North America Lights Up For 4/20

CANNABIS CULTURE – Pot smokers sparked joints across Canada and the US yesterday for 4/20, the international day to celebrate marijuana.

In Vancouver, home of Cannabis Culture Magazine and Prince of Pot Marc Emery, the day was a smoking success. Thousands of people gathered Thousands of pot smokers gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery for 4/20. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer)Thousands of pot smokers gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery for 4/20. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer)downtown at the Art Gallery to get high on great music, rousing political speeches, and every strain of marijuana you can imagine – as well as budder, hash, and a wide selection of cannabis-infused goodies.

Activists handed out hundreds of prohibition-reform pamphlets and information on legalizing marijuana. BC Green Party candidate and CC Editor Jodie Emery gave a spirited speech and demanded an end to drug prohibition.

Vendors spread across the crowd on all sides of the Art Gallery selling pipes, bongs, shirts, food and drink, and lots of weed and edibles. By the time the clock struck 4/20, the gallery was overflowing with smokers, and police were forced to close adjacent streets.

Most of the mainstream media was their, including CBC, Global, and several local newspapers and radio stations. CTV’s coverage includes 15-minutes of helicopter footage and an extensive photo gallery.

Several other cities in Canada played host to huge puffing sessions. In Winnipeg, thousands gathered in front of the Legislature to show their love for Mary Jane, while thousands on Parliament hill in Ottawa produced a huge cloud.

Across the United States there were many celebrations large and small, including a rally of an estimated 8,000-10,000 people at the University of Colorado‘s Norlin Quad – as well as smoke-outs in Boston, Denver, San Fransico, Arcata, and Santa Cruz.


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