Wildlife the victim of growing Bay Area marijuana business

RE: Wildlife the victim of growing Bay Area marijuana business

The environmental damage detailed in your article is solely an artifact of prohibition. If marijuana was legal, and medical patients and cooperatives weren’t in danger of having their gardens raided, this would not go on. Responsibly maintained greenhouses and gardens, whether growing marijuana or any other plant, do not wreak this kind of havoc on the environment.

On another note, just because a Spanish language newspaper or a taco wrapper is found at the site, it doesn’t mean a cartel is running it. This is the kind of propaganda which hurts the entire Latino community, especially here in California.

The only way to stop this damage to plants, the environment, and wildlife is to legalize and regulate marijuana, and then taxpayers will no longer have to pay for this scenario of illegal grows in parks and the persecution and destruction of them. The billions of dollars taken out of the black market every year by these raids could be siphoned back into the economy.


Ed Rosenthal
[email protected]