surrendering to mine.

    Marc doesn’t deserve 10-100 years for what he did – selling seeds of a plant, for heaven’s sake…..

    Canadians! Grow a tougher backbone and tell the USA to jump a moose turd and don’t surrender Emery to the USA.

  3. Cory on

    Marc man we are all still fighting for you ma, i sent al least 3 letters a week to the minister of justice and everyone else that i think it concerns. More time is very good, it allows you to prpare a little more. Iam doing as much as i can for you man. Iam spreeding the work everyday about you to get people inspired just like i did. I fighting on your side Emery.

    Everyone needs to help out please send letters to the minister of justice.

    Do your part and we can help Marc

    Remember fight for what you believe in! and for me it’s marc who i believe in.

    Over Grow the government.
    It’s time we show what we are capable of.

  4. Anonymous on

    The recent news of a possible deal from goodster was saddening. MR. Emery, i have been in this shit since the begining and i am not about to let you put your chin down for those fucks. they have stole my life, my health, my family, and phrase it bluntly. THE BALL IS IN OUR COURT, i as you are facing extradtion to the states where i will face certain death and i came here so like you others would follow in our path. it was meant for the peace of the world in the first place.

    I am stunned, that IAN with all respect is thinking like a coward.
    Never surrender and OVERGROW were the words that kept me alive while my father did a 17 year bid. he should have ran to amsterdam and he looking back wished he had. i am not some nube to Canadian politics, nor am i, young and idealistic. call if your down, hoped you liked the gift.
    I live for others and YOU DO TO—NEVER SURRENDER , TN2

  5. Anonymous on

    hey there has anyone realized first off the U.S had and still has no jursidicition in canada where he was arrested,Second the have to have a grand jury indicment fro any crime that is a felony or otherwise infamous crime=mismeanor with 1 year in jail or longer,Supreme Court ruling.Also the undercover officer testimony is hearsay and creates a conflict of interest.The Government the one wanting to try you,and the government’s agent is the one suppling the testimony against you .Either way,I wish you the best Marc,from one canadian smoker to another.

  6. Anonymous on

    The whole case is completly based on pressuring political activists and trying to silence their voice/monetary contributions to the movement. The DEA letter typed up on the behalf of the raid clearly states it as a majot “blow” to activists who will have “one less” source of funds to rely on. How can that letter in itself not get the case thrown???

  7. Reggaesmoker on

    Please no one forget Overgrow/Heavens Stairway was committing the exact same criminal acts, at the exact same time in both Canada and the USA. They got busted shortly after the BC3 but no one there has been extradited, they were all charged in canada only.

    Only difference between the two groups was political activism