The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Filmmaker Adam Scorgie’s documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High will soon be available on DVD.

From the press release,

THE UNION is a documentary film which follows filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he demystifies the underground market and brings to light how the marijuana industry can function while remaining illegal. Through interviews with growers, police officers, criminologists, economists, doctors, politicians and pop culture icons, such as Joe Rogan and Tommy Chong, Scorgie examines the cause and effect nature of the business – an industry that may be profiting more by being illegal.

The film also stars Cannabis Culture editor and publisher Marc Emery, as well as other CC friends and contributors.

I haven’t seen it yet, but will let you know what I think once I get my screener copy!

Here’s the trailer:

Executive Producer Adam Scorgie and Director Brett Harvey appeared recently on CBC’s the Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos to discus the film.

Check out the movie website here.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.