California Sheriff Raids Medical Marijuana Dispensary with DEA

In spite of recent announcements by the Attorney General that the days of federal agents raiding legal medical marijuana dispensaries are over, the Sheriff of Kern County, California utilized agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency Wednesday in its raid of a medical marijuana dispensary in east Bakersfield.

Local TV station KGET 17 News reports that the search warrant was served on the Green Cross Compassionate Medical Marijuana Co-operative at 319 Bernard Street in Bakersfield.

The station’s Website stated that their calls to the sheriff’s department were not immediately returned. They did contact the DEA who reportedly stated that the agency was there only to assist, insisting that the lead agency on the case was the sheriff’s department.

The story is taking place a couple of hours east of Morro Bay, California, where lawful medical marijuana dispensary owner Charles Lynch was singled out by the local sheriff who also used the DEA to conduct their raid.

Medical marijuana is legal in California and Attorney General Eric Holder recently said federal agents will no longer be utilized to raid dispensaries unless they are violating both federal and state law.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood told KGET 17 News that his office will not interfere with the operation of non-profit medical co-operatives run by patients for patients. But, he said dispensaries that sell marijuana for a profit should be expected to be treated like other drug dealers.

The powerful group of advocates fighting for patient’s rights in California are sure to be highly dismayed with this seemingly creative law enforcement approach.

Bakersfield, California is not a community known for progressive politics in law enforcement. There are many occasions over the years that Kern County deputies have reportedly violated the rights of news reporters and photographers on the job.

There is nothing more to report at this time, we will make calls and try to get more of the story.

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  1. HBADDOG on

    To The Marijuana Freaks & The Mama Boys of The World.

    Snivel, Snivel, they took the guns, the marijuana,
    the meth, and the “Mama’s Boy Pride” of laying
    around the house all day all drugged up. Now Mama
    has nothing to come home to but a pile of tears and
    nasty brown stained smelly wet pants. How cruel.


  2. Anonymous on

    bull shit, why havnt they started raiding pharmasutical comapanys that make vicondin and marinal. The people making money off that arnt sick. Who’s the sickos , the DEA’s a gang that steals!

  3. Chavez on

    This proves it. The DEA is a rogue agency that will continue to run roughshod over the people’s rights until a president comes along with the balls to shut them down. And this sheriff in Bakersfield obviously doesn’t know the law: under California’s medical marijuana law, marijuana dispensaries are allowed to make reasonable profits.

  4. Anonymous on

    Funny how big business like Exxon/Mobil could make record profits(gouge), other companies can run their business in the ground due to incompetence/corruption and subject the hard working employees to retirement loss and they don’t care about that. Hey Donny ur a PUNK!

  5. David on


  6. Worm on

    I hope the voters remember this asshole sheriff come election day.


    Peace and Pot