Thousands Expected At Pot Rally

A cloud of smoke drifts above the Vancouver Art Gallery on 4/20.A cloud of smoke drifts above the Vancouver Art Gallery on 4/20.Smoking marijuana may be a criminal offence, but Vancouver police won’t be looking to make arrests at a pro-pot rally on Monday that is expected to attract thousands of people.

Const. Jana McGuinness said officers will be present at the event, which takes place in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery every April 20.

“As long as there isn’t a public safety issue, where things would move into the streets, then the event will be able to continue,” she said.

Last year, about 6,000 people took part in the 420 gathering to celebrate marijuana culture.

Despite open pot use, no arrests were made. That many people are expected to return this year and to spark up joints at 4:20 p.m.

Jodie Emery, Green party candidate for the Vancouver-Fraserview riding, said the event is a celebration of Canadians’ “autonomy.”

The B.C. Green Party platform for the May 12 election includes the legalization of marijuana.

“Millions of dollars go into enforcing marijuana laws, and this money could be used to prevent more serious problems like violent crimes or identity theft,” she said.

Jodie Emery is married to Marc Emery, founder and president of the B.C. Marijuana Party.

He’s facing extradition to the U.S. for selling marijuana seeds to Americans online.

– Article from Metro Vancouver.



  1. Kurmit on

    One of the reasons the rest of society abhor marijuana is the stereotypical user. The image is that of a lazy, sleepy, unemployed or unemployable loser. While these people do exist, I’ll bet the majority of tokers are quite the opposite.

    Blowing smoke in an officer’s face or general belligerence will not endear us to authorities or the general public. If we want to sway public opinion we need to show that we are law abiding and productive citizens. We need to play by society’s rules to a certain extent.

    Let’s make our voices heard loud and clear but let’s not invite confrontation which may lead to violence, arrest or other negative outcomes.


  2. Ras on

    420 is not only the day to celebrate smoking some fine weed, but also is the day (completely by accident) that the love of my life and I started date. 14 years later we are still together ad its all to do with a lot of understanding and a lot of weed :D. I love this Day 😀

  3. Anonymous on

    Yeh at the protests you can smoke in front of police. There were thousands of us in 2004 and you could walk up to a group of policemen whilst smoking and passing a joint asking for directions, which me and my friend did, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    The next protest is on Saturday 2nd May 2009 10am onwards, located at Whitehall opposite the Downing Street gates.

    The more attendees the more blatant the smoking can be, so bring a crowd of friends if you can 😀

  4. Adam O'Brien on

    College Park Noon till sometime in the evening im not sure when

  5. renney b. on

    this 420 week end is like a worldwide holiday; like easter where all the pilgrims travel to the holy sites and worship their god… vancouver, toronto,halifax,montreal, winnipeg etc, etc.. kingston, amsterdam, madrid, melbourn, london, jerusalem, port of spain etc, etc… with the worldwide web connecting us as bobby brown says, ‘the revolution will be televised; computerized…’ this is the final confrontation to dismantle the satanic stronghold of big governments monopoly on the tree of life… are they realy gonna build bigger prisons to lock up all of us … it is time for us to rewrite their bad laws and set the people free. america need not be afraid to celebrate the manifold uses of cannabis / hemp. canada has been hijacked by a few conservative right wingers but, their time is running out… with the defeat of their new/ old recriminalization bill c-15; another vote of non-confidence should usser in a new leadership for canadians … what more do they realy want, the war on drugs has been a failure, the land is dripping with blood and all the cry for peace but, the war rages on… shalome, shalome, for christ sake shalome (peace)… peace and love , from;ren b.

  6. White Rabbit 9 on

    seems that times they are changing

    they can’t stop us

    blessings and love
    to all my brothers and sisters