Majority of Americans Favor Pot Legalization

A slim majority of Americans favour the legalisation, taxing, and regulation of marijuana, according to a new poll released yesterday.

The poll is the first time more than 50% of Americans have favoured legalisation, said Bruce Mirken, communications director of the Marijuana Policy Project, a thinktank that supports decriminalising the drug.

The survey was conducted by Zogby and the O’Leary Report, a conservative publication.

Of the 3,919 American surveyed, 52% favour legalising the drug, while 37% oppose it. The poll advances slightly from one taken last week by ABC News and the Washington Post, in which 46% favour legalisation compared to 52% who oppose.

“This new survey continues the recent trend of strong and growing support for taxing and regulating marijuana and ending the disastrously failed policy of prohibition,” Rob Kampia, Marijuana Policy Project executive director, said in a statement.

Respondents were asked:

Scarce law enforcement and prison resources, a desire to neutralize drug cartels and the need for new sources of revenue have resurrected the topic of legalizing marijuana. Proponents say it makes sense to tax and regulate the drug while opponents say that legalization would lead marijuana users to use other illegal drugs. Would you favor or oppose the government’s effort to legalize marijuana?

The Obama administration said recently it would no longer prosecute medical marijuana providers who are otherwise in compliance with state law, though the president does not favour outright legalisation. In Massachusetts, voters in November decriminalised possession of an ounce or less of the drug. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently said the time is right for a debate on marijuana legalisation.

– Article from The Guardian.



  1. imadelovetomebong on

    well lets say u can grow tomatoes but do u really grow them? hell no cuz its easier to buy em and any way people will realize tht its not worth growing cuz it takes 18 weeks to grow not a even a decent sized bud and ur first bud/crop on your plant dont do nuttin for ya they would make many and dont ever ever ever ever say those words u said in the beging.have hope little buddy!

  2. Anonymous on

    Hey everybody, I live in U.S. South Dakota, originally from Iowa. I was just checking the Bud laws in S.D. out of curiosity and discovered if you are holding 2oz of grass or less it is a Class 1 misdemeanor worth one year imprisonment in a county jail or two thousand dollars fine, or both. Now I found that to be rather excessive. Then I remembered a tragic shooting that occurred in my town a few weeks ago. A 21 year old college kid 4.0 gpa had been killed because he accidentally tried to get into his neighbors house and the 28 year old (McDonald’s manager) shot him through the screen door twice after talking to the drunk kid.

    Now this is a terrible thing and yet the guy had all charges dropped and he was let go hours later.

    You can kill someone on your property and get off free in South Dakota, but have a few Grams of weed and your ass goes to jail for a Year.

    The Moral Compass of Conservative America is so Fucked up I don’t think they could find their way out of a room full of doors.

  3. Anonymous on

    it will never be legal because the government wont make any money from it. if it was legal most people would just grow there own instead of buying it at stores.

  4. Anonymous on

    right on my man, basically the government and their silent partners.

  5. Anonymous on

    who profit from marijuana being illegal would vote no. like drug dealers.disgusting police and all the other despicable profiteers in human misery

  6. Ozlanthos on

    Actually I think we have the number of supporters required to legalize now. The problem is the size of the polling sample was too small. If the sample was around 3 Million Americans, I think the number of “yes” votes would have been closer to 70%. Most places I have been, and people I have talked to have left me with the impression that 80% of the “no” votes in such polls are conditioned responses instilled by our government’s (and the MSM’s) desire to demonize marijuana and it’s users.


  7. Anonymous on

    I’ll guess the support will have to be overwhelming to change things. Way too much money is being made on each side of this issue.