Obama’s Special Interest Groups

Lets say you heard someone screaming in pain or gasping urgently to catch their breath as they were drowning. What would you do? Would you turn the screw a little tighter on the person who is screaming? Would you push the drowning person’s head under the water one more time? Probably not – or so I would hope.

What would you think of the person who perpetrated the act? Would you say “good job” or “maybe you shouldn’t have done that, but its ok, I forgive you, nothing will happen”? What about the person who ordered other people to commit these acts, who conceived and perpetrated a United States Government policy that permitted torture outlawed by the Geneva convention.

Since he was elected, Obama has had 93 days to think about it. He thought hard, contemplated all of the consequences, and then made statements through his Attorney General that basically said to these amoral war criminals, “you made a mistake, let’s move on.”

Thousands of people were tortured in the last 8 years. It wasn’t a mistake, it was government policy that started right from the top and for that reason I suggest we give all of the leaders of the last administration and their advisors a one-way ticket to Spain to face international criminal charges. Obama doesn’t quite see it my way.

But lets take a look at the thousands of people who are in federal prison for marijuana. They didn’t torture anybody, they enhanced the lives of others and some even provided medicine to people. But for these people, Obama has contempt.

Disingenuously, Attorney General Holder said it wasn’t government policy to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries and caregivers. This was an outright lie. Charles Lynch (LINK) has been prosecuted by the fed government. The judge asked for a statement of government policy before sentencing. The Department of Justice’s reply- “full speed ahead! Lock him up! And we are going after others!”

Days later when Obama was asked a question about legalizing marijuana to help change the economy he gave sort of a contemptuous snicker about those crazy internet “special interest groups”: pot smokers. He had a compliant audience to snicker with him. Seems to me that just a few months ago when he was running for election he wasn’t so contemptuous of the internet or the people who were hoping for real change. He thought they were pretty cool then.

So, mercy for torturers no justice for pot users. Am I living in the Bush administration? …More to come.



  1. action on

    I actually watched an episode of attack of the show on this and it originated from a group of high school kids in the 70’s that would smoke everyday at 4:20 it was also kind of their code word for smoking.. but they actually had a letter from the 70’s that one of them wrote to the other while he was at college and said something about 4:20. and a couple years after that it blew up and is what we know it as today.

  2. Anonymous on

    Great Idea. The problem with it is if your in the US You would probably get busted and given life for the mear thought of it just as Marc Emery is being f***ed around as a supposed drug kingpin for selling seeds. In Canada you might get away with it but could still be busted for propagating the “drug”. It would have to be done without anyone knowing who did it as putting a name on it would invite arrest. However if it could be done it would basically tie the police resources up and they would not have the time or the money to ge rid of it all. I have had the urge many times to get a garbage bag or two full of seeds and drive cross counrty throwing seeds out the window all the way. Unfortunately this leeds to another problem as clones would be too hard to overgrow with which leads to seeds which gives you male and female and therefore would give seedy pot and degrade the potency.

  3. smoke'N'mirrors on

    4:20 isnt a time its a date…20/4 or 4/20 however you want to look at it…
    it originated; police made a code for “a pot smoker” who is smoking in public.

    make sense?


  4. Anonymous on

    when and how did 4:20 become the offical time for pot smokers? and where did it originate from?

  5. onegreenday on

    well u saw the real Obama when he snickered about marijuana.
    His bullshit about prosecuting dispensaries was a politicians smokescreen. I hope u know he’s not the real deal.

    We must take what we want with ballot initiatives. Forget about politicians changing things for us. you’ll be old, grey and a beard to your knees before that.

    Obama’s a criminal & if you don’t know why, then start reading about his crimes & the people he put in power.

    He asked the internet for esponse & when he got the truth he snickered. He’s a liar and 2Face; forget him; we got work to do.

  6. Anonymous on

    we just had a world pot day how about a world grow day? if we could get enough ppl to plant a clone or seedling on there lawn or whever visible do u think they would be able to arrest everyone? it’s risky but do u think it could work? or how about leaving poted plants all over public and governement places under the cover of night and keep doing it until the governements just gave up? surely the police would not have the time to keep destroying the plants. all we need is a big name pot dude to get it started. at least it would tell the big wigs ” up yours as long as i don’t hurt anyone ill injest whatever the fuck i want and if u dont like it go fuck yourselfs. poliicians including obama will never legalize it in my opiion,to many kickbacks from beer and cigarette companys. We have to do it ourselfs without the politicians, fuck going threw the proper channels.