Human Cannabis Coevolution

Just how far back does the human-cannabis relationship go … and where, exactly, is it going?

I was talking with my pal Chris Bennett the other day – he was putting the final touches on his next book; “Cannabis and the Haoma-Soma Solutions” – and he brought to my attention an interesting fact – that two reputable researchers – Lumir Hanu and Elizabeth Wayland Barber have both argued that the evidence for human cannabis interaction goes back to at least 25,000 BC. This re-evaluation of the evidence puts the date back much earlier than the previous estimate of 10,000 BC.

Is cannabis our coevolutionary plant partner?Is cannabis our coevolutionary plant partner?

But how far back could our relationship with cannabis possibly go? Can cannabis be accurately called the main “coevolutionary partner” to human beings? And if so, where is this partnership likely to take us? All this is explored in Cannabis Culture’s latest online feature article – “Human and Cannabis Coevolution” found here:

Please check it out – it even comes with a video from PTV!

For more on the evidence of early human cannabis use, check out Chris Bennett’s new book “Cannabis and the Haoma-Soma Solutions – coming out soon.

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David Malmo-Levine