Mother Goes To Jail For Letting Friend Blow Pot Smoke Into Her Child’s Face

Oklahoma mother Caroline Beavers was sentenced to ten years for letting her friend blow marijuana smoke in her son's face.Oklahoma mother Caroline Beavers was sentenced to ten years for letting her friend blow marijuana smoke in her son’s face.An Oklahoma mother will spend the next ten years in prison for letting another adult blow marijuana smoke in her child’s face…and it was caught on camera.

Prosecutors in Caddo County say this video shot last year shows a woman blowing marijuana smoke into the mouth of a 7-year-old boy, who has Downs syndrome.

Investigators say the mother, Caroline Beavers, sat watching nearby.

Workers at an electronics store notified police last April after finding this video on a computer that had been repossessed.

Beavers was arrested and charged with one felony count of enabling child abuse. She was sentenced Friday to ten years in prison.

Prosecutors say the woman who blew the smoke, Brandy Hugar, has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

– Article from NBC News on May 4, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    This is disgusting….. If she didnt want to be a mother she should have put her baby up for adoption he wouldve had a better chance… then when he is high and not feeling well u grab him and yell at him… she is a horrible person and deserves what she gets.

  2. Maki317 on

    Uhhh….You do realize that Down Syndrome is a genetic thing…someone can not wake up one day with down syndrome… you’re born with it. So, to clarify, the child did NOT just get down syndrome. that’s impossible.
    I don’t think she deserved 10 years for it, but what the friend did was kinda stupid. It’s like spitting in someone’s face. you just don’t do it.
    especially to a child.
    The kid didn’t even know what it was; I know I didn’t know what pot was when I was 8. It was just an inappropriate thing to do.

  3. Anonymous on

    This dumb bitch deserves the time she gets. Who the hell blows smoke in a kids face? And then when the kid gets high and doesnt understand whats going on he goes to his mother for help and she yells at him and pushes him away. Dumb cunt! I hope she gets her head kicked in on a daily basis while shes in jail. I smoke weed and i have a 6 year old daughter but I dont even smoke in the house or anywhere around her nevermind blowing it in the kids face.

  4. Anonymous on

    pot cant give u downs syndrome u retard

  5. Anonymous on

    Wow you are are horrible person let alone a mother! That poor child with a disability trusted you with his little heart…You need to be locked up and the key thrown away!


    what a dumb wetback…. she should rot for 10 years! Poor kid!, where is the degenerate father????

  7. Anonymous on

    You are dragging Ritalin into a case that has nothing to do with this child needing anything medicinal. Your comment is irrelevant to this case. Please don’t try to twist the facts to look like this mother might have been “treating” her child with mj. She was MISTREATING him. There’s a difference.

  8. Anonymous on

    Where are you getting your figure? Clearly you have no involvement in the foster care system. You are seriously misinformed….or just high.

  9. Anonymous on

    You are incorrect. Read the state statutes.

  10. Anonymous on

    Don’t worry about calling people snitches. If you truly feel confident in your choice to smoke weed, why worry about other people? Don’t expect everyone to share your opinion. Not everyone chooses to pollute their lungs. That’s your deal.

    As for “snitching”. DAMN RIGHT! Kudos to the store and the individual who did the right thing. And shame on the room of “men” who stood by, spinelessly allowing it to go on!!! This isn’t about consenting adults using mj. It is about violating a kid with a substance he didn’t consent to. Nor is he old enough to consent. He is a child!!!!!!! And no one knows how a child’s body is going to handle any drug (alcohol, mj…you pick) because they ARE NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is an issue of child neglect and abuse…not a platform for adults who advocate for legalization. Don’t confuse the two issues.

  11. Anonymous on

    Hi, Cousin
    How is your lil’ cuz doing? I know he had to go into protective custody at first. Is he back with family? I hope he’s doing okay. He’s in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love and peace

  12. Anonymous on

    Well put!

  13. Anonymous on

    Hey, cousin

    Where is the little boy now? I know he went into state custody at first. Is he back with family now? How is he doing?

  14. Josh P on

    fuck you fucking bitch ass mother fucker.the boy your talking about is my little cousin bitch.i aint saying what happen is ok but i wish i could see you face to face cause id fuck you up for calling my little cousin a retard.punk ass mother fucker

  15. mothaaafuckaaaaa on

    pot smoke didnt make this kid have down syndrome fuckinggg idiot. he already had downsyndrome. pot cant turn someone retarded out of no where. its not fucking magical.

  16. Anonymous on

    Alcohol is not illegal. Therefore such a sentence would not be given if such an event occured.

  17. Anonymous on

    because the guy above me called him a “retard” and that he enjoyed it.. learn to read.. fucking moron

  18. Anonymous on

    I`m sure the child will love his new life of going in and out of foster homes or living in a group home for the rest of his childhood life.

    Now we all get to pay $7000 a month to house this child also. Thats about $840,000 for us taxpayers to shell out not including a $300 a month allowance for clothes, food, and going out money.

    What happened to the punishment fitting the crime.

  19. Anonymous on

    It’s comments like that that proves to the world that people need to be a lot more unbiased. You think that you’re going to Heaven because you told someone who smokes weed to ‘rot in hell’ when in reality you’re probably the one going there.

  20. Worm on

    Are you saying that this kid developed down syndrome because the mother blew pot smoke in his face? Ya 10 years is ridiculous, drunk drivers have been sentenced to less for killing people and in some cases more than one person so instead off jailing this mother lets try and get her some counseling and if marijuana is a viable treatment then by all means prescibe it.


    Peace and Pot

  21. Anonymous on

    you are truly the most disgusting person on this earth – hope you rot in hell

  22. Anonymous on

    The only “retard” is the one who wrote that this is not a crime and that this poor child enjoyed it. People who are as ignorant and as stupid as you need to spend some time in jail also. It makes me sick to know that anyone would believe this was not child abuse. I sure hope you do not have any children of your own because lord knows, your children are not learning the proper things in life. For example, not to make fun of others that have a disability and how to treat others with respect. I feel sorry for you and people like you that do not see the good in people with Downsyndrome. I would rather have 10 children with Downs then to have a child as uneducated, hateful and disrespectful as you!!!

  23. Anonymous on

    Anyone who thinks this poor excuse of a mom deserves any less than 10 years are crazy! Did you see how the poor little boy puts his arm around the stupid broad who blows the smoke (almost like he thinks he is going to get a kiss or something from her) and then she does what she does! And then the poor confused little boy goes to his mom for comfort and she PUSHES him AWAY, LaUGHS!!!, and yells “STOP IT!” Are you kidding me? There are sick individuals in this world.

  24. Anonymous on

    This makes me sick! If you want to smoke pot by all means go ahead just don’t involve children! This mother is supposed to be protecting her child and she just sits by and watches. I am appauld. Hopefully the child is now with someone that will have his best interest in mind. SO SAD.

  25. Anonymous on

    Ten years is just fine. These injuns need to learn a lesson.

  26. Anonymous on

    Smoke is harmful regardless of what type of smoke or thought affect it has especially for a young child under these conditions.

    Besides, the issue is NOT about legalizing Marijuana or even the harmlessness of Marijuana. The issue is child abuse and bad parental choices.

    So to make a comment like…

    “stupid yes a crime no .pot never hurt anyone .that little retard enjoyed it im sure”

    Highly irrelevant.

    Marijuana use is not the issue here, just a tool used in child abuse. But anything can be used as a tool in bad parental choices and those types of sentences are indeed justified for that type of abusive/careless parental behavior.

    So calm down, defend Marijuana in an issue that is directed towards Marijuana. But if you are an advocate for child abuse, then by all means, defend the mother and other adults at this setting this time…

  27. JUST SAY NO on


  28. Anonymous on

    This woman is an idiot. It is one thing to smoke cigarettes/marijuana(much safer) in the same room as your kids. It is entirely different to let one of your friends blow the smoke into the lungs of your 7yo mentally handicapped child! This is not an example of a good mother. She does not deserve to have custody of her child, she deserves to be locked up. Fuck the war on drugs, WHERE IS THE WAR ON STUPIDITY? Stupid people like her belong in prison.

  29. Anonymous on

    Yeah? It’s sure putting a dent in your grammar and spelling.

  30. Anon Y. Mouse on

    1. The boy has Down’s syndrome, so he has diminished capacity; he does not process information as even a 7 y.o. (not that giving a 7 y.o. weed is OK either)

    2. When he shows the effects and tries to go to his mother for comfort, she grabs his face and screams, “STOP IT!”, then laughs to other people in the room. Class I emotional abuse, also caught on video.

    You make all users look stupid and evil, and decrease public sentiment toward decriminalizing ANY currently prohibited substances when you post b-llsh-t comments like “I’m sure he enjoyed it.”

    Thanks for undoing the hard work of others who are trying to show that marijuana use doesn’t make you a slack-jawed, pinheaded burger-scarfer. You are proof it’s actually true.

    With “helpful” comments like these, I can reasonably expect to have marijuana to be made a capital offense soon. Jerk.

  31. Anonymous on

    they should give her a fine, take her child away

    fuck prison for weed
    they should send politicians to prison

  32. Tonio on

    People who use Cannabis are under attack constantly, but that does mean that they can never do anything wrong. This awful excuse for a mother should have never had a bunch of people smoking and drinking in her apartment in the first place. But it’s not illegal to have a party in your apartment? Beer and Tobacco are worse yes, but I don’t see anyone forcing the child to do these things. I don’t even see the kid trying to get high, just trusting his Mother and adults that have been allowed into his home. And when he begins to feel the effects, and seeks comfort, she shakes him and yells at him to, “knock it off!” It is no crime to choose to use Cannabis, but a 7 year old child has no choice. They are recording it and taking pictures too, because it is sooooo funny! Thank GOD for the people who turned this in, because that mother might be getting her poor child all messed up every night. She doesn’t care, until she is in trouble.

  33. Anonymous on

    Remember the Star Chamber? It’s time to draw straws to see who will do the judge and the prosecutor in this case. Maybe they will wake the fuck up then! I’m ready.

  34. Anonymous on

    Parents are allowed to give their minor children alcohol. So can ministers.

  35. Bradleyson on

    What a stupid moron! I might be pissing against the wind here but no matter how you try and put it, Marijuana is NOT GOOD for kids. Marijuana CAN fuck up hormones in the GROWING body.
    10 years is a bit harsh for the crime but she will not end up serving 10 years.

    People, keep your booze and drugs away from kids. When they are adults let them make thier own choices. Out of sight and out of mind.. UNTIL 19 years of age.

    Legalize IT.


  36. Adimus on

    ok wtf. you can’t punish this women unless you first punish the millions of people that smoke tobacco around their kids. second hand tobacco smoke has been PROVEN to be harmful to everyone and especially kids. wheres the studies proving that much detriment about smoke from a joint? there are some but none show as much damage as tobacco which can itself cause birth defects. again i don’t understand why marijuana is illegal and alcohol and tobacco are legal. maybe hypocrisy should be made a crime as well.

  37. Anonymous on

    this is a very stupid thing to do im a pot smoker for the last 30 years and my daughter is 19 and she never saw me smoke until she was 18 and its only because she suprised me i myself think that this women is not to smart i know pot is not dangerous but for a kid come on and she should change friends there just as stupid as her

  38. Tbow on

    Are you kidding me?! This women knowingly let this happen to her kid, who freely does not understand marijuana and any of its effects. She has all right to be in jail.. 10yrs is a bit much, but this sort of thing should not happen. Sure the kid looks like he wants it, (grasping the neck of the women blowing smoke into his moth) but he is just being influenced by all the “cool adults” in the room..

  39. Paul M on

    I wonder, will the same punishment go to someone who lets thier under age kid have a taste of wine or beer, at 7yrs or 17yrs of age? Probably not.

  40. TAS on

    Yes the act was dumd. Just as dumb when my dad and his brother gave me a sip of beer when i was 6yrs. Iam sure gald he did not get jail.That would of fucked me up bad.

  41. Anonymous on

    your an idiot, the fumes that come from cars exhaust are much more polluting than weed smoke would ever be. Weed is harmless and doesnt ahve radioactive tar so the cancer risk is not there. do your research, im not saying its a good idea, but its not as bad as u put it. By the way THC doesnt kill braincells.

  42. stillsecret on

    I generally agree with most postings from today – obviously some intelligent and articulate folks out there.
    Immaturity in adults is common and these twits really take the cake. However, assuming the child was of average health, i.e. no breathing disorders, I believe he was not harmed with one toke of average THC level cannabis. There’s no empirical evidence of harm done in this case, or other casual use. Tobacco smoke and alcohol are long proven dangerous medically and socially, yet because of the revenue generated they carry on.
    In a better world tobacco would be illegal and pot possession and growth for personal use by responsible adults would be a non-issue. It won’t go away so why not reduce the influx of gangs and the fat offshore bank accounts of the cartels? In this ‘Beavers’ case, a first offense should have been a suspended sentence. As per the usual propaganda, pot is regarded on the same level as crystal meth and crack. I see why the powers-that-be want to make an example, but ten years’ time is way beyond unfair considering the damage from real child abuse, like smoking tobacco anywhere near them.

  43. Nugzy on

    I think what you have to understand here is that the child is handicapped.

    I would never recommend cannabis use amongst children except in cases where it is beneficial, And YES it is beneficial in some cases.

    I am not saying it was right.
    Blowing smoke in a kids mouth is wrong.
    Smoke is harmful.

    If they are wanting him to medicate they should have made cookies for him.

    TENS YEARS though!!!!
    If she would have gave the kid a beer she would have received FAR less jail time, That makes no sense to me.

    How can it be a crime worthy of ten years in prison when it is proven to benefit children with down syndrome and autism, and her child did indeed have down syndrome.

    Even has multiple articles on this subject.

    One such article even describes how to prepare the cookies for your kids.

    She was in the wrong but not wrong enough to earn a decade.
    She gets 10 years for “enabling abuse” while pedophiles get 7.

  44. Harrison Mckay on

    I know what you mean by that when you say it’s over the top when murders and child molesters only get a couple of years for doing the crimes they do its. crazy what the Government is doing. Im not saying it was the right thing to do but the way they responed is a little harsh. The U.S. Laws are a little shady if you ask me when killers and child molesters only get 2-10 years most of the time Im not saying all of the time, and drug dealers and growers can get 10 years or more it crazy!!. I’ve read about it and seen it on T.V. and Im pretty sure some of the people that are reading this have too. I hope they reduce the sentence. I not saying its a good thing I would never do that but the Government and the News always blow this stuff out of Proportion lets hope something happens and the Government takes a long hard look at drugs especially Cannabis and finally Decriminalize or legalize Cannabis already!!!

  45. Worm on

    They would have prefered that the mother go out and buy expensive state sanctioned ritalin. That prosecutor should be fired for wasting tax payers money and that store should be sued, they can erase the contents without examining what is on the computer.

    Peace and Pot

  46. Anonymous on

    I’m just wondering if the punishment would be the same if she gave the kid a glass of alcohol. I think not.

  47. Anonymous on

    What is the name of THAT snitch store? where?

  48. Anonymous on

    Whoa! What?! 10 years? Are you kidding me? Yes, there are plenty of cases where murderers got less.

  49. Anonymous on

    stupid yes a crime no .pot never hurt anyone .that little retard enjoyed it im sure

  50. DaUSAsucks on

    10 years for that!! I know cases where people get less time for killing someone. Granted that’s a little over the top but damn 10 years!!