Vassals of the “Prince of Pot” Plead Guilty

The BC3: Greg Williams, Marc Emery, and Michelle RaineyThe BC3: Greg Williams, Marc Emery, and Michelle RaineyTwo associates of the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery pleaded guilty Friday in federal court in Seattle to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

Michelle Rainey, 38, and Gregory Keith Williams, 54, both from Vancouver, B.C., made the pleas. Both worked at Emery Seeds and were indicted in 2005. Under a plea deal, prosecutors will recommend a sentence for both of two years probation.

Sentencing will be July 17.

The lead defendant in that 2005 indictment, Marc Emery, is still in Canada and is fighting extradition. He is supposed to have an extradition hearing in Canada on June 1.

He is a supporter of decriminalizing marijuana and his indictment has stirred passions in Canada — against both the wisdom of U.S. drug laws and their use against Emery and his employees.

According to court documents, Rainey worked for Emery — the Prince of Pot who says his business has sold more than 4 million marijuana seeds — from 1998 to 2005. She helped Emery’s business of sending marijuana seeds through the mail by filling orders.

Emery told her to send seeds and growing instructions to customers, court documents say. Three out of four customers were in the U.S.

Williams handled phone orders for the business, according to court documents. He also sold seeds to walk-in customers.

Williams confirmed in court documents claims on the Emery website of the business’ taking in more than $3 million in year by selling marijuana seeds.

– Article from The Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Vancouver ‘Prince of Pot’ pals plead guilty in U.S. to marijuana charges

SEATTLE, WA. — Two former employees of Vancouver’s self-proclaimed Prince of Pot have pleaded guilty in a Seattle court to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

The United States Attorney’s Office says Michelle Rainey and Gregory Keith Williams, both of Vancouver, have pleaded guilty in a Seattle court to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

Thirty-eight-year-old Rainey and 54-year-old Williams were charged along with pot advocate Marc Emery in 2005 for selling seeds over the Internet. Emery is scheduled for an extradition hearing in Vancouver on June 1.

The U.S. Attorney says that under the terms of the plea agreement, they’ll recommend sentences of two years’ probation at a sentencing hearing on July 17.

The office says that between 2003 and 2005, Rainey mailed marijuana seeds and growing instructions to customers – 75 per cent of whom live in the United States.

U.S. officials say Williams handled phone orders and sold seeds to customers coming into Emery’s store in Vancouver and on several occasions in 2004, sold some to a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration undercover agent.

– Article from The Canadian Press.



  1. Someday I wish to smoke with Marc on

    I wish the best of luck to you. You have done more for the world than anyone can thank you for. Keeping marijuana alive is the best thing for the world, minus the hidden agenda.

    Good Luck,
    My best wishes.

  2. Worm on

    Why do i feel that they will be sentenced to time and use that to get Marc.

  3. the house of pain on

    gee, do you think that birdies who have intimate knowledge of some of the gang bangers currently running all over the lower mainland did a bit of singing? sure looks like it.

    ayn rand’s rule number one: save your own ass by selling out others.

  4. Anonymous on

    I’ve been trying so hard for connections to Emery family.
    I gave up on a long-distance relationship with a girl of an IQ of supposedly 142. Just cause I believed she’s a hater & obviously a liar. Leigh Greer shall rot in hell for making me more depressed during those 7 years. Telling me I’m on the wrong side of the law.

    It has been let’s see 3 or 4 weeks of being positive lately just cause I’m a medically compassionate person for other Canadians and skipping countries that are stupid like USA. To be honest I will never kill someone or animal. USA does that, even the criminally insane.

    So it’s okay for people to kill other humans and animals, if I’m not mistaken?

    Looking for help to control my dormant depression that is released when someone fights with me about weed. Even when I make mistakes at work I tend to attack, punish my body and head.

    I’ve been like this since I was 12. Doped up on so called anti-depressants when the specialists themselves don’t know what it does. Fact: These technically don’t work it’s just full of bogus phoney powder. Telling you it should do this and that but does not help the depression. It makes it worse! I never wanted to take it properly either. I turned to weed 7 years ago.

    Ms. Emery and Mr. Emery make me proud to be Canadian. I do not want to be controlled by the government. I do not want to be putting my money into gangs or terrorists such as USA. I will always pay my taxes and real money not fraud.

    I do not want Mr. Emery Eradicated away from this home country of our’s. American politics and Harper type people are scum!

    You really think Obama is making a change, hahaha shut the fuck up. He is not! Watch the prisons and jails still flood in harmless potheads. Every 3 seconds. That show My Name Is Earl made me so offended! Thank god it got cancelled.

    What are the dumbasses doing, adding more militants for what over a harmless plant?

    Do the right thing and legalize it for medical users and decriminalise for recreational users like Amsterdam, Holland. People can see I’m not well girls look at me funny, men look at me funny. I know for a fact I have dibilating diseases. I’m so scared to talk to people in person as in meeting new people. I’m scared of getting negative feedback.

    The laws have made me like this. Way before age 12 my dad faught with me to speak to people. Cause I would not talk what-so-ever. At age 12 I decided to get the wrong attention, by cutting my fingers biting my fingers etc.

    Doing annoying things with my shoes burning my exam cover in classes. Having trouble learning cause people yelling at me were not helpful and closed-minded.

    Do you know how fucking hard it is with ADD, Depression and the feeling of being lonely. No one with high IQs understand me. It sucks so much.

    I get upset very easily. Either cry cause I’m sad and angry or angry and punish myself plus crying cause it hurts.

    Insulting me makes things worse. I use weed to cope.

    I want more friends please I won’t bite unless you screw me over.

    I’ve been handled by cops for anything other than drugs. Like walking off school property without telling anyone and my last words being I’m gonna kill myself.

    If you are a hater stay the fuck away from me. I don’t like being made fun of or beat up and robbed. I don’t even like being conned by so-called friends. Cops are assholes too.

    I will never carry a gun or knife. If you want to kill me then fucking do it already!!!! Why are you hesitating you find it fun killing people right? This is my attitude to the scum of Earth that attacked me previously.

    I’m only complaining because the laws suck! Liberals were amazing, criminals didn’t bother me back when they were in charge.

    Never let these ugly C-15 or 23 get passed. USA should stop being a dirty asshole you can have sex with. No health care what the fuck?

    My intelligence may seem low, but seriously PLEASE try to understand me.

    I don’t like being scared of people that think I’m evil, when I’m one of the nicest persons on Earth. Stop taking advantage of me I am no longer weak anyways I’ll kick your ass for being a liar and con-artist.

    Even if I have all kinds of rare illnesses that can only being coped with medicinally.

    This is the problem POLITICS! High IQs? My ass, same failed policies. Rich scum! POLITICS should go through an education course of feeling what it’s like being poor. Shove them and there families into a situation of being a bum. Let’s see how far there supposly 142 or whatver IQs get them. To see if they even deserve to run a country.

    Voting on paper means fuck all.

  5. Anonymous on

    I’m i reading this right?U.S. DEA agents arrested Marc after being sold seeds AT his shop on Hastings street,which is on Canadian Soil.The U.S.’s laws do not apply on Canadian soil and they had no jursidiction whatsoever if that the case.Why is this even in Court.A foreign person comes into our country and then arrests (based on their own laws)someone who lives here under canadian law.imposing their laws on us in our own country.

  6. Anonymous on

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Seed company staffers plead guilty in pot case; lawyers suggest probation

    The Globe and Mail

    VANCOUVER — Two close associates of Canada’s self-styled “prince of pot,” Marc Emery, pleaded guilty in a Seattle court yesterday to selling marijuana seeds over the Internet, the same charge that has Mr. Emery facing the possibility of life imprisonment in the United States.

    The surprise pleas were entered by Michelle Rainey, 38, and Gregory Keith Williams, 54, both of Vancouver, who were arrested, along with Mr. Emery, by the RCMP on extradition warrants in 2005.

    The case has caused an uproar among pro-marijuana and some legal activists who accuse Canadian authorities of co-operating with the States’ harsh war on drugs to put Mr. Emery behind bars when no similar charges have been laid against him in Canada.

    Defence and prosecution lawyers made a joint submission to the court, recommending Ms. Rainey and Mr. Williams each receive a sentence of two years’ probation. They will return for sentencing July 17.

    Ms. Rainey told the court in a statement that she made up to $1,000 a week working for Mr. Emery’s seed-selling business, with 75 per of its customers located south of the border.

    Mr. Williams said he was being paid $300 a day by Mr. Emery. He added that Mr. Emery’s claim of making more than $3-million annually from the marketing of marijuana seeds from his Vancouver headquarters was accurate.

    An earlier attempt by Mr. Emery to broker his own plea agreement and serve about five years in a Canadian jail, if charges were dropped against his two employees, foundered when the federal government refused to go along.

    Jody Emery, editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine and wife of Mr. Emery, said her husband is “very happy that Greg and Michelle will not be punished with a 10-20 year jail sentence.

    “The United States wants Marc,” she said, “and he has never wanted it on his conscience that Greg and Michelle were taken in, too. So he feels relieved.”

    The extradition trial of the so-called cannabis crusader begins in B.C. Supreme Court on June 1. “Now he gets to defend himself, and that’s the way he wants it,” Ms. Emery said.

    “If he’s punished, it should be here in Canada. That’s where all his activities have been carried out. He has never operated in the United States.”

    The three were arrested after undercover agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration in the U.S. alleged in affidavits that they had been sold marijuana seeds directly at Mr. Emery’s cannabis operation on Vancouver’s West Hastings Street. Since the arrests, the business has closed.

    Contact: [email protected] or

  7. Anonymous on

    It’s over.Greg and Michelle are out of jail.
    Marc Emery will hang because of their legal decision.

    That’s the way he wanted it.

  8. tokedaddy on

    I am saddened by this whole court case it hurts to see any of these three people punished for anything that they have done all they have done is help people. I have heard that Michelle Rainey is very helpfull in the medical marijuana community in Canada and i commend her for that as I am a government exemptee myself and I think its great that she helps. Gregory also help out alot in this community aswell i have seen lots of his Youtube vids teaching medical growers how to grow all just to help. Mr. Marc Emery is a god in London Ontario were i live he is the King in my crew of people thanks to him its possible for me to have a medical card.
    I will never forget the help you guys gave to the medical marijuana community and marijuana activism hopefully Mr. Emery only gets 2 years probation aswell (fat chance though) good luck to all 3 of you.

  9. Paulo Martello on

    Greg, Michelle, and Marc;

    Thank you for fighting this fight on behalf of all of us who remain anonymous. Your courage is a strong testament to the sacrifice that this unjust “war” requires to force a change to the minds and hearts of the deep government.

    BC3, in the fullness of time, your names will be remembered and praised when our children study the injustices of this period of prohibition. In the future, when people are allowed to put whatever substances into their bodies without the “nanny” state’s approval, your heroics will be praised loudly! The powerful men who idly allowed the persecution of good, hardworking, honest people to continue for generations will be the subject of great derision and ridicule. They will be looked at as the mean-spirited, dimwitted buffoons of history who refused to look at all of the facts regarding cannabis use; refused to listen to the public who want legalization, and rather relied on powerful lobbyists and law-enforcement lackies to set policy. Blood from the victims of this “war” who are caught in the crossfire of drug cartels and gangs will be on the hands of those who had the chance to change things but, sadly, refused.

    BC3, my thoughts, personal crusade and actions will continue to be inspired and shaped by your very public, selfless commitment to the cause of full legalization, justice and liberty for the persecuted, and freedom of choice for all.

    I am with you!

  10. Anonymous on

    All of us in the United States should be ashamed and disgusted that our justice department treats marijuana more seriously than the torture of other humans. Banging someones head against the wall is ok but growing a plant gets you prison. What is wrong with that picture?

  11. Anonymous on

    our three heroes god bless them .anonymous hell and i live in the nazi controlled state of georgia .and i know ill burn for this .mike griffin

  12. dslarsen on

    All hail Michelle Rainey, 38, and Gregory Keith Williams, 54, martyrs in a just cause.