Will Foster Letter Campaign

Below is a copy of the letter we would like you to send to Sonoma County D.A. Stephen Passalacqua regarding the medical marijuana case of William Foster. Please let the D.A. know that you think his case is a burden on the taxpayers of Sonoma County as well as inhumane.

You can email the letter by clicking this link and pasting it in http://www.sonoma-county.org/da/feedback.asp?id=87 then click “Suggestion” and paste the letter into the Description box.

You can also print it out and mail it to:

Sonoma County District Attorney Stephen Passalacqua
County of Sonoma, Hall of Justice
600 Administration Dr, Room 212J
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Dear Sonoma County District Attorney Stephan R. Passalacqua,

I am writing to you because I am concerned about the waste of precious resources being used to prosecute medical marijuana patients. One of the reasons you were elected is because of the position you took on medical marijuana. During your campaign, you made it clear that you did not want to subvert the will of the voters. I am concerned about your change of position now that you are in office. The money spent on prosecuting medical marijuana patients could be spent in better ways. The financial situation of the county is only getting worse and you are wasting money on frivolous prosecutions.

I am particularly disturbed about the case of William Foster, who has been in jail awaiting trial for more than a year and believe that he is being wrongfully held and prosecuted for vindictive reasons. He is innocent of the charges against him and is well known as a caregiver.

I’ve been informed that there is testimony (11-9-2008) by your main witness, Sonoma County Drug Task Force Officer Andy Cash where he stated “the state ID card meant nothing to him during the arrest of Mr. Foster.” This blatant disregard for California laws denigrates peace officers who do obey the law.

I am asking you to drop this case so William Foster can go back to his law-abiding life in California, and residents of Sonoma Country don’t have to spend money on frivolous government activities. Amidst heavy budget cuts, a good way to triage this would be to eliminate all cases that are pending against medical marijuana patients.

Thank you for your time. I hope this letter is met with your serious consideration.



Also — Will Foster’s hearing for the motion to suppress evidence is still scheduled for Tuesday May 19
Save the date: Tuesday, 5/19 at 1:30pm – Hearing re: motion to suppress search warrant.
Place: Sonoma County Court House, Judge Antolini Dept 3.
Court room support for the 5/19 hearing is very important.