Obama Wants To Further Militarize The Drug War

The Pentagon and Homeland Security Department are drawing up plans to send National Guard troops to the Mexico border to fight the drug war.

The Boston Globe reported on Saturday that the Obama administration has proposed a $350 million initiative to “expand the US military’s role in the war on drugs”.

The Obama Admin says it needs the money to make sure the president has “additional flexibility to respond to the drug-related violence”, but critics are skeptical:

The initiative, which was tucked into a supplemental budget request sent to Congress this month, has raised concerns over what some US officials perceive as an effort by the Pentagon to increase its counternarcotics profile through a large pot of money that comes with few visible requirements.

The broadly worded proposal does not mention troop deployments, stipulating only that the military is to receive up to $350 million “for counternarcotics and other activities on the United States’ border with Mexico.” […]

Joy Olson, executive director of the Washington Office on Latin America, which promotes democracy and human rights in the region, said the request lacks the accountability provisions included in the Merida Initiative, which was passed after more than a year of debate in the United States and Mexico.

“They may say that this is for the National Guard, but the way it’s written it is really a blank check for the Defense Department to do whatever it wants on counterdrug issues at the border – and it doesn’t say which side of the border,” Olson said. “When it came to Merida, Congress scrutinized every dollar. Now the administration is asking Congress to give DOD almost as much money for counterdrug activities without any explanation.”

Another blank check signed over to the drug warriors for more cannons and cannon fodder. And this after the Congress just authorized giving Mexico $1.6 billion for military and law enforcement training and equipment in the 3-year Merida Initiative.

And man, these guys are slick. In what I’m sure was a brilliant scheme devised to divert criticism from the Obama administration, the day before the announcement of the ‘350 Million-Dollar Giveaway!’, the governors of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas released a joint statement begging Congress for new drug-war military funding.

I, like many others, had the Audacity to Hope that Obama would bring some real change to the drug war, and was thrilled when he leashed the pitbulls at the DEA – pledging to end the medical marijuana raids and respect state laws. To my dismay, it looks like he can’t even keep that promise.

Until Obama actively takes steps to end the prohibition of drugs, the carnage and human suffering will continue. Unfortunately, I’m losing Hope.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    you all just sound like a bunchy of winey, drug-addicted Canadians. Medical marijuana in the US is incredibly easy to obtain if you live in a state that offers it. And it comes in every form and variety and stregnth imagionable. It’s very easy to obtain, just saying you have trouble sleeping and they’ll write you the perscription. Getting medical marijuana is just like going to a liquor store now…It helps to protect kids from getting the substance or at least has helped with limiting the supply for people under 18 or 21, (I’m not possitive what the age limit is for med. marijuana). The notion that drugs like cocaine, heroin, or meth should be legal is sooo ridiculous you all must be heavily addicted to think we should just legalize everything. I think Canadians are just jelous that the US has a better policy and better establishments offering Medical marijuana…while Canada is going the exact opposite direction, yeah Canada used to be the place to go but not anymore, and now all you pouty little blokes are just pissed that your stuck in Canada! By saying you think all drugs should be legal is only making it worse for the legalization movement for cannabis.

  2. Jason on

    Yeah it figures. More double talk from yet another political figure. I’ve never held any stock in the political machine. I’m sad that its not legal but it is what it is. The fringe groups with the money and the power have always dictated policy. Keep fighting the good fight, raising awareness, and introducing more people to the wonders of weed. Take care and be careful out there when you smoke, be smart about it. Don’t do something stupid and get yourself popped. 🙂

  3. acebluesman on

    Obama is not the crusader he made himself out to be. He’s a politician and should be treated as such until proves otherwise.

  4. Anonymous on

    Obama is turning out to be a huge disappointment for me as well.

  5. TAS on

    It sounds like Obama took lessons from Bush.Obama is just another smooth talker until he got his power. Canadians we must unit on some political front to get the laws changed. I thought Obama was going to lead the poltical parties in the U.S. to ease up on the marijuana laws.At the very least marijuana should be decrimianlized.