Sacramento… Tent (ha) City’s War on Weed

From Mary Ann M. via Facebook: Here in Sacramento and other California counties there is a war which is focused on the disabled users of medical marijuana.

Because the county refuses to accept California’s medical marijuana laws, the police condone attacks on patients by home invading street gangs and actually protect the gangsters if patients try to defend themselves.

You will go to prison if medical marijuana is involved faster than if the use is recreational. I know, because my daughter was visiting in a house where this happened. One of the 8 gangsters (The Belden Boys) who were rushing the house was wounded and she was blamed because she accidentally fired a “warning shot” which actually did not hit the gangster. She was naive enough to admit it to police because she thought she had rights. (MM patients have no rights here and are considered criminal drug addicts)

The gangster was most likely hit by a neighbor’s shot because the noisy attack at 2:45 AM turned the neighborhood into the wild west. The sick and disabled 60 year old man who lived in the house being attacked is now serving 16 months in state prison and just collapsed in the jail while awaiting transport. My daughter faces 23 years in prison and two felony strikes while the gangsters statements were taken (they say the shooter wasn’t her) and they were allowed to go free even though they admitted they were there to rob the place.

That is called criminal conspiracy in the law books but apparently is not recognized as such here. And last but not least, the recovered “victim” who was wounded, sued the man who lived in the house and won an undisclosed sum of cash. I have tried everything I know to get an investigation into how this case was conducted and have been ignored by the California Attorney General, the US Attorney General, the President of the United States and every media person I have contacted. If my daughter were a white suburban housewife she would have been congratulated on defending herself and had numerous positive stores in the media (Happens here on a regular basis) Because she is a poor minority “nobody” she will go to prison for a crime she did not commit.

Isn’t it ironic that she and people like Will Foster face harsh sentencing while the governor of California promotes legalization to get the state out of its financial crisis.