Help Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture Get Our Business Licenses!

Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture HeadquartersMarc Emery’s Cannabis Culture HeadquartersCANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery and CCHQ will return to Vancouver City Council (at City Hall, Cambie Street and 12th Ave.) on May 19th, 9:30 in the morning, for our business license hearing.

The City of Vancouver has unfairly refused to grant a business license to Marc and his 420 Convenience store and Cannabis Culture Headquarters (which houses CC Magazine, the Herb Museum, Vapour Lounge and the office of the Marijuana Party of British Columbia). Read more here and here.

Please send polite letters (or cut and paste the one below) to [email protected] and tell the Mayor and City Council of Vancouver to give Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture their business licenses!


EMAIL: [email protected]

FAX: 604.873.7419


Dear Vancouver City Council:

I am writing to support granting business licenses to Marc Emery for the “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” store at 307 West Hastings Street and “420 Convenience” store at 316 West Hastings.

I believe the businesses contribute positively to the local community and improve the area culturally and economically. In light of Marc Emery’s significant contributions to Vancouver and BC, I wholeheartedly support his application for business licenses and encourage you to do the same.


(Phone Number)



  1. Anonymous on


    Under what Law are you required to have a buisiness license?

    Have you read ALL applicable statutes and / or bylaws pertaining to you engaging in the activity you wish to engage in?

    What would happen if you engaged in those activities without a business license?

    If you believe it is your duty to engage in these activities in order to preserve the rights of future generations, why are you asking permission to do so?

    Think Free

  2. Cory Proulx on

    They have to give you a business license, you bring so many tourist to vancouver to see your headquaters ‘420’ shop, an make so much business. I send one e-mail a day to the mayor and council of vancouver and I’am not going to stop until they give your license.

  3. Nugzy on

    I sent my letter and also forwarded this page to all my friends to do the same.

    Keep sending those emails, Writing those letters and making those calls.

    Bless you all.

  4. Caber1 on

    Last letter was nicely worded.
    I feel for ya Marc. You do so much for so many and under constant duress.

    Good thing you have ganja.
    For those that don’t partake, that is up to you and I don’t care or judge you one way or the other so what is so lacking in your life that you need to worry about what I smoke.

  5. Worm on

    I’ve sent mine.


    Peace and Pot

  6. jamesb on

    This is what I got back when I sent my mail yesterday..

    It also got forwarded to Enforcement and Prosecutions. Are they coming after me now?

    From: Correspondence Group, City Clerk’s Office
    Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 10:58 PM
    Subject: RE: CC business license

    Thank you for your email which has been forwarded to the attention of the Business License Meeting Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Enforcement & Prosecutions.

    From: [mailto:]
    Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 12:05 PM
    To: Correspondence Group, City Clerk’s Office
    Subject: CC business license

    Dear Vancouver City Counsel,

    As a Dutchman I wearily see more and more repression coming from Canada, from British Columbia, and now even from the great City of Vancouver. I do not think this is the right road to a smart future. Fact of the matter is, cannabis IS a culture and it has rooted firmly wherther you like it or not. Cannabis is here to stay. Why fight the obvious? You can of course gray out the city after the conservative model that has proven to be so costly, inefective and most of all uncozy and inhospitable. Or you can allow a few bright spots that will give the great City of Vancouver its allure it has always had. Imagine Amsterdam without coffee shops! It would cost billions in tourist revenues, crime would rise and so would the number of victims of that risen crime. The overall cannabis use and trade would not drop, it would just go underground where it would get mixed with the hard drugs trade, crime and violence.

    It is usually far more intelligent to equally balance the interests of all the stakeholders in any ongoing conflict. That way everybody gets a little of what he or she wants, without aggrevating one another needlessly. Besides, if you make Mr. Emery’s aspirations impossible on administrative grounds, you will make him all the more popular, as he would be serving a martyr role, an example to youths. If that is what you want, go right ahead. However, it is also possible to heed a significant portion of the Canadian public, and not pretend they do not exist, or worse, confront them. It will lead to alienation, wrath and conflict. Which of course will not contribute to a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

    Vancouver could be a happy place or it could be a cold concrete desert of law and order. If I were you I would want a city that can be a home to everyone.

    Please grant Mr Emery his business license. The great City of Vancouver will certainly benefit from it. Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,

  7. Fred the Plumber on

    Any act that one can procure a license for in a regulatory framework must be a fundamentally lawful activity outside of that framework. The requirement to “apply” for a license is by definition an obligation to “beg”. The definition of “apply” is to “beg”. No-one is obligated to beg for anything and anyone that is requiring that must prove that they have the right to demand servitude from another.
    Demand these boneheads in council prove that you are required to beg for the license and to prove that they have the authority to demand that you do. Always remember that they are public servants, not public masters.
    If there was more time, it would be possible to have them completely without power against you and unable to enforce any of their stupid bullshit statutes against you.

  8. mike griffin on

    who could even go to Vancouver and not want to see marc emery’s stores .it would be like visiting Paris and not seeing the eiffel tower.marcs place is a true tourist destination .how could they even consider not renewing his licence

  9. Dove on

    Yes, this IS obviously just a push to get Marc & the block out of site while the Olympics are on (just like they’ll attempt to TeMpOrARiLy house the homeless people while the Olympics are on).
    Sending out emails is good, SENDING IN LETTERS would be better (harder to ignore -no delete button), and definitely more media coverage revealing this issue needs to happen.

    Copying that letter & emailing it or making letters and getting people to sign wouldn’t be too hard… anyone want to ‘set up shop’ in key areas (like downtown and skytrain stations, etc) and get people to sign these with me?
    Contact me in the forums.