Inside The Only Legal Pot Research Lab In America

CANNABIS CULTURE – A Fox News team is offered a look inside the US Government’s one and only marijuana farm and research lab, located in Oxford, Mississippi.

NIDA Marijuana Project director Dr. Mahmoud Elsohly played tour-guide and showed off the USA’s only legal pot growing facility and research center at the University of Mississippi, and the so-called “quality” product they grow for patients and research.

“This is the only place in the country that actually has the responsibility of producing marijuana for research, he told Fox News. “We have very good quality material. We can produce any quality that is needed for the research program.”

After looking at the stemmy brown dirtweed he calls the “finished product” in the video, his comments seem a little hard to believe.

Read the Fox News article here.



  1. Anonymous on

    I can teach them a thing or two about how to run a grow op.

    Those bales looked like they just shoved the entire plant stem, leaves, buds and all into a grinder.

    Also didn’t they say at one point in the video that if pot was legal they would be out of business. There’s something to think about.

  2. not sure on

    theres litreally only 1 person on the federeal gevernments medical marijuana program, clearly this is why. who would want to smoke that crap

  3. Anonymous on

    8% THC is CRAP, In Northern California, I havent heard of anything less the 16%, with 26% being the best!

  4. Anonymous on

    You would think he would know something about good marijuana by all those good samples from drug busts!…looks alot better than that barrel of ground swag! what a dumb fuck! lol….

  5. Anonymous on

    I guess we’d have to smoke it to know for sure, but maybe it just looks different like the way tabacco in cigarattes looks completely different from rolling tabacco. Cuz they took the “weed” and rolled into cigarettes like the ones u would buy at the store. I think its the way they dry it that makes it look like that.

  6. wes on

    There are so many errors in that report it is ridiculous. Many unenlightened people learn about cannabis through seriously flawed news reports such as this too, it is a shame. Legalize Worldwide

  7. Mike on

    Best watched with the sound off. The doctor claims his shit 5% THC weed is the strongest stuff around and says it’s addictive.

  8. Bernard Boulay on

    Dear Dr.Elsohly:
    You are right of keeping the “quality”marijuana you produce in a vault.Please keep it that way. I would certainly never even allow my dog to smoke your pot.
    The people who produce might have PhD’s and MD’s
    but that’s all they have: a worthless diploma.Certainly,you not have an ounce of love for the plant.
    Garbage belongs where it belongs: in a garbage drum.
    I hope Obama puts you soon out of a job…

  9. Anonymous on

    if they can extract thc why dont they just create pills not a suppository? I doubt he would lose his job, the demand and supply would just increase it. Of course if it is in fact crappy weed at expsensive price hell yea hes sol, but the quality i would see go up more strains to be made lots of breeding and seeds and damnt lots of smoke!

  10. Anonymous on

    did it seem blatently obvious to anyone else that the guy speaking didnt want the sweet sensi legalized because he would loose his job? i wouldnt beleive to much information that this organization is putting out

  11. tim on

    that looks like ground of mexician brick weed not medical marijuana. same shit here in canada from health canada a one srain that is ground up like shit and as patients they as us to pay f150.00 for their swagg weed I can pick out of any garbage dump in vancouver yes I said dumpster I seen it will Iwas out therelast month jokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    medical my76 ass

  12. Anonymous on

    if the finished product is the picture on the left there are only 2 explanations they don’t know what the fuck they are doing or producing crap on purpose so any reserch done gives crappy results. Here’s a tip buddy, go to amazon and buy a fucking grow guide u dumb pig fucker!