I’ll sue you for calling me sane!

In what has to be one of the wackiest stories this election, BC Liberal candidate Kash Heed (formerly one of the few brave police voices in favor of ending drug prohibition and now apparently rethinking that position in a bid to get elected) is threatening to sue NDP candidate Gabriel Yiu for claiming that Heed actually wants to end drug prohibition.

Heed threatens lawsuit against Yiu over drugs debate

The B.C. Liberal candidate for Vancouver-Fraserview has threatened legal action against what he calls a smear campaign by his NDP opponent.

Kash Heed, who quit as West Vancouver’s chief of police earlier this year, said Tuesday he wants his stand on the issue of illegal drugs to be crystal clear.

Heed was referring to a Chinese-language news release sent out last Friday to various Vancouver media by New Democrat Gabriel Yiu, who’s running against Heed in a riding with a major concentration of people of Chinese heritage.

Yiu’s release alluded to Heed supporting the legalization of drugs. Voters should be fully informed of Heed’s position before heading to the polls on May 12, it said.

Yiu, apparently unaware that the BC NDP policy on drugs is decidedly anti-prohibition, seems bent on attacking Heed for his (former?) rational stance on the harms caused by prohibition and the need to rethink our policy options. Heed, apparently unaware that ending prohibition is actually the sanest (and safest) policy choice, seems bent on repudiating his former rational positions in favor of the irrationality of prohibition – or at least the politically safe “balanced approach” (whatever that is).

Meanwhile Jodie Emery, wife of famed marijuana legalization advocate Marc Emery and current Green Party candidate in the riding, has to be sitting back chortling over the antics of her opponents. Unlike Yiu, whose wrongheaded position is at odds with his party, and Heed, whose newfound wrongheaded position is at odds with all available evidence, Emery has no such conflicts. She firmly opposes prohibition, as does her party.

You gotta love politics!




    Jodie Emery benefitted from the antics of Haircut and Yiu.
    Heh heh heh heh hah!
    Prohibition: Let’s be perfectly unclear.
    Risk getting robbed or killed by some new-in-town piece of shit on the same 3 or 4 blocks where you buy your weed in Vancouver (21 DEAD and counting!).

    Turn a blind eye to the influx of marijuana thuggers,yet kick down someone’s door for 8 plants.ing and op

    And hang Marc Emery for owning and operating a legal storefront……
    WTF is schizophrenic about LEGAL?

  2. Anonymous on

    i listened to the radio debate posted here, and man does jodie shine compared to her two oponents. She made it clear that she and her party are against prohibation period no flip flopping in any of her stances, no personal attacks no interrupting or talking over her oponents. She was abosolutely honest in saying that everbody has to tighten our belts and sacrifice, unlike here two opponents who sounded like clowns. You could see through heeds and yu politician tricks comming from a mile away. it was almost as if u could feel the slim dripping from there speaches. Jodie keep it up your real concern for the ppl in your region really shines threw unlike your to oppents who will say anything to get elected.Your honesty makes you unique and your oppents just can’t beat that.