Is Marc Emery a Boring Narcissist?

The Vancouver Province, a CanWest newspaper, says Marc Emery is paranoid with delusions of grandeur.The Vancouver Province, a CanWest newspaper, says Marc Emery is paranoid with delusions of grandeur.Is Cannabis Culture editor Marc Emery a shameless, boring self-promoter? The Vancouver Province thinks so.

Here the article from today’s Province:

Marc Emery should stop smoking so much marijuana. It appears to be making him paranoid with delusions of grandeur.

The man, affectionately dubbed by himself and others as the Prince of Pot, went to the media Tuesday to assert a claim that the City of Vancouver is out to get him.

According to Emery, his recent business-license applications were rejected for reasons that involve — and we’re not making this up — the 2010 Olympics.

The Prince says the city denies this claim, but he knows otherwise.

“This is totally related to the Olympics,” Emery said Tuesday. “They’re just nervous to show the culture of what Vancouver is really like to the world.” Oh, really.

There are aspects of this city our officials might not want the world to see but it’s hard to believe anyone has given more than a second’s concern to the image of Emery and his acolytes smoking a few fatties during a protest outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The homeless, the bad weather, the traffic, the obvious lack of dog parks … now those are black eyes for the city. But Emery and his clowns puffing on some primo chronic, well, fact is, no one gives a damn.

Emery was convicted of drug trafficking in 2004. He insists he was merely passing a joint and that the city is using his criminal record as a way to block his business license applications.

On that point, he may have something.

Emery, who has been in and out of trouble with the law in Canada and the United States, is not the kind of businessman likely to seek the presidency of the Vancouver Board of Trade. Therefore, it is not outside the realm of possibility the city would look at legal ways to prevent the Prince from doing business here.

In turn, Emery can pursue his own course of action through the courts.

But this is not about the Olympics.

This is about a shameless, boring self-promoter with a criminal record and an exaggerated sense of self-importance.


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– Article from The Province



  1. Anonymous on

    Barry you are THE man. End of story.

  2. Anonymous on

    Any person that reads the province regularly and likes it will love this article, this is formulaic writing aimed at a 51% majority , I don’t know Marc personally but have “followed” his career closely , and other than being very vocal about his cause , deserves a business license if only to shut him up, now he has another controversy to bitch about good job city of vancouver.any one that has any prior knowledge of marc’s work will read this article and say “fuck you guy that wrote this article” but anyone with no knowledge of marc will read it and say “its in the province he must be a real asshole this Mr.Emery, which is most people.

  3. Dave on

    Yea, yea, all the blah, blah… He has more courage than all of us combined. Not many of you critics would go out on a limb like he has. So give credit were it’s due and the hell with your opinions of him. While his courage is a beacon, your criticism means nothing to the movement!

  4. Anonymous on

    I should clarify, I meant that emery was indirectly employing the original author.Not with money, but with giving him something to write about which gives him work for the day.

  5. Anonymous on

    maybe you are confused. the one that works for emery is the one that posted the article here on CC. he was not the author hired by The Province to write this crap.

    now the author of this article in The Province is a biased verbal bully. he tries to get people to read his article with tactical belittling of controversial counterculture figures.

  6. Worm on

    The city is using the media to garner support for not giving Marc his license. Did this “reporter” bother to research other citys that held the olympics and see the measures they took to remove undesirables from their cities so the world would think everything is beautiful. Jealousy rears it’s ugly head again.

  7. Quankers on

    Narcassist? Arguable, but I sure don’t think so. Boring? Never.

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this insult if I were you, Marc.

  8. Anonymous on

    Yes, Marc Emery is a self-promoter. He has to be because the legalization movement needs faces and personalities. It’s encouraging to see so many mainstream politicians talking openly about legalization because there needs to be a variety of faces involved. Marc Emery can’t do this alone, but he can be an enormously effective presence.

    As for the 2010 Olympics? I’m sorry but I doubted that when I read the other articles about the business license. I do think they have a bias against him, but I don’t see the Olympics as being a relevant argument.

  9. BC_Budman on

    A reporter that stoops to ad hominem attacks is NOT a reporter by anyone’s definition.

  10. serge on

    lol marc is the prince of pot known around the world those poor tourist are gona come to the olimpics and gona want to visit the store for sure . but is it gona be there i hope so i was gona go to olimpics but i wanted to go at the store mmm

  11. Noah Nugseed on

    I love how the reporter can promote thier own ideas, but if you do it for pot you’re a no good, “boring self-promoter”! Thanks for keeping the human race down with this article.

  12. Lexy. on

    While I don’t disagree with the general sentiment in the province article; “Is Marc Emery a Boring Narcissist?”, I have to say that I disagree with the discrediting nature of the business licencing issue. Never before has there been a problem licencing the Cannabis based businesses on Hastings and Cambie, and now with the nearing of the Host City gig there has been a change. Saying that the two are not somehow connected is a little bit short sighted in my opinion.
    Whether Marc Emery is a boring narcissist? That is a debate that could go on for a million years. It’s a personal opinion about a man that is relatively high profile locally. Undeniably, there have been doors opened up by Mr. Emery throughout the last ten years in Cannabis Activism. We wouldn’t get the press we have without him. And certainly there is room to debate his “criminal record” and hear opinions from all sides of the spectrum on what transpired in Canada the day that he and his staff were raided. Throwing these things together with the licensing issue in a borderline slander campaign in the Province seems just a touch ludicrous to me. So, my question is what the Province article is actually trying to get across? That Marc Emery has used his platform as an activist to gain some kind of an “illusion of grandeur” is a valid point, but what politician among us has not? And on the other side of the token, how many activists have shed so much light on the cannabis movement in recent history? So perhaps his jesus complex is his right.
    My personal experiences, as someone invloved in the movement myself, have been mostly negative when dealing with Marc Emery. And they have become moreso in recent years as Marc’s popularity grows. And as he appears in more movies, more interviews, and more articles, His ego follows suit and expands. But while I personally don’t have a desire to be one of Marc’s right hand ladies; There are plenty of ladies who are ready and willing to be yes-men with great legs. And that, I suppose, is their (and his) perogative.
    Is Marc Emery a narcissist? Yah. Damn right he is. But this doesn’t discredit him as a fair and good business owner, or as a revolutionary.. which he undeniably is.
    So, whether Marc Emery is boring, or old hat, or bigheaded is a little bit of a moot point, and I personally think that the article in question makes The Province look bad. It’s more like a vindictive note on facebook than any useful article, and the things questioned have no bearing on the real issue. If there was ever a more one sided way to present this story, I would like to have seen it.
    It is my hope that more citzens of the lower mainland support these businesses on Hastings street for years to come, and that they write letters to city hall like I have already done.

  13. Anonymous on

    yes hes boring and a drama queen & has been for the last decade
    maybe its THC poisoning
    ignore what he’s been doing ?
    what has he been doing except whine and party
    and hold himself up as the superman of pot ?
    really .. a 30 second news clip does not a hero make
    no laws changed
    nobody got out of jail
    no politics shifted
    pit is still against the law everywhere
    he made $15 million bucks and the cops took it all away
    tht pot laws just got worse as he fucked around being a camera hog
    not that he isn’t allowed to be a fuck around camera hog
    but he’s in it for himself and says so
    whats the big mystery, oh stoner nation?

    he’s going to jail fro drug crime
    thats what he will be doing

  14. JuneBug on

    From the outside (not knowing Marc personally) it looks like a self-created prince looking to fill his kingdom with “followers” (as one commenter called themselves). I personally tune the noise out and seek out the lesser known, but more compelling characters in the legalization scene.

    But we all stand for the same cause, despite our differences. I’m for any noise that gets people talking about the issue.

    As for the olympics, by a stretch of imagination, I suppose the city is seeing the business license as legitimizing cannabis? I firmly believe the tourists to Vancouver will be treated to some of the best bud in the world, with or without Marc’s business license :).


  15. Anonymous on

    Yes. He seems full of himself, but you can’t ignore what he’s doing.

  16. Anonymous on

    although i do think that marc does sometimes shamelessly self promote himself as well as his store, i just think its the shrewd business man in him doing so.

    one cannot deny marc is a hero to the cannabis community and his efforts are truly inspiring. his willingness to take on the US gov’t and do time for the rest of his life as a ‘cannabis martyr’ is amazing.

    why doesn’t marc just get someone else to put the store in their name to avoid all this hassle?

  17. Anonymous on

    No amount of ridicule could ever change what Mark has done for the freedom of everyone! He is a brilliant, vibrant man with a reason to feel paranoid. Considered one of the top drug kingpins in america with extradition breathing down his neck, Mark has kept on pushing even at the hardest of times!

    Dont let main stream media run your life or you will be a scared sheep!

    Peace to all, keep it up Mark!

  18. Michael N on

    That’s why I personally cancelled both ‘The Province’ and ‘The Vancouver Sun’ from home-delivery…the content is just too biased and yellow these days. I just couldn’t stand paying to read that drivel anymore.

  19. Cory on

    Marc emery is the most inspiring person ever. The person who wrote this article will never be known like marc is. This person should ofwrote the article on himself saying how boring the people think he is. Marc emery is a hero to Canada and this world an I would stand by his side anytime! Fight for what you beleive in. Stand up for yourself. My name is cory proulx an I want to fight along side with marc emery

  20. Anonymous on

    I love the irony in this article. Like how marc emery just employed the author that’s hating on him for the day. Furthermore, it seems a bit counterintuitive to run a printed story about someone who truly no one cares about. I think deep down the author thinks marc is a pretty cool guy, and is struggling with these feelings:=)

  21. Brian Kerr on

    If Mark does not get his business license then with his followers in BC and perhaps other places can make Cannabis a Central point in the coverage of the Olympics. Weed flags where cames are going to see it. Reporters on the street. Smoke ins around the the Olympic sites.

    Who knows!

    Maybe I am just dreaming sweet dreams.