Global Marijuana March In Vancouver To Target Liberal Party

Global Marijuana March is on Saturday May 2nd this year in Vancouver. The March starts at 2pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia St and Howe St) and proceeds to the West side of the new Vancouver Convention Centre (Thurlow and Cordova).

This years March is very important, as it happens while the Liberal Party of Canada meets, in the Convention Centre, to acclaim Michael Ignatieff as their new leader. We will be protesting just meters away from the convention floor, let’s make sure they can smell and hear us inside!

If an election were held today, Mr Ignatieff would be the Prime Minister of Canada, as such is is very important that we all get out to attend the Global Marijuana March.

If you can’t make the March, meet us on the west side of the new Convention Centre and help send a message to the Liberal Party of Canada that we want them to repeal marijuana prohibition!

For more information contact me at [email protected]

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