Is Marc Emery a Boring Narcissist?

The Vancouver Province, a CanWest newspaper, says Marc Emery is paranoid with delusions of grandeur.The Vancouver Province, a CanWest newspaper, says Marc Emery is paranoid with delusions of grandeur.Is Cannabis Culture editor Marc Emery a shameless, boring self-promoter? The Vancouver Province thinks so.

Here the article from today’s Province:

Marc Emery should stop smoking so much marijuana. It appears to be making him paranoid with delusions of grandeur.

The man, affectionately dubbed by himself and others as the Prince of Pot, went to the media Tuesday to assert a claim that the City of Vancouver is out to get him.

According to Emery, his recent business-license applications were rejected for reasons that involve — and we’re not making this up — the 2010 Olympics.

The Prince says the city denies this claim, but he knows otherwise.

“This is totally related to the Olympics,” Emery said Tuesday. “They’re just nervous to show the culture of what Vancouver is really like to the world.” Oh, really.

There are aspects of this city our officials might not want the world to see but it’s hard to believe anyone has given more than a second’s concern to the image of Emery and his acolytes smoking a few fatties during a protest outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The homeless, the bad weather, the traffic, the obvious lack of dog parks … now those are black eyes for the city. But Emery and his clowns puffing on some primo chronic, well, fact is, no one gives a damn.

Emery was convicted of drug trafficking in 2004. He insists he was merely passing a joint and that the city is using his criminal record as a way to block his business license applications.

On that point, he may have something.

Emery, who has been in and out of trouble with the law in Canada and the United States, is not the kind of businessman likely to seek the presidency of the Vancouver Board of Trade. Therefore, it is not outside the realm of possibility the city would look at legal ways to prevent the Prince from doing business here.

In turn, Emery can pursue his own course of action through the courts.

But this is not about the Olympics.

This is about a shameless, boring self-promoter with a criminal record and an exaggerated sense of self-importance.


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– Article from The Province