Vancouver Global Marijuana March in Photos

The Global Marijuana March of 2009 in Vancouver (All photos by Jeremiah Vandermeer)The Global Marijuana March of 2009 in Vancouver (All photos by Jeremiah Vandermeer)CANNABIS CULTURE – Photo gallery of the Vancouver Global Marijuana March of 2009.

Hundreds showed up for The 2009 Global Marijuana March in Vancouver to call for an end to marijuana prohibition and oppose the Conservative government’s proposed Bill C-15. The March started at The Vancouver Art Gallery – moving through the streets of downtown with a police escort – and ended at the new Convention Center on the waterfront where the Liberal Party of Canada was meeting to install their new leader.

Protesters chanted “Stop Bill C-15”, and several speakers grabbed the megaphone and talked about the need for end to drug prohibition. At one point, a wedding party taking photos at the Convention center gave their support to The March and took pictures with protesters.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Nice to see peaceful but oh so forceful a message being sent to the big wiggs!

    But the only thing they understand is $$$$$,

    So do your homework…list the attributes and benefical directions and employment factors out…and lable them on big signs!
    Move to the green eco friendly fuel that is renewable! ETHANOL…
    Stop using the finite fossil fuels they are building this pollute planet with!

    If you want change to occur…You have to fight the good fight…with the truth!..cause Obama ain’t changing anything anytime soon…

    Eco friendly Truth!…it is it’s own industry!…and it profits everybody, and all life that helps out!

    Stop polluting them other life forms and their eco systems…and they might stop polluting us and ours…

    Just a thought.

    Keep fighting for a better world order!

  2. Anonymous on

    Good to see.. I’m from Ireland and we are having a cannabis protest on saturday the 9th may hopefully things go well. Although i don’t think the backwards thinking politicians of this country will de criminalise or legalise. Best of luck in the future.